Google Freshman Internship

November 22, 2022
By AdmissionSight

Google Freshman Internship

People around the world agree that working for Google is among the top jobs available. A young product manager or engineer who participates in the Google freshman internship program will increase their chances of future success, and the remuneration isn’t terrible, either. The corporation offered software engineers in the cohort of 2022 an internship at a wage of $43.00/hr on average, in addition to a housing allowance of $9,000 for residents of San Francisco or the bay area.

Every academic year, the organization is presented with millions of new application submissions. Therefore, it goes without saying that getting hired by Google is not a simple task.

But how exactly do you go about applying for a Google freshman internship? There are many different internship programs from which to choose; however, how does the application process work? This page will attempt to guide you through the entire procedure from start to finish. Continue reading if you’re interested in finding out how to land a Google freshman internship.

Internship Programs at Google

What are the internship programs at google? Before we get into the specifics, it would be best if we first provided you with a high-level summary of the internship opportunities available at the industry leader in Silicon Valley.

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There are three primary internship programs offered by Google, and each one caters to a different set of responsibilities. Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at each of these:

STEP Program

At Google, the internship program with the most participants is called the STEP Program. Student Training in Engineering Professions, or STEP for short. This engineering program is a favorite among many college students, which is not surprising given that it is offered by one of the most successful technology corporations in Silicon Valley (and the world).

Students who are in their first or second year of undergraduate school and have an interest in pursuing a career in engineering are the target audience for this educational opportunity.

One of the primary goals of the internship program is to provide chances to college students who come from groups that have traditionally been underrepresented in the industry.

Students are given the opportunity to collaborate on software projects with full-time Google employees and other STEP interns through this program. A STEP intern who does this will be able to better integrate their academic knowledge and their experience in the real world of engineering.

BOLD Program

Individuals majoring in business, marketing, or sales are eligible for the BOLD internship program, whereas students majoring in engineering can participate in the STEP internship program. Build Opportunities for Leadership and Development is what the acronym BOLD stands for.

When a student signs up for BOLD at Google, they are given the opportunity to join teams in a variety of different departments, including Sales, Marketing, and People Operations, amongst others. They have the potential to help with the resolution of the business issues that the IT giant is currently confronting.

The work that BOLD interns are responsible for is extremely important to the success of the organization. In addition to this, the breadth and depth of their responsibilities may differ from case to case.

It’s possible that some interns will find themselves immersed in the day-to-day tasks of full-time Google employees. During the course of the internship program, there is a possibility that certain participants will be responsible for a single extended project.

BOLD students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of educational and professional development programs offered by the company, in addition to the project work that is required of them as part of their internships. In addition, the organization encourages both the professional and personal growth of its interns as well as its full-time employees.

During the academic year, BOLD interns have access to a wide variety of chances to create connections with colleagues across Google, including participation in a variety of team-building activities, leadership presentations, and mentorship programs.

APM Program

The Associate Product Marketing Manager (APM) program is the final curriculum that Google offers. Students will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with real-life product marketing managers at the company to construct the company’s brand narrative.

Students from a variety of academic disciplines, including economics, art history, and English literature, make up the majority of the APMMs in this program.

A strong passion for technology and a willingness to take “moonshots” is required of APM interns, regardless of the educational background from which they come. Students who join Google’s APMM program will become part of a varied community of marketing experts from the next generation.

The care and maintenance of the Google brand fall mostly on the shoulders of the product marketing management team as a cohesive unit. Therefore, APM interns will contribute to the driving of important projects and will develop their marketing skills in the process.

During their time in the internship program, APM interns split their time between two distinct tasks. This could refer to anything from growth marketing to product marketing or branding.

In the end, it is the primary role of an APMM at Google, regardless of whether they are an intern or a full-time employee, to illustrate how Google products truly give meaningful solutions to the problems that exist today.

How to Become a Google Intern?

Having known the different internship programs at Google, it’s natural to wonder how to become a Google intern. Google is regarded as one of the best companies to intern for by a large number of people, including those who are trying to launch a career in technology as well as those who are simply searching for a fantastic firm to work for.

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Internships, Google freshman internship to be specific, are quite desirable and there is a lot of competition for them. Because of this, it will never be sufficient to merely submit a mediocre application with little to no preparation before entering the competition.

The following advice is intended to assist you in preparing yourself as thoroughly as possible so that your application for a Google freshman internship is polished and professional, and so that you are successful in navigating the rigorous application procedure that the firm requires.

Tailor your CV/résumé

To begin the process of tailoring your curriculum vitae or resume, you should first compile a list of all of the academic and professional achievements you have obtained. After that, organize this information into chronological parts on the paper that will be your CV. Be sure to take into account any extra credit work that you have done in the past, such as volunteering, applying for scholarships, or having hobbies that are relevant to the work that will be done at the internship.

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It is well knowledge that Google seeks to employ individuals that have a “Googley” personality, which is defined in the company’s principles as “Just be kind.” Therefore, make it a point to highlight your distinctive hobbies and qualities in your curriculum vitae, and ensure that both your personality and your professional expertise leap off the page.

Form connections

It is an unpleasant but unavoidable reality of life that it is not enough to know how to do a good job; you also need to know people with connections in that field. Finding employment at Google is not an exception to this rule.

