Best Podcasts for College Girls

January 13, 2023
By AdmissionSight

Best Podcasts for College Girls

College life may be hectic, with all the studying and social events. This is especially true for girls in higher education, where there is always something new to learn. Everything from assignments and projects to the latest in cosmetics and dating etiquette to chats on what cool gadgets are on the horizon and what’s happening in the world right now.

This is the point in time where tuning in to the best podcasts for college girls may have a dramatic effect on one’s the outlook and outlook on life.

The best podcasts for college girls are a great way to pass the time without spending any money, much like listening to music. In addition, they can supply you with news on anything from politics to the entertainment industry.

What defines a podcast?

What characteristics make up a podcast? Podcasts are digital audio files that are uploaded to the internet and shared through a service that is specifically designed to host podcasts. These services gather all of the episodes of podcasts into a single area and generate RSS feeds in an automated fashion.

These feeds include a listing of each episode produced by the podcaster. They also have the capability of automatically submitting the RSS feed to podcast directories, where it is accessible to listeners.

What are the best podcasts for college girls?

What are some of the most popular podcasts that college girls listen to? Here is a compilation of some of the best podcasts for college girls. You can listen to it for entertainment purposes while traveling to and from work, or while waiting for the next lesson.


Kenzie Elizabeth is here to guide you through the process of figuring out who you want to be while you’re in college. ILYSM with Kenzie Elizabeth focuses on all aspects of mental health, productivity, relationships, and enjoying life to the greatest potential it has to offer.

It is also one of the greatest podcasts for increasing confidence that you can find. You’ll get advice on how to make it through your twenties, how to get over broken relationships, where to discover genuine friendships, and much more.

Young woman reading a speech for a podcasts.

You may get a head start on learning how to make the most of your single life in your twenties by listening to this episode of ILYSM.

Lipstick on the Rim

You just don’t have the time to keep up with all of the most recent and exciting developments in the world of beauty? Listen to Lipstick on the Rim to get the solutions to all of your most pressing issues regarding your health and fitness.

The hosts of this podcast, Molly Sims and Emese Gormley, have conducted research on a variety of topics ranging from cosmetic surgery to sexual health, and they are ready to share their discoveries with you.

Young woman talking to a microphone.

Do you need some advice on dating in your life? Watch this episode to hear Nick Viall discuss dating in the modern day, and why you should make the first move in a relationship.

Crush The Mindset Spiral

Third on our list of best podcasts for college girls is Cursh The Mindset Spiral. This is the PERFECT podcast for you to listen to if you want to engage in entrepreneurial endeavors once you graduate from college. It’s time to replace those feelings of insecurity with those of self-assurance.

Crush The Mindset Spiral is one of the greatest podcasts for female entrepreneurs, and it is jam-packed with all of the finest suggestions for personal growth, branding, and success in business and real life. This makes it one of the best podcasts for female entrepreneurs overall.

View of studio recording equipments.

Why You Can’t (And Shouldn’t Try To) Buy Friendships is an episode that you should watch while you navigate the many connections you have while you are in college because it will help you find actual friendships in college, which is why it is essential.

The Puberty Podcast

Okay, we know what you’re thinking; why did someone decide to make a podcast about puberty for college girls? Can this kind of podcast become one of the best podcasts for college girls?

The fact that you are enrolled in college does not indicate that you have completed the process of maturing and developing.

You can still be coping with feelings that are too intense for you to manage like issues as a young woman attending college. This is when listening to The Puberty Podcast could come in handy.

View of a laptop and a phone with a podcasts wallpaper.

The Puberty Podcast covers a wide range of topics, from improving self-esteem to learning healthy anger management techniques.

Be sure to check out “Body Positivity in Puberty with Zoe Bisbing of The Full Bloom Project” if you’re looking for some healthy advice on how to navigate the waters of self-care and body confidence while you’re still in your teenage years.

Breaking Beauty

Your new best friends for everything and everything related to beauty are the hosts of the podcast Breaking Beauty, Jill Dunn, and Carlene Higgins.

You will be informed on all the most recent developments in the world of beauty, including which products should be purchased and which should be avoided, as well as natural beauty hacks that can be performed in the comfort of your own home or dormitory.

Two microphone placed on a table.

You will always be up to speed with the latest happenings in the world of cosmetics and beyond thanks to Jill and Carlene’s exhaustive research as well as their interviews with industry professionals. Looking for some skincare tips? Start with LA Beautyologist’s Head-to-Toe, Dos and Don’ts Skincare Guide for Your Entire Body.

The Blonde Files

Are you ready for the inside scoop on all things related to beauty, wellness, finding contentment, and motivation? Then you need not look any further! Each week, Arielle Lorre, the presenter of The Blonde Files podcast, interviews various professionals, such as physicians and business leaders, to get the answers to all of the questions that we didn’t even know to ask.

The approaching experts of the beauty industry is what makes The Blonde Files one of the best podcasts for college girls.

A woman listening to a podcasts on her phone.

Arielle is going to pry open all of those locked doors in order to get the truth about anything from love counseling to cosmetic operations. Are you planning to go back to school? Arielle has got you taken care of.

Make sure to check out the following episodes: Back to School + Overcoming Shame and Fear and to Live the Life You Deserve as well as the 10 Best Episodes of The Blonde Files.

We Met At Acme

When it comes to college, love and vulnerability are all issues that are really vital to discuss, and We Met At Acme is all about those things. These topics have the potential to elicit a diverse array of responses, ranging from joy to dread and guilt. But don’t be too concerned.

A woman listening to a podcasts.

The presenter of the podcast, Lindsey Metselaar, believes that all of these feelings are completely normal, and she is here to guide you through the complexities of college relationships by providing sound guidance and entertaining tales.

