Ideally Majors for Students with Enneagram Type 7

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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Ideally Majors for Students with Enneagram Type 7

Enneagram Type 7 is known as the Enthusiast. The type is characterized by being adventurous, fun-loving, and optimistic. They strongly desire new experiences and tend to be very curious and imaginative.

As such, when choosing a major, Enneagram Type 7 students often look for fields that allow them to explore their creativity, satisfy their need for variety, and offer opportunities for constant learning and growth.

Considering their traits and interests, this article will explore some ideal majors for Enneagram Type 7 students.

How can you spot a Student who is Enneagram Type 7?

What are some telltale signs that a student is an Enneagram Type 7? If you are a teacher, advisor, or mentor, it can be helpful to know how to spot a student who is Enneagram Type 7. Here are some signs to look for:

They are always on the go.

Enneagram Type 7 students are always on the move. They may be involved in multiple clubs, sports, or activities and thrive on the excitement and energy of new experiences. They may struggle with boredom or monotony and are always looking for the next adventure or opportunity to explore.

They have a wide variety of interests.

Type 7 students tend to have a wide range of interests and hobbies. They may be interested in music, art, sports, travel and are often eager to learn about new things. They may have difficulty choosing just one area of study or focus, as they are fascinated by many different things.

They are optimistic and enthusiastic.

Enneagram Type 7 students are generally optimistic and upbeat. They may be the ones who always have a smile on their face and who are eager to share their enthusiasm with others. Positive experiences energize them and tend to avoid negativity or conflict.

They are creative and imaginative.

Enneagram Type 7 students are often very creative and imaginative. They may enjoy writing, art, music, or other forms of creative expression, and they usually have a unique and innovative approach to problem-solving. They may be very resourceful and able to develop new ideas quickly.

Why is it Important to Align Your Major with Your Personality Type?

Understanding oneself is the first step towards making informed decisions about one’s future, and this is particularly true when it comes to choosing a college major. For students, especially those identifying as Enneagram Type 7, aligning your major with your personality type is crucial.

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This alignment doesn’t just make your academic journey more enjoyable, but it also sets the stage for future career success. Enneagram Type 7 individuals are known for their enthusiasm, curiosity, and zest for life.

They thrive in environments that offer variety, stimulation, and the opportunity to satisfy their insatiable appetite for new experiences. Therefore, when they choose a major that resonates with these inherent traits, they are more likely to stay engaged, perform better academically, and ultimately find fulfillment in their chosen field.

The link between personality types and academic success

The connection between personality types, such as Enneagram Type 7, and academic success is well-documented. Personality traits can significantly influence how we learn, handle stress, and interact with others – all critical factors in academic performance.

For instance, Type 7 individuals are experiential learners who prefer hands-on, interactive learning experiences over rote memorization. They are also highly adaptable, which helps them navigate the ever-changing academic landscape with ease.

The impact of personality compatibility on career satisfaction

Career satisfaction is not just about landing a high-paying job or climbing the corporate ladder. It’s about finding work that aligns with your values, interests, and personality traits. For Enneagram Type 7 individuals, this means finding a career that offers variety, creativity, and the opportunity to connect with others.

When Type 7 individuals choose a career that caters to these needs, they are more likely to feel satisfied and fulfilled. They are less likely to experience burnout or job dissatisfaction because they do what they naturally love and excel at.

Moreover, their enthusiasm and zest for life can be infectious, creating a positive work environment that benefits not just themselves but also their colleagues and the organization.

Real-life examples of successful alignment between personality and career

There are countless real-life examples of successful alignment between character and employment, particularly among those identifying as Enneagram Type 7.

Consider the case of a successful event planner who thrives in her role due to her Type 7 traits of adaptability, enthusiasm, and love for social interaction. Her job allows her to tap into her creativity, meet new people, and experience new things – all of which are hallmarks of a Type 7 personality.

Similarly, a successful entrepreneur who identifies as a Type 7 has leveraged his love for new experiences and ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances to build a thriving business.

