A Guide to Studying Caltech English

June 29, 2023
By AdmissionSight

A Guide to Studying Caltech English

If you’re considering studying English at Caltech, you are in good company! Caltech’s English program is consistently ranked among the top in the country, attracting students from all over the world. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about studying English at Caltech, from the application process to extracurricular opportunities and potential career paths.

The English Program at Caltech: An Overview

Caltech’s English program is designed to help students develop critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills through the study of literary texts. The program offers a wide range of courses in literature, writing, and cultural studies, covering everything from Shakespearean drama to modernist poetry to the literature of science and technology.

At the core of the program is a commitment to close reading and textual analysis, which helps students to develop a deep understanding of individual texts and to consider how literature reflects and shapes broader cultural and historical trends.

Students in the English program have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members who are experts in their fields and to participate in research and writing projects that allow them to build practical skills and explore their own interests.

Additionally, the English program at Caltech offers various extracurricular activities and events that allow students to engage with literature outside of the classroom. These include book clubs, poetry readings, and guest lectures by renowned authors and scholars.

The program also encourages students to participate in internships and study abroad programs, providing them with opportunities to apply their skills in real-world settings and to gain a global perspective on literature and culture.

How to Apply for English Courses at Caltech

Applying to study English at Caltech is a straightforward process. Prospective students should begin by reviewing the course catalog on the English program’s website to get a sense of the variety of classes that are available. Students should then work closely with their academic advisors to choose courses that align with their interests and academic goals.

Once students have identified the courses they wish to take, they can enroll online through the Caltech online system. Many courses require instructor permission before enrollment, so it’s important to plan ahead and begin the application process as early as possible.

It’s also important for students to attend any orientation sessions or meetings with their professors before the start of the semester. This will give them a chance to ask any questions they may have about the course material or expectations and to get to know their fellow classmates.

Additionally, students should take advantage of any resources available to them, such as tutoring or writing centers, to ensure their success in the program.

The Importance of English in STEM Fields

Female students studying in a library along with other students.

While it may seem surprising, studying English can be highly beneficial for students pursuing other fields, particularly in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) areas. Through the study of literature and analytical writing, students can develop skills in critical thinking and communication that are essential for success in any field.

In addition, the study of literature and culture can help students to understand better the social and ethical implications of their work in STEM fields. By examining how different ideas and values are represented and contested in literary texts, students can develop a more nuanced understanding of the impact of their work on society and culture at large.

Moreover, English language proficiency is crucial for students in STEM fields who wish to collaborate with international colleagues or present their research at conferences. English is the language of science and technology, and communicating effectively in English can open up opportunities for students to work on global projects and expand their professional networks.

Finally, studying English can also enhance students’ creativity and innovation in STEM fields. Exposure to different literary genres and styles can inspire new ways of thinking and problem-solving, leading to breakthroughs in scientific research and technological advancements.

Top English Professors at Caltech and Their Specializations

Caltech’s English program is staffed by a talented and diverse group of faculty members, each with their own areas of expertise. It also boasts a number of up-and-coming faculty members who are making significant contributions to the field.

One such professor is Jennifer Jahner, whose research focuses on the intersection of Medieval Literature. Her research spans the long histories of rhetoric, law, and natural philosophy, focusing, in particular, on the European Middle Ages and its role in shaping our still-evolving understanding of rights, evidence, perception, and proof.

Best Practices for Succeeding in English Courses at Caltech

Studying English at Caltech can be a challenging but rewarding experience. To succeed in English courses, students should be prepared to put in the time and effort necessary to engage deeply with their reading texts. Some tips for success in English courses include:

  • Plan ahead and budget your time carefully, as reading and writing assignments can be time-consuming.
  • Participate actively in class discussions and ask questions when you don’t understand something.
  • Form study groups with other students to help support each other and share ideas.
  • Attend office hours and seek out feedback from your professors on your writing.

Additionally, it is important to read widely and diversely to gain a deeper understanding of different perspectives and writing styles. This can help you develop your own writing skills and broaden your knowledge of literature.

It is also helpful to practice writing regularly, whether it be through journaling, creative writing, or academic writing exercises. By consistently practicing and seeking feedback, you can improve your writing skills and excel in your English courses at Caltech.

Extracurricular Activities for English Majors at Caltech

Group of students walking in the school campus.

