Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy 

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy

Imagine a place where music transcends language and culture, bringing together the brightest talents from around the globe. This is the essence of the Interharmony International Music Festival, a gathering that has graced various European and American cities for over 17 summers.

Are you ready to elevate your musical talents and immerse yourself in the heart of classical music? With a mission to infuse the excitement of European music festivals into its concerts, the Interharmony Music Festival offers world premieres and unique works performed by incredible artists​​.

What is the Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy?

Capture the essence of classical music this summer at the InterHarmony International Music Festival! With Session I spanning from July 2 – 14, 2024, and Session II from July 16 – 28, 2024, the festival beckons you to the idyllic Italian town of Acqui Terme, nestled in the lush Piedmont region. Here, under the guidance of their globally celebrated Artist Faculty, immerse yourself in intensive two-week sessions focusing on strings, piano, woodwinds, brass, or vocals.

The piano and string mentors, seasoned in the esteemed Russian tradition, are ready to pass on their wealth of knowledge. Meanwhile, woodwind, brass, and percussion enthusiasts will find unparalleled chamber music experiences and prominent orchestral parts awaiting them. Vocalists, whether your passion lies in the delicate nuances of art songs or the grandeur of opera, there’s a special niche for you.

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Beyond honing your technique, this festival is a crucible for artistic growth, networking, and immersive masterclasses. Engage in thought-provoking musical seminars, collaborate in chamber music settings, and take center stage in concerts.

And let’s not forget the chance to rub shoulders with classical music luminaries through our Outstanding Guest Artist Series, which has previously shone the spotlight on virtuosos like Guy Braunstein, Nikolaj Znaider, and Alfred Brendel!

This is your crescendo moment – where your musical journey takes a leap into greatness!

Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy Programs

The Strings Program: A Melodic Deep Dive into Mastery and Camaraderie

Dive into the profound depths of the Strings Program — a thorough, rigorous, and one-of-a-kind musical adventure. Picture yourself fully immersed in an environment dedicated to the fine-tuning of your artistry and technique. Here, you’ll receive mentorship from a faculty of world-class artists, while also creating connections with fellow music enthusiasts from every corner of the planet.

Crafted with the rigorous techniques of the Russian school, the Strings program is tailored to catapult your musical prowess to new heights. Amidst the inspiring beauty and the rich cultural tapestry that envelops you, every chord you play not only hones your skill but also enriches your artistic soul.

Cooper International Piano & Violin Competition

Woodwinds, Brass, & Percussion Program

Step into the expansive world of the Woodwinds, Brass, & Percussion Program — a comprehensive and demanding journey set within an all-encompassing musical sphere. This program is meticulously designed to sharpen both your artistic flair and technical skills under the tutelage of globally acclaimed artists.

This program is particularly special for its ability to propel students into advanced levels of performance. It offers a unique chance to delve into a repertoire rarely encountered in regular study. Participants might find themselves in exclusive woodwind ensembles or brass-only groups, as well as in assorted chamber music assemblies.

Imagine interpreting the intricate layers of Saint-Saëns’ Septet, Op.65, or the dynamic interplay of Beethoven’s trios for flute, bassoon, and piano. There’s the chance to weave through the narrative of Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time, or to bring to life the nuanced Mozart oboe quartets. Not to mention the opportunity to navigate the complex harmonies of Eliot Carter’s Canonic Suite for four clarinets.

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Piano Program — an exceptional, focused, and in-depth exploration of piano mastery. Envision yourself in a setting fully devoted to the advancement of your musical expression and technical prowess, guided by an assembly of esteemed Artist Faculty with international acclaim.

Infused with the esteemed methodologies of the Russian school, this program is crafted to elevate your performance level with each session. It’s an educational symphony designed to transition students into higher echelons of pianistic artistry.

Voice Program

The Voice Program presents an intensive and unparalleled experience, set in an all-encompassing musical ambiance designed for vocalists to concentrate fully on their artistic and technical prowess. Under the mentorship of a world-renowned Artist Faculty, you’ll join voices with fellow singers from across the globe. Specializing in opera or the nuanced bel canto style, you’ll delve into mixed chamber groups and art songs that are rarities in typical study settings.

Past repertoires have been as varied as they are prestigious, featuring works like Barber’s “Dover Beach” for baritone and string quartet, Corigliano’s “Three Irish Folksongs” for soprano and flute, and Handel’s grandiose arias, complete with instrumental accompaniment. Imagine studying and performing arias, duets, or trios alongside a string quartet, pushing the boundaries of your vocal potential.

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Concerts and Connections: The nights come alive with frequent concerts, offering you the stage to showcase your talent and to witness the virtuosity of artist faculty and peers alike.

