How to Find an Ivy League Admissions Consultant

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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How to Find an Ivy League Admissions Consultant

The college admissions process isn’t easy. You have to prepare applications, take a standardized test, write essay responses, request transcripts, get letters of recommendation, prepare for interviews, and much, much more. All of the pressure makes many students wonder if an Ivy League consultant is worth a shot.

It’s completely understandable why so many high schoolers approach this transition period with some angst and uncertainty. These feelings are compounded for those seeking to attend the Ivy League. Throughout this entire process, you’re probably looking for ways to take a little weight off while still increasing your chances of getting accepted. Here, we’re going to take a look at whether or not an Ivy League admissions advisor is worth the investment and how much these experts can actually boost your odds of getting into the Ivies.

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Is hiring an Ivy League admissions consultant worth the investment?

The cost of a college education has been rising over the past few decades with no end in sight. When you throw in the premium costs of an Ivy League education, it’s no surprise that many students and parents are hesitant about investing any more money than absolutely necessary for the college admissions process.

This leads us to a common discussion amongst applicants: is hiring a college admissions expert worth it? These professionals offer personalized services to help students increase their chance of getting into the college of their choice.

Instead of seeing entrance experts as another expense, it’s more accurately viewed as an investment in an Ivy League education and degree. Parents and students who have already made the financial decision to pursue admission into one of the Ivies have already decided that the investment is worthwhile.

Since admissions experts will only increase a student’s opportunities of achieving an Ivy League degree, it’s quite evident that these professionals are worth it. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the statistics.

Graduates of Ivy League schools enjoy an impressive average salary of $80,000. Generally, this income doubles to $160,000 when these professionals reach the halfway point in their careers. Considering that the average starting salary of college graduates overall is closer to $50,000, it’s clear why an Ivy League education is a smart investment. It quite literally translates into more money in the future.

However, before you can reap the benefits of world-class education, you have to first get accepted. And that’s where admissions specialists come into play. Of course, that leads to another important question most parents might be wondering? Just how effective are entrance experts with helping my son or daughter get into the Ivies. After all, it wouldn’t be worth an investment if it really didn’t make a big difference.

At AdmissionSight, we’ve spent the past decade helping students drastically improve their odds of getting into Ivy League schools. We have a proven track record of success, something that ensures our clients that the services we provide are comprehensive, results-driven, and effective. Just how effective though?

Well, 98% of the students we work with end up getting accepted into one of the Top 30 schools in the entire country. What’s even more impressive is that 75% of our students get admitted into Ivy League or Top 10 universities.

When we compare this with the acceptance rate of the Ivies which hovers around 4% to 9%, it’s clear that AdmissionSight provides students with an unrivaled opportunity to increase their chances of getting admitted to the school of their choice. In fact, our services can effectively 10x an applicant’s odds of receiving that coveted acceptance letter from one of the Ivies.

As we’ve clearly demonstrated, a college admissions expert is certainly worth it! These impressive stats are tough to argue with. The bottom line is that an entrance expert can help students get into the Ivies. From there, the education of a world-class university will yield plenty of returns. AdmissionSight is your ticket to getting your foot in the door behind which are all of those opportunities you want.

How to find an awesome Ivy League admissions consultant

1. Make sure they specialize in high-level universities.

Not all college entrance experts are the same. In order to find one that can effectively help you get into the Ivy League, you’ll need to identify an admissions professional specializing in world-class universities. Unfortunately, many students end up relying on a generic service that’s not specifically designed for high-end schools. This leads to unsuccessful applications and a waste of valuable time and money for students.

To truly increase your chances of getting into the Ivies, you’ll need to find a provider that focuses solely on this area. That way, you can rest assured that every service offered is optimized for the admissions processes of these high-level schools. Here at AdmissionSight, we’re 100% focused on helping students land a spot in Ivy League schools. In fact, 75% of our students end up getting accepted into the Ivies or a Top 10 university.

2. Find an admissions consultant that offers personalized services.

We often say that the most unique part of your application is you. It might sound trivial, but this is exactly what admissions counselors are searching for when sifting through thousands of applicants.

They want to see personality, uniqueness, and anything that makes you stand out from the crowd. Stellar grades, excellent test scores, and other academic-related material will certainly increase your chances of getting admitted to the Ivies. The real impact comes from being able to position yourself as a valuable candidate that has something to offer the university and its community at large.

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The most effective way to ensure your application is an accurate representation of you, your personal strengths, and your academic goals, you’ll want to work with an admission officer that provides personalized services.

Relying on providers with cookie-cutter services and one-size-fits-all approaches won’t get you too far. Admissions officers at Ivy League schools can sniff out generic applications from a mile away. You’ll want to work with an entrance expert who will take the time to understand you, your interest, and aims in order to custom-tailor effective solutions.

3. Work with a comprehensive provider.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a top-tier student with near-perfect test scores and a pristine GPA or an average student trying your hardest to earn a spot in the Ivy League, any valuable admissions officer should be able to help.

Despite what you might hear from fellow students, online forums, or through the grapevine, there isn’t a single factor that can automatically secure you a spot in the Ivy League. Admissions officers take a wide variety of factors into account including your high school curriculum, your GPA, any extracurriculars you’ve taken, your application, your essay prompt responses, letters of recommendation from teachers, and much, much more.

In order to ensure your application remains at the top of the pile, you’ll need to perform well in all of these areas. That’s why it’s imperative to find a college entrance expert that offers a wide variety of services. For example, at AdmissionSight, we offer students everything from academic and extracurricular planning to summer program selection and interview preparation.