These examples underscore the importance of aligning one’s personality with one’s career, leading to success, personal fulfillment, and satisfaction.

What are the Key Considerations for Type 7 Students When Choosing a Major?

When choosing a major, students identifying as Enneagram Type 7 should consider several key factors aligning with their unique personality traits. These considerations are not just about what subjects they find interesting but also about how these subjects can cater to their inherent needs and desires.

Type 7 individuals are known for their enthusiasm, curiosity, and love for variety. They are also highly social, creative, and experiential learners.

Therefore, they should choose a major that allows them to tap into these traits, offering them a stimulating and engaging academic journey that prepares them for a fulfilling career.

The need for variety and excitement

Enneagram Type 7 individuals are called “Enthusiasts” because of their insatiable appetite for new experiences and adventures. They thrive in environments that offer variety and excitement, which also applies to their academic pursuits.

A major that offers diverse subjects, opportunities for exploration, and the chance to learn about different cultures, ideas, and perspectives would be highly appealing to Type 7 students. They are less likely to feel bored or disengaged when their academic journey is filled with many learning experiences.

Therefore, majors that offer a broad curriculum, such as Liberal Arts, International Studies, or Interdisciplinary Studies, could be ideal for Type 7 students.

The desire for creative and experiential learning

Creativity and experiential learning are at the heart of the Enneagram Type 7 personality. Type 7 individuals are not just content with learning facts and theories; they want to experience them firsthand.

They prefer hands-on learning experiences that allow them to tap into their creativity and see concepts come to life. Majors that offer opportunities for creative expression, practical application, and real-world experiences would be highly appealing to Type 7 students.

Fields such as Art, Design, Drama, Music, or Entrepreneurship, which encourage creative thinking and experiential learning, could be excellent choices for Type 7 individuals.

The importance of social interaction and networking

When choosing a major, social interaction and networking are crucial considerations for Enneagram Type 7 students. Type 7 individuals are highly social and thrive on building connections with others.

They enjoy collaborative learning environments where they can exchange ideas, learn from their peers, and build lasting relationships. Majors that offer opportunities for group projects, presentations, and networking events would be highly beneficial for Type 7 students. Fields such as Business, Communications, or Social Sciences, which emphasize interpersonal skills and offer plenty of networking opportunities, could be ideal for Type 7 individuals.

What are the ideal majors for Students with Enneagram Type 7?

Which academic disciplines are most suited for students with the Enneagram type 7? Enneagram Type 7 students may be drawn to a wide variety of majors.


Journalism is a great major for Enneagram Type 7 students because it allows them to experience new things and explore their curiosity. They can work as reporters, writers, or editors, covering various topics and stories, from breaking news to feature stories.

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Journalism also provides opportunities for travel and exploration, which is perfect for students who crave adventure and variety.

Event Planning

Event planning is an excellent major for Enneagram Type 7 students because it allows them to combine their creativity and organizational skills.

They can plan and organize various events, from weddings to corporate conferences, and use their outgoing and energetic personality to ensure everything runs smoothly.

With the development of new technology and trends in the industry, this major also provides chances for ongoing learning and development.

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and tourism is a perfect major for Enneagram Type 7 students who love to travel and explore new places. This major offers opportunities to work in hotels, resorts, cruise ships, and other tourism-related businesses.

Students can also pursue careers in event planning or food and beverage management, using their organizational skills and outgoing personality to provide excellent customer service.


Marketing is an ideal major for Enneagram Type 7 students because it allows them to use their creativity and imagination to develop effective marketing strategies.

They can work in advertising, public relations, or brand management, using their enthusiastic and engaging personality to connect with consumers and create campaigns that resonate with them.

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As new technologies and platforms arise, this major provides continuous learning and improvement opportunities.


Entrepreneurship is an excellent major for Enneagram Type 7, highly creative and imaginative students. They can use their outgoing and enthusiastic personality to create their businesses, develop new products or services, and bring their ideas to life.

