Harvard Dining Hall

November 7, 2022
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Harvard Dining Hall

Where Do Students Eat At Harvard?

Harvard College offers a single, unlimited meal plan to be consumed in any Harvard dining hall. This was to make the House the focus of the Harvard community experience and to guarantee that all members of the House can participate in every activity on an equal basis with their peers. Through its extensive residential meal program, HUDS aims to contribute to the development of these relationships within House life. Now, let’s tackle where do students eat at Harvard.

Undergraduate Dining Halls

All first-year students residing on campus have their meals in Annenberg, a dining hall next to Harvard Yard, where all first-year students live. In addition, Annenberg is only open to first-year students (save for breakfast), making it a fantastic opportunity for the new class to get to know one another. Finally, Annenberg is beautiful (imagine the “Great Hall of Hogwarts”) and serves as an excellent introduction to the College.

While there are twelve upper-level houses with their own dining halls, upper-level students are distributed into one of them. Having in-house dining halls is a convenient method to receive food as well as a convenient way to get to know your house community, even while students are free to dine in other dining halls (with some restrictions, such as “Community Night” each Thursday when you can only have dinner in your own house). Although not as opulent as Annenberg, the upper-level Harvard dining halls all have unique designs and are lovely places to eat.

Graduate Dining

Graduate students have access to a variety of campus cafes connected to their professional schools where they can eat. Graduate students can also take advantage of the restricted meal options at GSAS Commons or Cronkhite. Both offer a variety of alternatives including weekday service.

Two students talking while the other one is about to put food in her mouth.

Harvard takes great delight in providing locations on all of Harvard’s campuses to the Harvard community. Every school or institution has a unique café designed to meet the requirements and preferences of the people who live and work there. If you’re on the go, need a quiet place to eat and work, or want to gather a group of friends or coworkers for a meal, you may discover a variety of delectable and interesting options and settings throughout campus. Everyone can find something on campus, so students are encouraged to check out the various restaurants and entertainment options within the area.

All Harvard students, faculty, staff, and their accompanied guests are welcome at all cafes

Hard University Dining Services (HUDS) Cafes


The Barker Cafe offers pastries, sandwiches, salads, and other delicious options from renowned neighborhood bakeries. Additionally, Teatulia teas, Bullfinch Coffee, and other drinks are available. The Arts and Humanities community is welcome to gather at Barker Cafe to discuss projects and artistic endeavors, collaborate, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, and partake in two of life’s greatest pleasures: friendly discussion and performances by artists and performers.

GSAS Commons

GSAS Commons, which is situated on the first floor of Lehman Hall in Harvard Yard, provides lunch and dinner service to the Harvard community, with an emphasis on the graduate and professional school students of GSAS. This is a nice, convenient location for a supper with friends or coworkers thanks to the ample seating.

HDS Commons

The HDS Commons welcomes you to engage with your community while dining in the stunning, brand-new Swartz Hall. It supplies hot and cold breakfast options, made–to–order lunch options, coffee, and grab-and-go options. The coffee shop, which serves pastries, coffee drinks made with expresso, and grab-and-go options, will soon have expanded hours (2:30-6:30pm).


The dining options at the Harvard Kennedy School are as varied as the students and staff that use them. Up until 9:45 am, a variety of hot and cold breakfast options are offered. The lunch hour is from 11:30 am until 2:30 pm. There are light snacks provided between meals. Although there is plenty of space at the HKS Café, you can alternatively have your lunch outside in the adjoining JFK Park for a relaxing respite from the day.


Take in the HLS pub’s rich red and wood-paneled ambiance. This neighborhood hangout serves a variety of beers, wines, and non-alcoholic drinks. The adjacent cafe serves light pub meals until 7:45 pm.


The cafe is in the Laboratory for Integrated Science and Engineering (LISE) building’s brightly lit entrance. With freshly baked pastries to go and your freshly brewed Peet’s coffee or espresso, start your day right here. You can eat grab-and-go sandwiches, salads, or snacks for lunch.