By receiving help on all portions of your application, you greatly increase your chances of securing a spot in the Ivy League. Working with a comprehensive provider reduces the chances of having one of these factors fall by the wayside.

4. Seek out highly experienced admissions experts.

Anyone can claim to be an “expert” or “professional”, but there are only a handful of worthwhile providers of admissions solutions. To make sure you’re dealing with a bonafide specialist, you’ll want to ensure they’re highly experienced.

After all, the college admissions process is complicated and challenging, especially for Ivy League schools. Unfortunately, many students and parents simply assume that all entrance experts offer the same value. This lack of due diligence often leads to less-than-ideal results and a biased view of these valuable service providers.

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When searching for an admissions expert to help you reach your goal of attending the Ivy League, keep an eye out for years of experience. You should be able to find this information on the “About” pages of their websites. If you’re not having any luck, don’t be afraid to simply ask.

At AdmissionSight, we have over a decade of experience helping countless students get into the school of their choice. We know the admissions processes of Ivy League schools forwards and backward, ensuring our services are up to date, effective, and accurate. You don’t want to end up risking your time, energy, or funds on an inexperienced provider.

5. The best specialists have impressive results.

Experience is important when searching for a reliable Ivy League admissions expert, but it’s not enough. Technically, a sub-par entrance “expert” could still have a lot of experience offering poor services. In order for an admissions specialist’s experience to really mean something, there has to be some success to back it up.

Think about it. You’re seeking out an expert to help you achieve a very specific goal: increase your chances of getting into the Ivy League. Doesn’t it make sense to narrow down your search by limiting your options to providers that actually have a proven track record of success? It does!

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As with experience, the most trustworthy admissions experts will publish their success rates online for people to see. If you can’t find this information, you shouldn’t hold back from requesting it. Again, any specialist worth working with will provide this information. For example, AdmissionSight proudly publishes its success rate on our website.

As mentioned before, 75% of our students either get accepted to an Ivy League school or Top 10 university. In addition to proving an admissions expert’s value, seeing these results also provides you with an accurate measure of what you can expect.

6. Don’t underestimate the importance of transparency.

Would you take your car to a mechanic who seems reluctant to talk about their services? Or would you trust your valuable devices to get fixed by a self-proclaimed specialist who’s not forthcoming? Of course, you wouldn’t! Why should it be any different from your college education?

Not only is this one of the most important transitions in your life, but you’re also shooting for the Ivy League. This makes the stakes even higher. Instead of increasing your anxiety levels, this should simply reinforce the importance of finding a reliable and trustworthy admissions expert.

Openness and transparency will be your best friends when determining which specialists are worth using and which aren’t. With millions of high schoolers from across the country and world eagerly preparing to attend college, there are a wide variety of below-average entrance “experts” that try to capitalize on the opportunity.

Parents and students should both keep an eye out to make sure they end up working with an above-board and honest provider for college consultation. That’s why it’s important to speak directly with the specialist before making any final decisions. At AdmissionSight, we provide all clients with a free college consultation to answer any questions.

7. Find one with personal experience in the Ivies.

No matter how long you’ve known that you wanted to attend the ivy league, there’s no doubt that you still have a laundry list of questions that you’re eager to get answered. How hard is it really to get into the Ivy Leagues? What specific steps can you take to improve your odds of getting in? What things are admissions officers looking for from applicants?

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To make sure you work with the best admissions specialist you can, it’s vital to find one that has first-hand knowledge and experience in applying to and attending the Ivies. In other words, working alongside an admissions expert who has successfully tackled the Ivy League application process and graduated from one of these universities ensures that they truly know what it takes to succeed.

This is yet another way that Admission Sight stands out as one of the leading admissions experts. Admissions Sight was actually founded by a graduate of Princeton University. Because of this first-hand experience, you can rest assured that the information, strategies, and tips that you receive actually work.

We have a deep understanding of what ivy league admissions officers are looking for from applicants. While other so-called “experts” might claim to know how to help you increase your chances of getting into the Ivies, we have the proof.

8. Look for a free consultation.

Applying to college is one of the most important transition periods of your life. As a result, you want to make sure you’re working with a truly effective college admissions expert. In addition, you want to ensure that this particular expert is a good match for you.

Just because this specialist looks good on paper, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll enjoy working with him. There’s nothing worse than paying for a service only to realize it’s not what you were expecting or hoping for.

One of the best ways to get a feel for what it will be like to work with an expert is to take advantage of free consultations. Any specialist worth his or her salt will offer an initial meeting free of charge. This college consultation is typically used for both parties to get to know each other a little better. You should be a little wary of specialists that charge you before even agreeing to a meeting.

Work with a highly successful admission expert you can trust

Preparing for college is challenging enough. Applying to an Ivy League school is even more daunting. Throw in the task of having to find a reliable admission specialist, and you’ve got a recipe for stress and anxiety. Fortunately, your search is finally over!

AdmissionSight is the foremost provider of college admissions services for students seeking to get into the Ivy League. For over a decade, we’ve assisted students throughout each step of the planning and application process to drastically increase their chances of getting into the school of their choice.

We have in-depth knowledge of what admissions officers at these prestigious schools are looking for in applicants. Our services are specifically designed to help students stick out among the crowd of applicants.

Whether you need a hand perfecting your college essays, choosing the best high school courses, finding an enjoyable extracurricular, preparing for the college interview, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. With four-thirds of our students getting accepted into the Ivy League or a Top 10 university, you can rest assured that our services work flawlessly.

If you’re interested in learning more about what AdmissionSight offers, feel free to contact us. We’ll set up a free consultation to discuss how we can help.


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