Amherst vs NYU: Which College is Right for You?

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

Amherst campus from afar

Amherst vs NYU: Which College is Right for You?

Choosing the right school for your college education can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. With so many options available, it can be tough to differentiate between schools that all seem to offer similar academic and social opportunities. In this article, we’ll compare Amherst College vs NYU to help you decide which school is right for you.

Location and Campus Size: A Comparison

When it comes to the location and campus size, Amherst College and New York University are vastly different. Located in Amherst, Massachusetts, Amherst College is situated in a suburban area, surrounded by lush greenery and scenic countryside views. The campus spans over 1000 acres of land, which provides students with ample space to explore and enjoy outdoor recreational activities.

On the other hand, New York University is located in the heart of New York City, which is a bustling metropolis filled with the energy and excitement that the city is renowned for. NYU’s campus spans across 230 acres, but the majority of the facilities are located in various buildings scattered throughout the city.

View of NYU building.

Despite the differences in location and campus size, both Amherst College and New York University offer unique opportunities for their students. Amherst College’s rural setting allows for a close-knit community and a focus on nature and outdoor activities. In contrast, NYU’s urban location provides students with access to a diverse range of cultural experiences and professional opportunities. Ultimately, the choice between a large suburban campus and a smaller urban campus comes down to personal preference and the type of college experience a student is seeking.

Academics Offered: Which College Offers More Majors?

One of the significant factors that students consider when choosing a college is the range of academic programs offered. Amherst College offers a broad range of academic programs in the liberal arts and sciences. Students can choose from over 40 majors and various interdisciplinary programs.

New York University, on the other hand, is renowned for its exceptional undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields such as the arts, business, engineering, social sciences, and more. NYU offers over 230 undergraduate and graduate programs.

It is worth noting that while Amherst College offers fewer majors than NYU, it has a strong focus on undergraduate education and provides students with a more personalized academic experience. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 7:1, students at Amherst have the opportunity to work closely with professors and engage in meaningful research projects. Additionally, Amherst offers a unique open curriculum that allows students to design their own course of study and explore a wide range of academic interests.

Student Body Diversity: Amherst vs NYU

The student body diversity is an essential consideration for many students when choosing a college. Amherst College is well-known for its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion on campus. The college has consistently demonstrated its commitment to creating a diverse student body, and it has succeeded in this regard.

New York University is considered one of the most diverse universities in the United States, with over 50% of its student body being international students. The university has also been proactive in promoting diversity and inclusion, built around a student community that embraces different cultures and traditions.

Another university that has made significant strides in promoting student body diversity is the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The university has a diverse student population, with students from all 50 states and over 100 countries. UCLA has also implemented various programs and initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion, such as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate Program for faculty and staff, and the Diversity Requirement for undergraduate students. These efforts have helped to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students at UCLA.

Admission Rates and Selectivity: Which College is Easier to Get Into?

Admission to Amherst College and New York University is highly selective. The acceptance rates for both colleges are low, with Amherst College having an acceptance rate of around 13%, while NYU’s acceptance rate is around 27%.

However, it’s important to note that selectivity alone does not determine the quality of the universities. Both Amherst College and NYU are highly regarded academic institutions that provide an excellent education for their students.

When considering which college to apply to, it’s important to also take into account factors such as location, campus culture, and available resources. Amherst College is located in a small town in Massachusetts, while NYU is situated in the heart of New York City. This difference in location can greatly impact a student’s college experience, as it can affect access to internships, networking opportunities, and cultural experiences.

Additionally, both colleges offer a wide range of resources to their students, such as research opportunities, study abroad programs, and extracurricular activities. It’s important for prospective students to research and consider these resources when making their decision, as they can greatly enhance their college experience and future career prospects.

NYU university flag

Tuition and Financial Aid: Expenses Compared

Attending college in the United States can be expensive, especially for international students. Amherst College and NYU are both private institutions, and the tuition fees can be high. The tuition fees for Amherst College are around $60,000 per year, while NYU’s tuition fees can be as high as $80,000 per year.

However, both colleges offer financial aid to their students to help offset the cost of tuition. The financial aid packages are based on the demonstrated financial need of the students and can cover a significant portion of the tuition fees.

