Do You Need An Online Tutor in High School?

December 1, 2022
By AdmissionSight

Do You Need An Online Tutor in High School?

Online tutoring is a type of instruction that occurs in real-time through the internet, typically one-on-one. Contrary to what some technology platforms may assert, online tutoring requires the involvement of a “real person.” The online tutor may be someone the student already knows in person or may come from another country whom the student has never met in person.

The only prerequisites for online tutoring are typically a device that can receive or transmit the online lesson and an internet connection with enough bandwidth for both the student and the teacher.

So, what exactly does the online tutor perform, you ask?

An online tutor follows the same steps as a face-to-face tutor: they design the lesson, deliver it, and then, ideally, give parents a report on how it went.

The difference is that with the help of technology, many of the extra processes may be enhanced and automated, allowing the teaching component to receive the most time and not the preparation and reporting component.

View of a woman tutoring someone using a laptop.

Additionally, an online tutor should make an effort to establish a rapport with the child or student they are working with. For online tutoring to be most effective, the student must feel secure, at ease, and motivated to complete the job for the tutor. Respect is essential on both sides.

Why do you need an online tutor?

Why get an online tutor? Here are the top reasons we have gathered from successful college applicants why you should have an online tutor in high school:

It closes the knowledge and capability gaps

Consider instances where you missed class due to illness or other personal reasons, or situations where you had to deal with summer learning loss and felt insecure walking into the classroom. Yes, it is true that you may experience significant gaps in your fundamental skills after taking long absences from school and education.

By filling in the gaps and allowing yourself to study material from the previous and current school years, online tutoring can help you feel more comfortable returning to the classroom. Online tutoring can support you whether you’re returning to the classroom, beginning a new subject in school, or trying to make up for a missed lesson.

Provides assistance to your parents with your school tasks

The students, the teachers, and the teaching materials were the three main players in the teaching and learning process up until 2019, according to historical data.

But after the pandemic, a new and powerful player entered the mix: your parents. Are they prepared for it, though?

Obviously, there is no one answer to this, but a number of research papers published last year showed how overwhelmed and powerless your parents felt when it comes to your education and learning. The additional burden of assisting you with your educational needs can actually lead to extra pressure and stress for working parents who have demanding job roles, are busy with meetings and work-related deadlines.

Likewise, a tutor is more than just a teacher. A tutor can also serve as an example for you as they promote a disciplined work attitude. You will benefit from the abilities you may acquire via tutoring both inside and outside of the classroom.

In actuality, many students find it difficult to develop study abilities since they haven’t had the chance to receive the personalized attention that online tutoring offers. A tutor can also help in identifying ineffective study habits and correcting them inside the confines of your home.

Increases adherence and engagement

Contrary to popular belief, it has now been demonstrated by numerous academics that having an online tutor in high school thru video-based lessons engages students more deeply and results in higher levels of information retention than lectures given in a typical classroom setting.

The Journal of Cognitive Research published a study in April 2018 that detailed the findings of an experiment done with high school seniors on a challenging topic like biology. The experiment involved teaching the students using a variety of teaching methods, such as lectures and videos, and requiring them to take tests on the material that had just been covered in class.

When considering content retention and engagement, the experiment’s findings showed that video lectures were the most beneficial for students.

Engages you in a process of active learning

Each student is unique. You are unique. The skill levels, learning preferences, and other characteristics you have vary from another student. It is crucial to recognize this uniqueness and provide the appropriate direction to promote brain development.

Dr. Kathryn Murray, an education consultant based in Australia who has studied early childhood education and concepts of brain development, thinks that good mentoring and instructions can play a crucial role in helping a student feel safe and supported before allowing them to think more clearly once they are no longer in a defensive or fearful state. In order to engage in an active learning process with the mentor, tutor, or coach, you must first maintain mental calmness.

Increases self-esteem

One can develop self-esteem in a number of straightforward ways through having an online tutor in high school. This includes having a voice and a specialized environment so you can feel safe and heard. You should never believe that receiving after-school assistance or advice diminishes your capacity to study or develop as quickly as your peers.

View of a man attending an online class.

In order to give students the experience of success rather than failure, online tutoring platforms can assist in breaking down the school curriculum into smaller milestones and goals based on your knowledge levels, creating a plan to achieve those milestones, and celebrating small and big achievements.

Developing emotionally balanced, healthy, and happy students is ultimately more significant and important.

Draw attention to your assets and deficiencies

Again, we can’t stress this enough, you are a unique learner. It is important that your pace of learning is valued for what it is. This implies that you will also learn and process information in somewhat different ways. Teachers must teach in a specific way and at a specific speed in schools because of time and curriculum constraints. For the same reasons, teachers at schools are unable to offer you their whole attention.

The programs if one has an online tutor in high school can be useful in this situation. You can raise your hands without reluctance and will be able to receive one-on-one attention.