Post-Concert Meet and Greets: Following the applause, seize the opportunity for post-concert meet-and-greets. These gatherings offer a unique platform for Artist Faculty and audience members to engage with you, discuss your performance, and delve into the historical context and the composer’s insights of the pieces you’ve brought to life. Be ready to converse, connect, and captivate!


At the heart of the InterHarmony International Music Festival lies the Composition Program, dedicated to the in-depth exploration of music creation. Each aspiring composer will be privy to two private lessons weekly, complemented by a 45-minute seminar four times a week, where you’ll join forces with your peers under the composition department’s umbrella.

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The seminars’ curriculum is as dynamic as the participants themselves, tailored to the group’s collective profile. You’ll be immersed in a range of topics, from the pulse of contemporary music to the distinctive styles and techniques that shaped the 20th century. Interactive sessions will include masterclass-style presentations, live readings of student compositions, and deep dives into effective rehearsal strategies, especially honing the art of performer collaboration.

In these sessions, your time will be wisely allocated between composing and honing your primary instrument, following a schedule crafted in harmony with your instructor’s guidance. This program isn’t just about creating music; it’s about defining the sonic landscapes of tomorrow.

Why should you go to the Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy?

Attending the Interharmony Festival is an avenue to improve your musical skills. Aside from that, it’s about growth, artistry, and making friends from all over the world. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Acqui Terme, Piedmont, Italy, the festival provides a unique experience, allowing you to study with internationally renowned faculty, participate in masterclasses, and perform in concerts​​.

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Discover Italy’s Wonders: Excursions at InterHarmony

Immerse yourself in the historic allure of Acqui Terme and venture beyond to the picturesque Italian Riviera and the chic city of Turin. The excursions include:

Italian Riviera’s Coastal Charms

Embark on a journey along the Italian Riviera, from the bustling port of Savona with its medieval heart, to the quaint coastal village of Noli. Explore Finale Ligure’s stunning beaches against a backdrop of cliffs, and step back in time at the enchanting Final Borgo, enveloped by well-preserved Medieval walls.

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Turin’s Elegant Majesty

Experience Turin, where the grandeur of Parisian boulevards and Viennese cafes blend seamlessly with the city’s unique character. Proud of its regal history, world-class Egyptian Museum, and the delightful Piazza Castello, Turin is a city that celebrates its rich past alongside its modern triumphs in sports cars and chocolate.

After the festival, consider visiting the nearby city of Genova or other splendid sites in the Piedmont region, renowned for its Roman spas, exquisite grappa, and French-inspired cuisine. Whether you’re drawn to historical exploration or culinary delights, the region promises an enriching extension to your musical journey.

How do you get into the Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy?

Gaining entry to this festival is a matter of talent and preparation. Here’s everything you need to get into the best music-filled summer with Interharmony International Music Festival:

  • Submission of a Fully Filled Application Form.
  • Provision of an Audition Recording or attendance of a Live Virtual Audition.
  • Payment of a mandatory non-refundable application fee.
  • Please note that your application will only be processed once the application fee has been received.

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General Information for Students

As you consider joining the Interharmony International Music Festival, please be aware of the following important guidelines:

  • You are in charge of arranging your travel to the festival.
  • The festival does not provide personal medical insurance or take responsibility for medical costs, nor does it oversee the care of attendees.
  • For those under 18, it’s advisable to have a parent or guardian present. Details on this can be found under the Tuition and Fees section, and necessary information can be submitted via the Guest Form.
  • Participants who are 14 years old or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • In the event that an assigned teacher is not available, the festival has the authority to assign another qualified instructor.
  • Placement in the orchestra is not guaranteed for all instrumental students. Once accepted, you will receive a Welcome Handbook with comprehensive details on music pieces, study materials, and travel particulars as the festival dates approach.

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How to apply to the Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy?

The process is quite simple. To apply for Session 1 or Session 2, you’ll need to complete an application form, provide an audition recording, schedule a live virtual audition, and pay a non-refundable application fee. This process is your first step towards securing a spot in this marvelous event​​.

How hard is it to get into the Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy?

Due to limited slots, unfortunately, not all applicants are accepted. Admission is based on your audition and the festival’s capacity, so make sure your application showcases your best abilities​​ ans register early.

Tuition Costs for Session I and II in Italy

Double or Triple Room Tuition

The journey to the Interharmony International Music Festival’s immersive sessions in Italy comes with an inclusive tuition of $3527 for a double or triple room setting. An early bird offer awaits—complete your payment by March 1st, 2024, and enjoy a 10% discount on your tuition.