It is important to note that financial aid packages can vary greatly between colleges and universities. While Amherst College and NYU offer financial aid, the amount and type of aid offered may differ. For example, Amherst College is known for its generous financial aid packages, which can cover up to 100% of demonstrated financial need. On the other hand, NYU’s financial aid packages may not cover the full cost of tuition, and students may need to supplement their aid with scholarships or loans. It is important for students to research and compare financial aid options when considering different colleges and universities.

Faculty and Class Sizes: Which College Provides More Personalized Attention?

The faculty and class sizes are an essential consideration for many students, as they can have a significant impact on the quality of education they receive. Amherst College has a student-faculty ratio of 7:1, which allows students to receive individualized attention from their professors.

NYU has a student-faculty ratio of 10:1, which is relatively low compared to other universities. However, the majority of courses are taught in large lecture halls rather than small classrooms, which can make it difficult for students to receive individualized attention.

In addition to the student-faculty ratio, Amherst College also offers small class sizes, with an average class size of 16 students. This allows for more in-depth discussions and personalized attention from professors.

On the other hand, NYU offers a wide range of courses and majors, which can provide students with more opportunities to explore their interests. However, the large class sizes can make it challenging for students to build relationships with their professors and receive individualized feedback on their work.

Student Life and Extracurricular Activities: A Detailed Overview

Both Amherst College and NYU provide students with a full college experience outside the classroom with a broad range of extracurricular activities and student clubs. Amherst College has over 100 student organizations that cater to different interests and hobbies.

Similarly, NYU has over 300 student clubs and organizations, including those for sports, hobbies, and social justice, among others.

At Amherst College, students can also participate in various community service programs, such as volunteering at local schools or working with non-profit organizations. These programs provide students with opportunities to give back to the community and develop leadership skills.

On the other hand, NYU offers a wide range of study abroad programs that allow students to explore different cultures and gain international experience. Students can choose from over 200 study abroad programs in more than 50 countries, including locations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Career Prospects and Alumni Network: A Comparative Study

Many students choose to attend college to receive an education that will prepare them for their future careers. Both Amherst College and NYU have strong alumni networks that provide students with career opportunities and networking events.

Amherst College has a small but active alumni network that comprises over 20,000 alumni globally. In contrast, NYU has a large alumni network of over half a million alumni across the world.

Despite the difference in size, both alumni networks offer valuable resources to their respective students. Amherst College’s alumni network is known for its close-knit community and personalized support for students. NYU’s alumni network, on the other hand, offers a wider range of career opportunities due to its larger size and global reach.

In addition to alumni networks, both colleges have strong career services departments that provide students with resources such as resume building workshops, job fairs, and career counseling. Amherst College’s career services department is known for its personalized approach, with advisors working closely with students to help them achieve their career goals. NYU’s career services department, on the other hand, offers a wide range of resources and events, including industry-specific panels and networking events with alumni.

Amherst College

Campus Safety and Security Measures: Amherst vs NYU

The safety and security of the campus are essential considerations for many students and their families. Amherst College is located in the small town of Amherst, which has a relatively low crime rate. Additionally, the college has implemented various safety measures, such as a campus-wide emergency alert system and 24-hour security patrols.

New York University is situated in New York City, which is known for its high crime rate. However, the university has implemented various security measures, such as 24-hour security personnel, campus escort services, and emergency phones throughout the campus and the surrounding areas.

Moreover, both colleges have implemented safety training programs for their students, faculty, and staff. Amherst College offers self-defense classes and safety workshops, while New York University provides safety training sessions and active shooter drills. These programs aim to educate the campus community on how to respond to emergencies and prevent potential threats.

Housing Facilities and Accommodations: Amherst vs NYU

Choosing the right housing facility is crucial for many students. Amherst College provides students with various housing options, including traditional residence halls and themed houses.

NYU also provides students with various housing options, including shared and private rooms, apartments, and residence halls. The housing options are located throughout the city, and the university provides shuttle services to transport students between the various facilities.