It’s a library with a cafe, so keep quiet. With a variety of Peet’s coffee and espresso-based drinks, as well as a wide selection of light meal or snack alternatives and bottled beverages, the Lamont Library Cafe is boiling up new energy and ideas. With a view of Harvard Yard, you can study in one of the many inviting workspaces. The cafe is maintained and operated by students, and it offers late-night service in addition to off-hours access to the vending machine and self-serve espresso machine.


At the Northwest Café, we provide Peet’s coffee and a selection of breakfast, lunch, and light snack options to keep the neighborhood going. Although there are many seats in the café, you might also like to eat on the grass in front of the Museum of Natural History before or after your visit! Don’t forget to benefit from their discount on reusable cups!

SEC Café

On Level 1, west of the main atrium, in the center of the Science & Engineering Complex, is where you’ll find the SEC Café. SEC is a spacious and inviting area for meeting for a delicious dinner, with both indoor and outdoor seats available.


Stop by Sebastian’s Café to escape the hustle and bustle of the Harvard Longwood campus. We provide a variety of meals, including a hearty lunch and snacks to get you through the afternoon. A variety of hot and cold foods are served for breakfast, including pastries, fresh fruit, yogurt, cereals, eggs, breakfast meats, and more. A 50+ item salad bar, pizza, grilled foods, a daily global bowl, snacks, baked goods, and more are all included in the lunch menu.

How Many Dining Halls Does Harvard Have?

Over meals, people often have remarkable talks, explore ideas, make new acquaintances, and share tales. The Harvard dining hall’s warmth and energy build long-lasting relationship networks and create a cozy sense of family and community.

Teenage girls eating and talking while sitting next to a table.

Harvard College mandates that all undergraduates who live on campus have access to an unrestricted dining package. You can then eat all meals and take part in dining hall activities with your friends from every House. How many dining halls does Harvard have? A total of thirteen dining halls are operated by HUDS. Freshmen students eat in the opulent Annenberg Hall, while upperclassmen eat in the dining halls associated with their respective Houses. All undergraduates can also eat in the kosher dining hall run by Hillel.

What Time Do Dining Halls Open at Harvard?

Harvard University Dining Services (HUDS) offers a fantastic hospitality and eating program that captures the wide range of cultures and experiences that make up the Harvard community.

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If you are interested in how it works at Harvard dining halls, you might ask “What time do dining halls open at Harvard?”

Here is what you may anticipate when you get on campus.


  • Every day from 7:30 am to 10:30 am, have breakfast before or after class (or both). Most homes provide a continental breakfast that includes hot and cold drinks, as well as favorites like oatmeal, cereal, yogurt (both dairy- and non-dairy-based), fruit, and overnight chia or oats.
  • All undergraduates, regardless of where they live, will have access to a full-service breakfast menu at Annenberg and Quincy, which will include eggs, breakfast meats, griddle dishes like pancakes or French toast, baked goods, steel cut oats, fresh fruits, and more.


  • Available every day from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm in all Houses, excluding Annenberg (limited to first-years). Entrees, a build-your-own-sandwich station, soups, chili, a bar of greens and grains, and a daily chef-crafted Delish! Vegetables on the grill are all available for lunch. Lean animal proteins, complete grains, and a strong selection of plant-based foods assist your attempts to enjoy a balanced diet.

Flyby and Bag Meals

  • Are you always on the go? Every class year is welcome to stop by FlyBy on weekdays from 11 am to 2:30 pm for a to-go meal of sandwiches, salads, soups, and snacks; there is no need to place an order in advance.
  • FlyBy is at the lower level of Memorial Hall and the Science & Engineering Complex (SEC).
  • You could also place a packed meal order with Harvard dining hall and pick it up before you depart for the day. Orders for bag lunches must be placed a day in advance.


  • Dinner service is from 5-7:30 pm.
  • Dunster House will continue to provide late meals for student-athletes in training until 8:30 pm.
  • At dinner, our chefs will continue to impress you with dishes like the well-liked Bistro Bowls, create-your-own stations, and meals with a cosmopolitan flair.

Does Harvard Have Good Dining Hall Food?

According to what is in season and freshest, Harvard alters the menu it serves to students. They also make a big effort to purchase locally sourced goods, bringing in most of their vegetables from a fifty-mile radius around Boston.