Your tuition covers comprehensive musical training, including weekly lessons and chamber coachings, enriching lectures, seminars, and master classes, as well as participation in orchestra or opera projects. Not just that, your stay is made comfortable with room and board, three meals a day, and culturally enriching excursions, all complemented by a complimentary shuttle from Milan Malpensa Airport to Acqui Terme. Remember, the initial application and deposit fees are part of your tuition, barring the USD 60 late application fee of February 1, 2024. So, strike the right chord with your finances and gear up for an unforgettable musical saga!

Big Band saxophone section. A candid view along the saxophone section of a big band in concert.

Single Room Tuition

Soloists, take note! For those preferring a single room, the tuition for the Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy stands at $4027. Seize the early offer: pay by March 1st, 2024, and you’re in for a harmonious 10% tuition discount.

Your tuition encompasses a full suite of educational experiences: bi-weekly lessons, chamber coaching, and a rich array of lectures, seminars, and master classes, along with your own private quarters, meals thrice daily, captivating excursions, and seamless airport transfers.

When is the deadline to apply to the Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy?

Attention, future maestros! Here’s what you need to know about the application process for the Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy:

  • A payment of USD 100 as a non-refundable application fee is required by February 1st, 2024. Should your application be sent after this date, an additional late fee of USD 60 applies.
  • After February 1st, 2024, admissions to the festival is subject to the availability of slots.
  • Immediately grab your spot! A USD 300 deposit must be made within two weeks of your acceptance notification.
  • The balance of the festival fees should be paid no later than March 20th, 2024.
  • Remember, any tardy payments should be processed online to expedite your confirmation.

Make sure to mark these dates and details as you prepare to take the stage at one of the most awaited music festivals!

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Audition Options And Guidelines

Aspiring participants, take note of the ways you can submit your audtion materials for the Interharmony International Music Festival:


Showcase your range with two diverse pieces or movements. Vocalists, let your voices be heard with two distinct songs or arias.

  • Keep performances must be no longer than 30 minutes.
  • You can submit your audition via video or audio in any digital format, even email.
  • Ensure the recording is on the instrument(s) you’re applying for. Feel free to apply for multiple instruments in one form – dual expertise is a festival norm.

Composer’s Corner (Composition Program applicants only):

Send two of your best scores that demonstrate your compositional prowess as PDFs attached to your application. While recordings aren’t required, they’re certainly welcome.

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Live Virtual Auditions

  • Engage directly with our faculty and administration through a Live Virtual Audition.
  • Prepare two contrasting works in advance, whether it be movements or entire pieces.
  • The live audition will mirror the recording limit: a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Be ready to perform on the scheduled audition dates, and they will align with your time zone. For those drawn to the live experience, get your application and fee in by January 9, 2024, to secure your virtual audition slot.

Audition Dates to Remember

  • January 12, 2024: For Woodwinds and Brass.
  • January 13, 2024: For String maestros and Vocal talents.
  • January 14, 2024: For the Piano prodigies.

Remember, the stage is set for you either through your recordings or a live session. Choose your path and prepare to impress!

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When do I find out about my application to the Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy?

After submitting your application and meeting all requirements, you’ll receive notice of acceptance or rejection. If accepted, a deposit is due within two weeks to reserve your place, with the remaining fees due by March 20, 2024​​.

Where is the Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy?

The festival is set in Acqui Terme, a stunning location in the Piedmont region of Italy, known for its hot springs and picturesque landscapes​​. Here, the air is alive with melodies as pianos resonate throughout, from the historic concert halls like Chiesa dell’Addolorata and Chiesa Santo Spirito to the stately Paleologi Castle and even amidst the buzz of local schools.

This region, renowned for its delectable French-infused Italian fare and internationally acclaimed red wines, promises a feast for the senses. Festival-goers will find their retreat in the welcoming embrace of Hotel Meridiana, Hotel Ariston, and Hotel Rondó.

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But the experience extends beyond the notes and the nourishment. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Italian Riviera, from the coastal allure of Savona to the charm of Finale Ligure and the urban sophistication of Turin on our specially curated excursions.

When does the Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy take place?

The festival runs in two sessions, with the first from July 2-14 and the second from July 16-28, 2024​​.

How long is the Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy?

Each session of the festival spans two weeks, packed with intensive learning, performance opportunities, and cultural experiences​​.

The Interharmony International Music Festival in Italy is a cultural symphony, a vibrant tapestry of learning, performance, and international camaraderie. This music festival offers an unparalleled opportunity for musical growth for musicians like you who is eager to learn and travel.

Whether through the intensive masterclasses, the diverse concert experiences, or the rich historical excursions, all of you will leave with not just improved technical skills but with a soul imbued with the essence of classical music.

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Take this chance to elevate your musical journey amidst the historic splendor of Italy. The Interharmony International Music Festival is an experience that promises to resonate within you long after the final note has been played.

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