Business Advice For Teenagers

February 26, 2023
By AdmissionSight

Business Advice For Teenagers

Anyone can be successful in business, and you never know who will come up with the next big idea. If you are a hardworking teen with an entrepreneurial spirit, or if you just want to make some extra spending money on your own time, starting your own business could be the answer. In this article, we provide some business advice for teenagers to start their very own enterprises.

Why start a business?

So, why start a business in the first place? Wisdom comes with age and experience, but starting a business at a young age can also give you an edge. Some of the most well-known businesses in the world, like Facebook, Ikea, Subway, and Yankee Candle, were started by teenagers.

Time is on your side

As a teenager with your own small business, you have time to figure out what works and what doesn’t for your business. You probably don’t have as many responsibilities as you will later in life, and if you decide after a while that you want to change your career path, you’ll still be very young.

You’ll make some extra cash

It can be hard for teenagers to find jobs that work with their other responsibilities, like school, homework, and extracurricular activities. You can work on your small business whenever it works best for you. This makes it easier to make extra money without giving up other things that are more important to you.

Female student writing on a sofa.

Your living costs are lower

Most teenagers don’t have to pay rent, buy groceries, or pay for utilities. This gives you a leg up because any money you make can be put back into your business to help it grow faster. Once you’re responsible for all of your living costs, you’ll probably have to pay for them with a big chunk of the money you make from your business. This can slow the growth of your business.

What makes a good business?

What makes a good business? This is easily one of the most important questions that will come to mind if you’re asking someone for business advice for teenagers.

There are a few things that will make it easier for teens to start and run a business idea. After all, they’ll have to work around a full class schedule and probably won’t have many resources, including money, to start up. Keep these things in mind as you think about the following small business ideas for teens.

Home-based or easily reachable

Depending on how old the teen is, getting around can be a big worry. Teens who aren’t old enough to drive or are still learning will find it much easier to run a home business.

Flexible hours

Just like many adults who start a side business, teens who want to start a business also have full-time jobs. Even though school isn’t usually thought of as a “job,” most students spend eight to ten hours a week on it, depending on what they do outside of school. The best business ideas for teens will let them work in the evenings and on weekends.

Low financial risk

Most people who want to start their own business want to spend as little money as possible on it. However, most teens don’t have much money saved and can’t get loans from outside sources (especially if they don’t want to use the “bank of mom and dad”). The key to success is picking a business idea for teens that don’t cost a lot of money. The less they need to buy before starting the business, the less they will have to buy.

How can teenagers start their own business?

How can teenagers start their own business? Teens today have access to a wide range of tools, platforms, and easy-to-use technology. There has never been a better time for teens to start businesses with these valuable tools at their fingertips.

The answer will depend on what kind of business you start and how old you are when you do so. If you want to start a business that could grow, you’ll need to make things a little more official.

If you’re younger than 18, you’ll definitely need your parent’s permission to do some tasks and maybe give some business advice for teenagers who want to start their own businesses. Depending on the rules in your state, you may need someone older than 18 to help you start your business, and you may not be able to sign legal documents or open bank accounts on your own.

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Before you continue, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the rules in my area for someone my age starting and running a business?
  • How much time can I put into this business each week?
  • Who will be responsible for my bills and money?
  • How much money am I willing to put into my business before I see a return?
  • What is my exit strategy?

Here are some good ideas that will help you set up your own business:

Come up with ideas

Try to come up with as many business ideas as you can. Read up on things, do some research, and go to different talks and training courses. Collect as many ideas as you can and pick the ones you think will work best for you.

Find business ideas that are related to your interests and passions, as they will make you happier.

Start with what you’re passionate about

When starting a business, you should start with something you’re really interested in. Starting a business around something you enjoy, like a hobby, a skill, or a cause you care about, will make it much easier to stay motivated and committed in the long run.

Identify a need

Once you know what you’re passionate about, you need to find a need in the market that your business can fill. This could be a product or service that is not currently available or is not being offered in a way that meets the needs of your potential customers.

Create a business plan

Before you start your business, you should make sure you have a good business plan. This plan should have a description of your business, an analysis of the market, a plan for marketing, a plan for finances, and a plan for growth and expansion.

Try to find a mentor or advisor

As a teenager, you might not have all the skills and knowledge you need to run a business well. It’s important to ask people who have experience in your field or in business in general for business advice for teenagers and guidance. This could be family, friends, or even business owners in the area.

Stay on top of things

It can be busy running a business, so it’s important to stay on top of things. Keep track of important deadlines, appointments, and financial information to make sure your business runs smoothly.

Stay focused on what you want to achieve

As a teen, it can be easy to let other things take your attention away from school. But if you want your business to do well, you need to stay focused on your goals and be dedicated to your business.

Learn from your mistakes

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that failure is a normal part of starting a business. Don’t give up if your business doesn’t do well at first. Instead, figure out what went wrong and use that to make your business better in the future.

Business ideas for teenagers

Now that we have established everything that you need to know about starting a business, let’s look at some potential businesses that will help you get started:

Social media management: Many small businesses need help managing their social media accounts, and teenagers who are social media savvy can offer their services in this area.

Tutoring services: If you’re good at a particular subject, you can offer tutoring services to other students in your area. This could include academic subjects as well as music, art, or other skills.

Pet-sitting or dog-walking services: Many people need help taking care of their pets, and teenagers who love animals can offer their services as pet-sitters or dog-walkers.

Dog walker strides with his pet on leash while walking at street pavement

Lawn care or landscaping services: If you have access to a lawnmower and some gardening tools, you can offer lawn care or landscaping services to homeowners in your area.

Cleaning services: Teenagers who are organized and detail-oriented can offer cleaning services to busy families or individuals who need help keeping their homes or offices clean.

Online reselling: With platforms like eBay and Amazon, it’s easy for teenagers to start reselling items online. This could include thrift store finds, vintage clothing, or other unique items.

Car washing and detailing: If you enjoy working with cars, you can offer car washing and detailing services to people in your area.

Personal shopping or styling services: Teenagers with a good sense of fashion can offer personal shopping or styling services to people who need help with their wardrobe.

Starting a business as a teenager can be a challenging but rewarding experience. By following these tips, staying committed to your goals, and seeking guidance and business advice for teenagers from your mentors and your parents, you can develop valuable skills and experience that will serve you well throughout your life.

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