Caltech offers a variety of extracurricular activities for students studying English, including clubs, workshops, and events. Some popular options include:

  • The Shakespeare Society, which produces annual productions of Shakespearean plays on campus.
  • The Creative Writing Workshop, which offers opportunities for students to workshop and share their own writing.
  • The Literary Magazine, which publishes student writing and artwork.
  • The English Honors Society, which recognizes academic achievement among English majors.

In addition to these popular options, Caltech’s English department also hosts an annual literary festival, which brings in renowned authors and poets to give readings and participate in panel discussions.

The festival provides students with the opportunity to engage with and learn from established writers in the field. Additionally, the department offers a study abroad program in London, where students can immerse themselves in British literature and culture.

These extracurricular activities provide English majors with a well-rounded education and a chance to explore their interests outside of the classroom.

Career Opportunities for Caltech English Graduates

While some students who study English at Caltech go on to careers in academia, there are many other potential career paths for graduates of the program. Some possible career options for English majors include:

  • Journalism and publishing
  • Law and public policy
  • Teaching and Education
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Business and entrepreneurship

English majors from Caltech are also well-suited for careers in the arts and entertainment industry. Many graduates have gone on to work in film, television, and theater as writers, producers, and directors. The critical thinking and analytical skills developed through the English program at Caltech are highly valued in these fields.

Another potential career path for English graduates is in the non-profit sector. Many non-profit organizations require strong writers and communicators to help them effectively convey their message and mission to the public. English majors from Caltech are well-equipped to fill these roles and make a positive impact in the world.

International Student Support for Studying English at Caltech

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Caltech is committed to supporting international students who are studying English. The English program offers resources and support for non-native speakers of English, including writing and language workshops, individual tutoring, and English language immersion programs.

Students who are interested in studying English at Caltech should contact the English program office to learn more about the resources available to them.

In addition to the resources provided by the English program, Caltech also offers cultural support for international students. The International Student Programs Office hosts events and workshops to help students adjust to life in the United States and navigate cultural differences.

They also provide resources for visa and immigration questions, as well as assistance with finding housing and healthcare. International students at Caltech can feel confident that they will receive comprehensive support throughout their time studying English at the university.

Scholarships and Financial Aid for English Students at Caltech

There are many scholarships and financial aid packages available to students who are studying English at Caltech. Students can apply for assistance through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, which offers both need-based and merit-based aid packages.

In addition, the English program itself may offer scholarships and fellowships to students who have achieved academic excellence or who have demonstrated financial need.

It is important for students to research and apply for scholarships and financial aid early in their academic career. Many scholarships have specific eligibility requirements and deadlines, so it is crucial to stay organized and on top of application deadlines.

Additionally, students should consider reaching out to their professors or academic advisors for guidance on scholarship opportunities and application strategies.

The Role of Research in the Study of English at Caltech

Research is a core component of the English program at Caltech. Through research projects, students are able to explore their own interests in literature and writing and to develop practical skills in research methods, critical analysis, and writing. Caltech also offers opportunities for students to pursue research internships and projects in conjunction with outside institutions and organizations.

Furthermore, the research conducted by English students at Caltech contributes to the broader academic community. Many students have presented their research at national conferences and have been published in academic journals.

This not only enhances their own academic resumes but also adds to the body of knowledge in the field of English studies. The research conducted at Caltech also helps to inform and shape the curriculum, ensuring that students are exposed to the most current and relevant topics in the field.

Unique Features of the English Program at Caltech Compared to Other Universities

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Caltech’s English program stands out for several reasons. One of the unique features of the program is its location within a STEM-focused institution, which allows students to explore the intersections between literature, science, and technology.

In addition, the program is distinguished by its commitment to close reading and textual analysis, which helps students to develop deep critical thinking skills and to engage with literature in new and meaningful ways.

Overall, studying English at Caltech is an exciting and rewarding experience, offering students the chance to develop their intellectual and analytical abilities while engaging with some of the most important and influential literary texts ever written.

We hope that this guide has been helpful in providing an overview of the English program at Caltech and that it has inspired you to explore further the possibilities that the program has to offer.

Another unique feature of the English program at Caltech is its emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration. Students have the opportunity to work with faculty and peers from a variety of fields, including science, engineering, and humanities, to explore the ways in which literature intersects with other disciplines.

This interdisciplinary approach not only enriches students’ understanding of literature but also prepares them for careers that require creative problem-solving and collaboration across different fields.


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