There is always the option of making your own sandwiches and visiting the salad bar if you’re not feeling the meals one day. If you know you’ll only have a few minutes to dash in and out for lunch, you may also order a simple bag lunch online the night before.

Does Harvard have good dining hall food? People may have different preferences but here are some of the most renowned meals at Harvard dining halls that students miss after a few weeks away from campus.

Tomato Basil Raviolini Soup

Even though a survey of any kind was not conducted, it’s safe to say that everyone adores the famous HUDS soup. It is superior to the standard, basic tomato soup. Before coming to Harvard, you probably didn’t even know what ravioli was. But now you are aware that it’s that incredibly tiny pasta that floats in the popular soup.

Garlic Bread + Chicken/Eggplant Parmesan

It seems that Italian food is where HUDS consistently excels. One of the crowd favorites is the nightly garlic bread, especially when it’s served with the occasional chicken parmesan (or eggplant parmesan for vegetarian students). Students will probably reflect on how much they miss this crispy, cheesy deliciousness before they sleep tonight.


Harvard Sunday brunch is distinctive and merits its own category. The ideal fusion of people’s favorite foods from breakfast and lunch is Sunday brunch, which features everything from Veritaffles to chicken breasts packed with broccoli to bagel sandwiches.

Consider this: What other situation would it be acceptable for eating both salad and cereal at the same meal?

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries. That essentially covers it. The “Freshmen 15” is most likely the only result of indulging in sweet potato fries. The term “freshman 15” refers to the allegedly excessive weight gain experienced by first-year college students. It’s probably not exactly 15 pounds, and it doesn’t simply occur during the first year of college, according to research that examined student weight increase worldwide in Lebanon.

The greatest DHall meal, with the sweet potato fries, will cause you to order a second plate for lunch. One dish is never enough when something as amazing as this is being served.


Dessert is still a great treat even when it doesn’t count as a meal. You may confidently anticipate finding a baked-to-perfection dessert when you enter the dining hall for dinner. When it comes to sweet delicacies, HUDS has got your back whether you’re craving tiramisu, Mississippi Mud squares, or a Sunday Sundae.

It’s the quintessential paradox of being a college student: when you’re away at Harvard, you secretly miss the DHall and vice versa.

How Much Is the Harvard Meal Plan?

How much is the Harvard meal plan? All undergraduates at Harvard University who live on campus are required to purchase an unrestricted meal package, which costs $7,236. You can then eat all meals and take part in Harvard dining hall events with your friends.

Moreover, the undergraduate meal plan includes BoardPlus, which adds flexibility. Students receive $65 in BoardPlus funds each semester, which they can use at any HUDS-run café, the House grille, or for guest meals in the dining halls.

Female students looking out the window while thing about Cornell deadlines

It differs from Crimson Cash as a tender. Crimson Cash is the most secure, quick, and simple way to make purchases, including at a few off-campus shops, on-campus shops and eateries, vending machines, laundry, copying, and printing (see website for list). You may easily Add Value online using our website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You already have a Crimson Cash account if you have a Harvard ID. No registration is necessary.

Those who have a meal plan are allowed to entertain visitors in the Harvard dining hall and charge their meals with cash, Crimson Cash, or BoardPlus.

The following are the guest meal rates for 2022–2023:

  • Breakfast – Houses Daily & Annenberg Sunday $8.64 + 7% MMBT = $9.25
  • Breakfast – Annenberg & Quincy Monday – Saturday $10.28 + 7% MMBT = $11.00
  • Brunch – All Saturday & Sunday $13.79 + 7% MMBT = $14.75
  • Lunch – All Monday – Friday $13.79 + 7% MMBT = $14.75
  • Dinner – All Daily (includes Thanksgiving) $17.06 + 7% MMBT = $18.25

While the Harvard dining hall for freshmen (Annenberg Hall) was modeled after the same Oxford University dining hall (The Hall at Christ Church) that inspired Hogwarts’ Great Hall in the Harry Potter movies, this is not only what Harvard is known for.

For years, Harvard University has stood as a symbol of superior education. Harvard University was established in 1636, making it the nation’s oldest institution of higher learning, giving it a substantial advantage over other universities. The school has expanded and improved throughout the years to represent the highest levels of education available anywhere in the world.

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