One major difference between the housing facilities at Amherst College and NYU is the cost. Amherst College offers a variety of housing options at a lower cost compared to NYU. However, NYU provides students with more options for off-campus housing, which can be more affordable than on-campus options.

Another difference is the availability of housing. At Amherst College, all students are guaranteed housing for all four years. However, at NYU, housing is not guaranteed for all four years and is based on availability. This can be a concern for students who want to live on campus for their entire college experience.

Athletics Programs and Facilities: Amherst vs NYU

While both Amherst College and NYU have athletics programs, Amherst College is known for its exceptional athletics programs and facilities. Amherst College has won several national titles in various sports, including basketball, cross country, and soccer.

In contrast, NYU is not known for its athletics programs, but the university provides students with access to various sports and recreational facilities across the city, such as fitness centers, swimming pools, and basketball courts.

Furthermore, Amherst College has a state-of-the-art athletic center that includes a 200-meter indoor track, a 50-meter pool, and a weight room equipped with the latest technology. The college also has a dedicated sports medicine team that provides comprehensive care to student-athletes, including injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

On the other hand, NYU has partnerships with several professional sports teams in the city, such as the New York Knicks and the New York Rangers, which allows students to attend games and events at discounted rates. The university also offers a wide range of intramural sports, such as flag football, dodgeball, and ultimate frisbee, which allows students to participate in sports without the pressure of being on a varsity team.

Research Opportunities: Amherst vs NYU

Both Amherst College and NYU provide students with research opportunities in various fields. Amherst College has a small but active research community, with various research centers and institutes.

Similarly, NYU provides students with various research opportunities through its research centers and institutes, particularly with its focus on interdisciplinary research.

Additionally, both colleges offer undergraduate research programs that allow students to work closely with faculty members on research projects. These programs provide students with valuable hands-on experience and the opportunity to contribute to ongoing research in their field of interest. Amherst College’s program, called the SURF program, offers funding for students to conduct research during the summer. NYU’s program, called the UGUR program, provides students with research grants and the chance to present their findings at a research symposium.

International Student Support Services: Amherst vs NYU

As mentioned earlier, both Amherst College and NYU have a high percentage of international students. Both colleges provide exemplary support services to international students, such as visa and immigration assistance, cross-cultural programming, and language support.

However, there are some differences in the types of support services offered by these two institutions. Amherst College has a dedicated International Student Office that provides personalized support to international students, including academic advising, cultural adjustment assistance, and social programming. On the other hand, NYU has a larger International Student Services department that offers a wider range of services, such as career development workshops, health and wellness resources, and legal assistance.

Another factor to consider is the availability of financial aid and scholarships for international students. Amherst College offers need-based financial aid to all admitted students, including international students, and also has a limited number of merit-based scholarships available. NYU also offers need-based aid and merit-based scholarships, but the competition for these awards may be more intense due to the larger number of international students enrolled at the university.

Campus Culture and Social Life: Amherst vs NYU

The campus culture and social life of both Amherst College and NYU are unique and appealing to different types of students. Amherst College has a close-knit community that values the liberal arts and social justice causes.

NYU, being located in New York City, provides students with access to a vibrant social scene that offers endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

However, despite their differences, both campuses offer a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs for students to get involved in. Amherst College has a strong focus on athletics, with a variety of sports teams and facilities available for students to use. NYU, on the other hand, has a thriving arts scene, with numerous theater productions, music concerts, and art exhibitions taking place throughout the year.

Amherst College


Choosing between Amherst College and New York University can be a difficult decision, as both colleges have their strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the right choice depends on your individual priorities and preferences. Whichever college you choose, you can be assured that you’ll receive a top-notch education and gain invaluable life experiences that will prepare you for your future endeavors.

One factor to consider when choosing between Amherst College and New York University is location. Amherst College is located in a small town in Massachusetts, providing a tight-knit community and a quieter atmosphere. On the other hand, New York University is located in the heart of New York City, offering endless opportunities for cultural experiences and internships.

Another factor to consider is the size of the student body. Amherst College has a smaller student body, allowing for more personalized attention from professors and a closer-knit community. New York University, on the other hand, has a larger student body, providing more diverse perspectives and a wider range of extracurricular activities.

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