The Bad Broadcast

It’s important to give yourself a break every once in a while, especially if you’re a student in college. When I say “break,” we’re referring to a full-on, no-holds-barred, rant where you can safely vent your frustrations over life’s myriad of bothersome details. To our good fortune, that is precisely what the show The Bad Broadcast is all about.

Meet once a week with the presenter of the podcast, Madi Murphy, to vent your frustrations about anything and everything, even if it’s something as little as a minor annoyance.

A woman listening to a podcasts while in front of a computer.

We suggest that you begin with this episode all about friends when you are ready to let everything out and get it off your chest.

Real Pod

The Real Pod is a podcast that focuses on real life and is hosted by Victoria Garrick, who has been a TED Talk speaker, a Division I volleyball player, and an advocate for mental health. Every Wednesday, Victoria gets down with a different expert, athlete, model, or celebrity to discuss body confidence, accomplishments, failures, and obstacles, as well as simply being genuine to oneself.

Real Pod is one of the most helpful mental health podcasts for college students since it offers a wealth of advice that may make the transition to adulthood less challenging.

A phone with a podcasts wallpaper.

If you are prepared to give Real Pod a listen, the following episode comes highly recommended by us: Kathryn Plummer, the best college volleyball player in the country, discusses the pressures of competition, the importance of mental health, and Stanford’s “secret sauce.” You might also be interested in reading our rundown of the top 10 Real Pod episodes.

What are the 5 elements of a podcast?

What are the five components that make up the best podcasts for college girls? or podcasts in general? The concept that any particular piece of information is good is, in the end, a subjective one; what you like as being traditional and genuine, someone else may disregard as being overused and unoriginal.

Despite this, individuals have a tendency to band together and raise particular works to the status of popular and assign them prominence by the sheer number of distinct voices who agree on their qualities.

Upon examining the best podcasts for college girls, we were able to come up with this list of 5 elements of a good podcast.

1. Focus on a central idea

Every podcast aims to communicate something specific to its listeners in some way. This might be anything from an opinion on a particular political issue to the dissemination of information on a certain subject. The central concept is the overarching rationale for the production of any podcast.

The hosts of quality podcasts have a crystal-clear understanding of what it is they are attempting to convey to their audience as well as the most effective means to convey it. If you want to make a podcast about interesting food recipes, but you spend the majority of your recording discussing the football game that took place last night, you will send a clear message to your listeners that they should look elsewhere for content related to cooking, and they will likely follow your advice.

There is a promise that is made implicitly inside each episode of a podcast, and that promise is that the program’s creator is going to investigate, at least to some extent, the ideas that are at the center of the show.

You can improve this skill by being familiar with the power that podcasting possesses.

2. Play to an audience

The audience always gets priority. This is something that experienced podcasters know to be true deep down in their bones.

Unlike traditional radio broadcasting, which, due to limited airtime, had to try and appeal to as many listeners as possible, best podcasts for college girls, or best podcasts in general have the remarkable ability to target a specific niche in whatever subject matter they are covering. This is in contrast to the fact that podcasts have the ability to cover any subject matter. Because of this development, it is more crucial than ever before to identify exactly who you are creating content for.

This goes beyond the simple rule of “don’t use foul language on a children’s show.” Podcasters who are good at their craft are aware of what their audience is seeking for, what common knowledge unites people who are interested in a certain topic matter, and what issues their material may address for their listeners.

3. Regular schedules

It’s possible that something is so evident that it hurts, but it’s also one of the things that’s most vital. A consistent publication schedule is an essential component of any high-quality podcast.

Listeners to podcasts have certain expectations of the content makers. You are, in fact, putting on a ‘show’. It is essential to retain engagement with the audience and to increase awareness on your work to have a release schedule that the audience can trust, much as it is with television shows.

4. Show Structures

When you listen to a new podcast that has been suggested to you as one of the best podcasts for college girls or generally speaking, the best podcasts out there, you are constantly taking a risk.

Content makers have access to so many tools that allow them to target certain groups, it can be difficult to determine whether or not a show will cover the topics that you anticipate it will.

Providing the audience with a clear outline of how your material is organized may assist in both preparing them for what’s to come as well as keep them interested in the topics you want to discuss.

The act structure of “This American Life,” which serves to designate the beginning and end of each new narrative that focuses on a different facet of the overarching topic of the episode, is a fantastic illustration of this principle in action.

Even if it’s just a meaningful development in the conversation being had by the podcast’s hosts, the best podcasts for college girls are always purposeful about how their shows are structured. The podcasters are using it as a way to organize and express their ideas in a way that forms a meaningful story for the audience. This is true even if the show’s only focus is on the hosts of the podcast.

5. Authenticity

Despite the fact that this last component is one of the most challenging to evaluate, it is always present in the greatest podcasts.

Podcasting is a very personal kind of media that is characterized by the one-on-one connection that exists between the podcast’s host(s) and the listener. This is something that should be embraced by a good podcast maker because when they do so, they enable their audience to establish a relationship with them by opening up and speaking from a place that is genuine and vulnerable.

They take on roles in the drama that unfolds throughout their broadcasts, and the audience’s ability to empathize with the host is essential to the audience’s ability to stay interested in the program.

AdmissionSight is willing to help

As college students, listening to podcasts, say best podcasts for college girls, may not only be an inspiring and entertaining way to pass the time, but it can also be educational and help your mind grow.

While on the topic of being well informed, you should seek the guidance of professionals who work in the subject of college admissions, such as those who work at AdmissionSight, in order to increase your chances of being accepted there.

AdmissionSight has become the most trusted name in the field of college admissions advice as a result of its more than a decade of expertise assisting students just like you in gaining admission to the colleges of their first and second preferences.

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