The Concord Review: A Gateway to Academic Success for College-Bound Students

April 17, 2023
By AdmissionSight
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The Concord Review: A Gateway to Academic Success for College-Bound Students

Are you a high school student eager to showcase your writing prowess and make your mark in the world of academia? Well, you’re in luck! The Concord Review Writing Contest is the perfect opportunity for you to shine. Designed specifically for students passionate about history, this contest offers a unique chance to get your work published and gain recognition on an international stage. As an upcoming college student, participating in this writing contest can significantly bolster your academic resume and help you stand out from the crowd.

What is the Concord Review?

To begin with, what exactly is the Concord Review? The Concord Review is a unique and prestigious publication that is dedicated to showcasing the exemplary historical research and writing skills of high school students from around the world. Its mission is to inspire and encourage students to explore history through in-depth research and analysis, fostering a deeper understanding of the past and its impact on the present.

Types of Essays Published

The Concord Review publishes a wide range of essays covering diverse historical topics, periods, and regions. Some common themes include:

Political history

Essays delve into the political forces that have shaped the world, including revolutions, wars, and political ideologies.

Social history

Essays that explore the societal and cultural aspects of history, such as women’s rights, labor movements, and immigration.

Economic history

Essays that examine the economic factors that have influenced historical events, such as trade, industrialization, and financial crises.

Biographical essays

Essays that focus on the lives and achievements of significant historical figures, shedding light on their impact and contributions to history.

Regardless of the subject, all essays published in The Concord Review are well-researched, thoughtfully written, and demonstrate a strong grasp of historical context and analysis.

Review Process and Criteria

The Concord Review has a rigorous review process to ensure that only the highest-quality essays are published. Submissions are evaluated based on the following criteria:


Essays must present a fresh perspective on the chosen topic, offering new insights and interpretations.

Research depth

Essays should demonstrate extensive research, drawing on primary and secondary sources to support the author’s arguments.

Clarity and organization

Essays must be well-structured and written, with a logical flow of ideas and coherent arguments.

Historical accuracy

Essays should be factually accurate, with all claims supported by evidence from credible sources.

Citation and formatting

Essays must adhere to proper citation and formatting standards, such as the Chicago Manual of Style or the Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines.

After an initial screening, selected essays undergo a thorough peer-review process, where experts in the field evaluate them. This ensures that the essays published in The Concord Review meet the highest standards of academic excellence.

Notable Alumni

Many students who have been published in The Concord Review have gone on to attend prestigious universities, such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford. They have pursued successful careers in various fields, including academia, law, journalism, and public service. Some notable alumni include:

Sarah Stillman

She is an award-winning journalist and staff writer for The New Yorker.

Eric Lesser

A Massachusetts State Senator and former White House staff member.

Geoffrey Shaw

An Assistant Professor of History at the United States Air Force Academy.

These examples highlight the potential impact of being published in The Concord Review on a student’s academic and professional trajectory.

The Concord Review is a highly-regarded journal that celebrates the outstanding historical research and writing skills of high school students. By providing a platform for young scholars to publish their work and gain recognition, The Concord Review plays a vital role in fostering a love for history and academic excellence among the next generation of historians, writers, and thinkers.

Why participate in the Concord Review?

So, why should you join the Concord Review? Participating in The Concord Review Writing Contest offers a range of valuable benefits that go beyond the immediate rewards of cash prizes, publication, and recognition. Here are some additional reasons why you should consider entering the contest:

Networking opportunities

Being published in The Concord Review puts you in contact with like-minded students who share your passion for history and academic research. This can help you build a network of peers that can offer support, collaboration, and mentorship throughout your academic and professional journey.

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Boost your confidence and motivation

Participating in the contest can help you build self-confidence in your writing and research abilities. This can have a lasting impact on your approach to academics, motivating you to pursue more challenging projects and opportunities in the future.

Improve your time management and organizational skills

Working on a comprehensive research essay requires planning, organization, and time management. By participating in the contest, you will learn how to balance your academic responsibilities with other commitments, a skill that will serve you well in college and beyond.

Exposure to different perspectives and ideas

As you research and write your essay, you will be exposed to a diverse range of perspectives and ideas, helping you develop a more nuanced understanding of history. This can encourage you to think critically about the past and its implications for the present, fostering intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness.

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Potential for additional awards and accolades

Having your essay published in The Concord Review can open the door to additional awards and accolades, both within your school and from external organizations. This can further enhance your academic profile and set you apart from your peers.

Develop a portfolio of published work

By participating in The Concord Review Writing Contest, you have the opportunity to start building a portfolio of published work. This can be beneficial when applying for internships, scholarships, or graduate programs, as it demonstrates your commitment to research and your ability to contribute to the academic community.

Cultivate a passion for lifelong learning

Engaging in historical research and writing can spark a lifelong passion for learning and intellectual curiosity. By participating in the contest, you’re not only strengthening your academic profile but also fostering a love for exploration and knowledge that can enrich your life in countless ways.

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Prepare for college-level writing

The research and writing skills you develop while participating in the Concord Review will be invaluable when you transition to college. You will be better equipped to tackle college-level writing assignments, giving you a head start on your academic journey.

How to submit a successful entry for the Concord Review?

How to submit a winning Concord Review entry? Given the prestigious benefits of participating in the Concord Review, here are some of the submission guidelines and some tips to increase your chances of success.

Choose a compelling historical topic

Select a topic that genuinely interests you and has plenty of available research material. Your passion for the subject will shine through in your writing and help you create a more engaging essay.

Conduct thorough research

Dive deep into your chosen topic and gather information from a variety of sources, such as books, articles, primary documents, and interviews. Evaluate your sources carefully to ensure they’re credible and relevant.

Create an outline

Before you start writing, create an outline to organize your thoughts and structure your essay. This will help you maintain a logical flow and ensure you cover all necessary points.

Write clearly and concisely

Your essay should be well-written, with clear language and concise sentences. Avoid using jargon or overly complex vocabulary, as this can detract from your message and make your essay difficult to understand.

Edit and revise

After you’ve completed your first draft, set it aside for a few days before reviewing it. This will be you a fresh perspective, making it easier to spot errors and areas for improvement. Edit your essay meticulously, focusing on grammar, punctuation, and clarity. Consider asking a teacher or mentor to review your work and provide feedback.

Adhere to submission guidelines

Ensure your essay meets all the contest’s submission guidelines, including word count, formatting, and citation requirements. Failing to adhere to these guidelines can result in disqualification, regardless of the quality of your work.

Submit your essay on time

Pay close attention to the contest deadlines and submit your essay well before the due date. This will give you ample time to address any technical issues or last-minute revisions.

Learn from feedback

Whether you win or not, participating in the Concord Review is a valuable learning experience. If you receive feedback from the judges, take it to heart and use it to improve your writing skills for future contests and academic pursuits.

By following the tips and guidelines outlined in this blog, you’ll be well-prepared to take on this prestigious competition and showcase your passion for history. The Concord Review is an excellent opportunity for college-bound students to gain recognition, enhance their college applications, and develop crucial research and writing skills.

At the same time, AdmissionSight can provide the expert guidance and support you need to navigate the complex college admissions process. Together, these two powerful resources can help you stand out from the competition, opening doors to top-tier universities and laying the foundation for a bright and successful future. So, seize this opportunity to excel, and let your passion for history and academic excellence propel you to new heights! Contact us to book your initial consultation!


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