Fun Facts About Princeton

December 6, 2022
By AdmissionSight

Fun Facts About Princeton

Princeton at a glance

A quick look at Princeton reveals some of the illustrious university’s extensive history in higher education. The year 1746 marks the beginning of Princeton University, a private institution. Located in Princeton, New Jersey, various events, activities, and organizations can be found within the confines of Princeton University. For that reason, there are a lot of fun facts about Princeton. The Princeton Tigers, who compete in the Ivy League, have a reputation for fielding men’s and women’s lacrosse teams that are among the best in the country year after year.

Students in their first and second years are required to live in one of seven residential colleges, each offering students residential community and dining services. However, students in their junior and senior years can join any one of more than ten eating clubs.

Princeton building hidden by trees.

Students who participate in eating clubs become members of organizations that provide social and dining opportunities. The unofficial motto of Princeton University is “Princeton in the Nation’s Service and the Service of Humanity,” which emphasizes the institution’s dedication to volunteering in the local community.

Graduate programs at Princeton, such as those offered by the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and the Princeton School of Engineering and Applied Science, are consistently ranked very highly. Undergraduate students at Princeton are required to either write a senior thesis or take on an independent project in the case of students majoring in certain engineering departments. This is one of the distinctive features of Princeton’s educational program.

Princeton Stats

Statistics from Princeton show that the university is known as the fourth-best institution for teaching military veterans and the third-best for undergraduate students. To say that these statistics are impressive would be an understatement; more importantly, they shed light on why so many students are eager to enroll in one of the many schools offered by Princeton University. At Princeton University, there are four students for every faculty member. This makes the student-to-faculty ratio 4:1.

One of the many fun facts about Princeton that people consider to be the reason they study is that there is at least one faculty member available to teach each of the university’s four undergraduates. Because there are so many faculty members at Princeton University, every student can receive significant attention and direction from their respective instructors.

Over seventy-seven percent of Princeton University’s college classes have fewer than twenty students enrolled. This is another significant factor contributing to the cutthroat competition between students. Many graduates of Princeton have stated that they were eligible for some kind of financial assistance from the university, which allowed them to complete their degrees without the burden of mounting student loan debt.

Students at Princeton University have access to the highest possible standard of education thanks to the institution’s extensive selection of prestigious colleges. The students agree that Princeton University has a very welcoming culture, which aids their personal development in every conceivable way and is another reason they chose to attend the university. The residential colleges and eating clubs at Princeton University help create an atmosphere similar to that of a family for the university’s students.

One of the beautiful hallways in Princeton with intricate carvings

The vast majority of first-year students choose to make their homes in the university’s residence halls due to the unparalleled amenities offered by the institution. The acceptance rate at Princeton University is among the lowest in the country, coming in at just 6%. The early acceptance rate is somewhat higher than average and currently sits at just over 14%.

The students whose SAT scores fall between 1450 and 1570 and are offered admission to Princeton University have these scores. In addition, students should have ACT scores that fall somewhere in the range of 32 to 35.

This particular university does not solely base its decisions on this factor. Even if an applicant has the highest possible test scores, there is a significant possibility that they will not be admitted to Princeton University after going through the screening process there. It is extremely difficult to find housing on Princeton University’s campus and gain entry to any of the institution’s prestigious schools.

Facts about Princeton

There is some information regarding Princeton that people should know about. Some of these fun facts about Princeton are the things that give students and alumni a sense of pride in attending. Thus, this is important, especially for those planning to attend.

  1. In the year 1783, when it was the site of meetings of the Continental Congress, Nassau Hall, which is now the location of the Office of the President and other senior administrative positions, functioned as the nation’s capital for four months and eight days.
  2. The American Whig-Cliosophic Society is the oldest college literary and debating club in the United States. The American Literary and Philosophical Association is the second oldest. There have been four justices on the United States Supreme Court who graduated from Whig-Clio, as well as two presidents and two vice presidents of the United States.
  3. The term “campus,” which comes from the Latin word for “field,” to refer to the grounds of a college was first used at Princeton.
  4. The Chapel at Princeton University is the third largest university chapel in the whole wide world.
  5. For those who would like fun facts about Princeton regarding culture and diversity, the Carl A. Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding is named after Dr. Carl Fields. Dr. Fields was the first African American to hold the position of dean at an institution that is part of the Ivy League.
  6. In November of 1969, Charles “Pete” Conrad, a 1953 graduate of Princeton and an astronaut for NASA and the commander of the Apollo 12 mission, took a flag to the moon with him.
  7. Alfred Einstein, a physicist who had won the Nobel Prize and was a guest lecturer at Princeton at the time, was present in 1947 for the first official Shabbat program that Princeton Hillel sponsored.
  8. The school planted a pair of sycamore trees on the front lawn of Maclean House in 1766 to commemorate the year that the Stamp Act was finally repealed. Maclean House was the first home of the university’s president and is now the location of the alumni office for the university. These are some of the oldest trees on the campus, and some estimate their lifespan to be 600 years.
  9. The Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library has more than 60,000 senior theses in its collection. Among these are the works of Sonia Sotomayor, who graduated in 1976; Ethan Coen, who graduated in 1979, David Duchovny, who graduated in 1982, Michelle Obama, who graduated in 1985, Maria Ressa, who graduated in 1986; and Brooke Shields, who graduated in 1987.
  10. One of the fun facts about Princeton that most students still know is about the Fitz Randolph Gate of Princeton. According to a local urban myth, a student who leaves campus through the Fitz Randolph Gate before receiving their diploma runs the risk of being doomed to never receive their diploma.
  11. Three Princeton alumni currently serve on the United States Supreme Court. These are Justices Samuel Alito ’72, Sonia Sotomayor ’76, and Elena Kagan ’81.
  12. The campus was used as a location for the film “A Beautiful Mind,” which won the Academy Award for Best Picture and is based on the life of the renowned Princeton mathematician John Forbes Nash (a graduate of Princeton). Some fictional characters aspired to go to Princeton or even attend the university. Some of these characters include Carlton Banks in the television comedy series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Bruce Wayne in the superhero film “Batman Begins,” Sam Seaborn in the political serial drama “The West Wing,” and Olivia Pope in the ABC drama “Scandal.”
  13. Princeton University and Rutgers University played the first-ever intercollegiate football game in 1869.
  14. In 2016, the women’s basketball team from Princeton University received the first at-large bid to the NCAA tournament that the Ivy League had ever awarded. The team finished the 2015 season with a perfect record of 30-0 after going undefeated throughout the regular season.
  15. One of the fun facts about Princeton that sports buffs would like is that Lake Carnegie, which complies with Olympic standards and serves as the training course for the United States Rowing Team. This spot also serves as the home of the men’s and women’s crew teams at Princeton University.

Princeton University campus

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