Decreases the likelihood of skipping/dropping college

The overall dropout rate for undergraduate college students in the United States ranges from 35 to 40%. The majority of dropouts are college students who leave before their second year. Therefore, it’s crucial to comprehend what may be done to prevent this from happening.

a female student typing in her laptop

When all of the aforementioned things begin to take place and you begin to see the benefits of the investment, it is no longer just about getting good grades; instead, you begin to love the process of learning, which significantly lowers the likelihood that you will drop out of school and/or skip college.

Encourage you to broaden your knowledge and skill set

The two most fundamental psychological requirements, in accordance with Madelyn Swift’s book, entitled  “Getting it Right with Children”, are to feel lovable and capable. Students are naturally pushed to the condition of being “self-motivated” to study and earn good grades once they begin to feel capable.

The traditional method of learning can be a little dull to you. However, recent educational developments that are included in online tutoring have revitalized and transformed how you learn. We have seen in other learners that the more recent techniques keep them inspired and curious to learn more. With the way things are running in the tutoring field, you won’t want to avoid your coursework. Instead, you sit down to study with vigor and interest.

Aids in securing college scholarships

This is perhaps the most pressing reason why we encourage you to be serious about online tutoring. One unpalatable fact about attending a reputable college or university is that it is extremely expensive. Not everyone has the financial means to pay for a college degree, but that doesn’t mean giving up on your goals is the only option.

You can apply for a college scholarship and graduate debt-free if you have a strong GPA, exceptional SAT exam results, and the time to perform and participate in extracurricular activities.

Serve as the starting point for a fruitful career in college

The ability to live a happy life is the last item on our list but one of the most crucial. To do this, you must understand how to take control of your life, make the right decisions, react to situations appropriately, and avoid becoming victims of your own ignorance, lack of skills, or lack of understanding.

Consequently, investing in an online tutoring platform can produce results that last a lifetime in many ways at various stages of your life. We hope that by this point, you are persuaded that these 10 arguments are strong enough to support the idea that having an online tutor in high school is the best.

What characterizes a quality online teacher?

Most tutors offer free classes and it is at this moment that they are able to flex their green flags, the positive traits that make them likable to their students. We strongly encourage you to avail such and see for yourself if these 4 traits that you should look for in an online tutor are present:

Expertise. Knowledge of content, including frequent misconceptions and weak areas, the ability to assess what is preventing a student from making progress, and ways to correct those misconceptions, contribute to the effectiveness of tutoring and one-on-one teaching.

Collaboration. When tutors assist students in finding solutions on their own, tutoring is most effective. As a result, learning becomes more active. However, tutors must restrain themselves from instructing students on how to carry out a procedure properly. The true measure of a successful tutor is their ability to let students work through issues on their own. This implies that a key component of training for new tutors should include learning how to provide feedback.

View of a woman attending a tutorial class.

Engagement. Tutors will be more successful if they can identify student disengagement or low self-efficacy. Low-effort responses, fewer interactions with the instructor, or expressions of displeasure are common symptoms of disengagement. Tutors are likely to be more successful if they are familiar with techniques to re-engage pupils (such as changing the subject, rephrasing the issue, etc.).

Understanding. Tutors need to be well-versed in the process of student growth. For instance, it’s crucial to give students time to study previous content, even if they appear to have “mastered” it before. Working on a subject for a short period of time every day might create the illusion of long-term expertise.

How does having an online tutor in high school work?

How does online instruction operate? The way in which online tutoring operates varies greatly from person to person and from tutoring company to tutoring company.

Options for implementation include:

  • a typical Skype or Zoom video discussion during which the student and the online tutor both demonstrate their assignments or instructions to the webcam.
  • a customized online virtual classroom setting where a teacher conducts courses according to a carefully planned curriculum, frequently with features resembling an interactive whiteboard.
  • a “shared screen” method where the tutor shares their computer screen with the student while possibly making notes for them to read and possibly including a messaging feature.

Additionally, online instructors frequently use one of two formats (asynchronous and synchronous tutoring):

Offline coursework is a prerequisite for asynchronous tutoring.

  • The student completes the tasks after receiving them through email from the tutor and then submits them online.
  • Although most asynchronous solutions allow students to contact teachers for additional assistance or clarification, that assistance doesn’t require that both sides be online at the same moment.

In synchronous tutoring, the tutor and student communicate in real-time.

It needs software that enables direct text, audio, or video communication between the two parties.

It is apparent that having an online tutor in high school offers some particular advantages over its more conventional equivalent. Most online courses let students study at their own pace, which is a huge convenience for people with busy schedules. Indirectly, and sometimes directly, depending on the subject, web-based learning also sharpens computing, word processing, and web-based competencies—all of which are highly sought after by potential employers.

Even Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are enthusiastic supporters of online education. Tutors are major celebrities in Hong Kong, with billboard appearances and a sizable fan base. Why not use an online tutor today to increase your knowledge base and learn something new? Here at AdmissionSight, we offer a wide array of programs from academic guidance to the more rigorous and tailored fit SAT and ACT tutoring, AP exam tutoring, and even Olympiad training for Math and Science high school enthusiasts out there. They are all designed to help you succeed in your chosen endeavor. Contact us and we’d love to give you a consultation, free of charge.


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