This major also gives you chances to learn and grow constantly, which is essential for entrepreneurs who need to know about their field’s latest trends and technologies.

Film and Media Studies

Film and media studies is an ideal major for Enneagram Type 7, highly creative and imaginative students. They can explore their passion for film and media, studying film and television’s history, theory, and production. This major also offers opportunities to develop practical film and media production skills, such as screenwriting, directing, or editing.

It is an excellent field for those who love storytelling and communicating ideas through visual mediums.

Performing Arts

Performing arts is an excellent major for Enneagram Type 7 highly creative students who enjoy entertaining. They can pursue theater, dance, or music careers, using their outgoing and engaging personality to connect with audiences and bring characters and stories to life.

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This concentration also provides continuous learning and development possibilities, essential for performers since they must remain current with their profession’s most recent methods and fashions.

What should be the study habits of Students with Enneagram Type 7?

How should students who are Enneagram Type 7 approach their academic work? Here are some tips for Enneagram Type 7 students to develop effective study habits:

Create a structured schedule

One of the challenges that Enneagram Type 7 students face is a tendency to become distracted or bored when focusing on a single task for too long. Therefore, creating a structured schedule that allows for plenty of variety and movement is essential.

Creating a schedule that includes time for different activities, such as studying, exercise, hobbies, and socializing, can help keep Type 7 students engaged and motivated throughout the day.

Focus on the big picture

Enneagram Type 7 students are often motivated by exciting goals and big-picture visions. Therefore, focusing on the big picture when setting academic goals can be helpful.

Instead of focusing on individual assignments or tasks, think about how each job contributes to the overall goal of achieving academic success.

Set achievable goals

While big-picture goals can be motivating, it is crucial to set achievable goals that are manageable and realistic. Enneagram Type 7 students may struggle with follow-through or become overwhelmed when faced with much work.

Therefore, breaking down larger goals into smaller, achievable tasks can help make studying more manageable and less overwhelming.

Incorporate movement

Enneagram Type 7 students are energized by movement and variety. Therefore, incorporating exercise into study habits can help keep them engaged and focused.

This could include taking regular breaks to stretch, walking while listening to a lecture, or incorporating physical activity into study breaks.

Use creativity

Enneagram Type 7 students are often very creative and imaginative. Therefore, using innovative methods to study can help keep them engaged and motivated. This could include creating visual aids, using creative writing exercises to learn, or incorporating art into note-taking.

What are the Long-Term Career Prospects for Type 7 Majors?

The long-term career prospects for Enneagram Type 7 majors are as diverse and exciting as the individuals themselves. Given their inherent enthusiasm, adaptability, and love for variety, Type 7 individuals can thrive in various careers and industries.

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The key is to find a career that aligns with their academic major and caters to their personality traits. This alignment can lead to career success, personal fulfillment, and satisfaction.

Overview of potential career paths and industries

Enneagram Type 7 individuals, with their zest for life and insatiable curiosity, can succeed in various career paths and industries. Their love for variety and new experiences can make them excellent entrepreneurs, travel writers, event planners, or marketing professionals.

Their creativity and experiential learning style can make them thrive in arts, design, music, or drama. Their social nature and networking skills can make them successful in business, communications, public relations, or social work.

Insights on career satisfaction and growth opportunities

Career satisfaction and growth opportunities for Enneagram Type 7 individuals are closely tied to their ability to tap into their inherent traits. They are likelier to feel satisfied and fulfilled in a career that offers variety, creativity, and social interaction.

Moreover, their natural enthusiasm and zest for life can lead to high motivation and engagement, translating into career growth and advancement. However, it’s also essential for Type 7 individuals to be mindful of their potential challenges, such as becoming easily bored or avoiding negative emotions.

They can achieve career success and maintain a healthy work-life balance by developing strategies to manage these challenges.

Ultimately, the key to career satisfaction and growth for Type 7 individuals lies in finding a career that allows them to be authentic, offering them the variety, creativity, and social interaction they crave.

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