If someone who already works there recommends you for an internship position, your application may be moved to the head of the line and given priority consideration.

Therefore, before you submit an application, investigate your connections through family, friends, and the professional network you already have. Perhaps you know someone who works at Google, or perhaps you know someone who knows someone who does, who can provide you with access to the company.

Send your application

You have an impressive CV and have established some relationships. It is now time to submit your application for the internship. You can accomplish this by going to Google’s job board, searching for the internship in which you are interested, and then click the option labeled “Apply.” You’ll need to fill out the application form, upload your resume (in PDF format), and provide your transcript. There is also the possibility that you might apply directly through your university, provided that it is registered with Google.

Prepare for the phone interview

Expect whatever happens to be a comprehensive, multi-stage process that will introduce you to many different senior figures, each of whom will have their own set of questions to ask you during the interview process. Google, like many other large companies, has a variety of interview processes for each role. The first step, which is typically a phone interview, is typical in most cases.

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Clean up your social media

Invest some time and effort into making sure that your internet presence is as polished and “on brand” as it can possibly be. Try typing your name into Google and seeing what comes up. Consider yourself to be a member of the public when viewing your social media profiles and remove or conceal any information or postings that you wouldn’t want other people to see.

This may include images or posts that are embarrassing or otherwise unprofessional, as well as anything else that would cause a recruiter to raise an eyebrow. It is also a good idea to acquire a second view from a buddy who looks over your profiles after you’ve completed them. They might notice something that you missed.

Internship Tips for First-Year College Students

Although it may be more challenging for first-year students to locate a summer internship, it is not impossible for them to discover anything that will contribute to the development of their existing expertise and expertise in a related field. Here are some internship tips for first-year college students. Students will be better prepared to secure a terrific internship after their sophomore year if they do anything important during that year.

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Employers frequently have the misconception that first-year students are applicants with less knowledge and fewer abilities than upperclassmen attending the same college who have been there longer. It goes without saying that first-year student will have less academic preparedness and experience than their upperclassmen like with  Google freshman internship, but employers also discover that these discrepancies may depend more on the unique qualities of candidates than it does on age and class year.

Taking Risks

When you are a freshman in college, you should make it a priority to start taking some chances by taking on the difficulties that are necessary to obtain an internship or a job. The first step that makes sense to take is to contact former teachers and employers, as well as relatives and friends. You might not have a clear idea of the kind of internship you want to pursue if this is your first year of school.

You will gain a better understanding of various vocations as well as the criteria that employers consider most important when employing brilliant new professionals if you participate in informational interviews.

Polishing Up Your Resume and Cover Letter

Working on your resume and cover letter with the assistance of a career counselor at your college will help you produce professional papers that will attract the attention of potential employers. Even though you may be a first-year student and believe that you have nothing to write on a resume, it is possible that after visiting with a counselor you may discover that you have more things that you can put down than you originally imagined.

A resume provides prospective employers with an overview of your abilities as well as a listing of your previous successes by highlighting previous and present experiences. This can include courses taken in high school and college, as well as co-curricular activities, jobs, internships, and community service. Additionally, working as a volunteer for a charitable organization can also count. Your career counselor should be able to offer assistance with your cover letter and CV in order to ensure that your most relevant experiences are highlighted.

Using Social Media As a Tool

The capacity to make effective use of social media platforms is an advantage shared by all students currently enrolled in a college or university. Because many of their senior workers are unfamiliar with social media and do not know how to use it to the company’s advantage, many businesses seek the assistance of students to assist them with their social media marketing campaigns. When looking for a summer job or internship, using social media is a terrific method to get your name out there and be seen by potential employers.

Creating a Blog or Website

Today’s students often maintain their own websites and blogs, which is common. This is a great method to bring attention to your skills and hobbies while also getting your name out there in the world. Blogs are a great method to hone your writing talents while also showcasing those skills to potential employers that may be looking for a college student to fill an internship or entry-level position.

When it comes to some careers, such as photography, journalism, and others, having an online portfolio provides potential employers with a great opportunity to discover more about candidates even before the first interview is scheduled.

Career Exploration

Even though first-year students frequently do not yet have a clear idea of what they want to major in, this year provides them with the opportunity to investigate how various majors link to potential career paths after graduation. When students carry out this research, they have the opportunity to learn about the many internships that other people participate in to gain experience in the industry in which they are interested in working.

In today’s competitive job market, gaining work experience through an internship is not only recommended but required in order to even be considered for employment with certain businesses. Employers will see that you have the drive and initiative necessary to be successful on the job if you participate in events such as community service, volunteer work, or something more practical. This can be demonstrated by the fact that you did these things.

You can also talk to your lecturers and other students about internships to learn about opportunities that they are aware of. It’s possible that your contemporaries can share information on internships that they’ve had personal experience with or that they’ve learned about through one of their personal networks.

The teaching staff frequently interacts with the students and regularly receives feedback from them regarding the positive and negative aspects of any summer internships they may have participated in. Some instructors keep a departmental website updated with information on available internships in the industry, while others just compile a list of opportunities that they discuss with students either in group settings or at one-on-one conferences.

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