List of Good Colleges for Interior Design

January 24, 2023
By AdmissionSight

List of Good Colleges for Interior Design

What colleges are good for interior design?

What colleges are good for interior design? Is there a list of good colleges for interior design? Finding an authorized college or university may seem like a difficult endeavor, but this list of programs and institutions will help you focus your search, or at the very least get you started.

It is important to note that the list provided by AdmissionSight below is not an exhaustive list and that there may be other colleges that are also well-suited to your needs and interests. It is also recommended to do research, visit the campus, speak to current students and alumni, and review the curriculum to find the best fit for you.

Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

three interior design students working on a project; comparing paint swatches

In the interior design curriculum at Drexel, art and art history are studied alongside interior design. Within the context of complex design projects, students investigate the behavioral, technological, environmental, and aesthetic elements of interior design. When you add art, art history, and general education requirements to interior design courses, you get a unique education that is at the cutting edge of design.

Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York

The Nancy Cantor Warehouse, a building in the heart of Syracuse, serves as the home of the interior design programs offered by Syracuse University. In visual art and design, the emphasis is on self-discovery, risk-taking, and critical thought.

Syracuse University building on top of a hill

The title of Syracuse’s program, “Environmental and Interior Design,” is a little bit more inclusive than the names of most of the other schools on our list. Students majoring in interior design at Syracuse receive a liberal arts education in addition to studio courses in fine arts and crafts.

Cornell University in Ithaca, New York

front view of Cornell University surrounded by trees

The interior design degree at Cornell is the only one offered by an Ivy League institution, making it challenging, competitive, and one of the good colleges for interior design. Their Human Centered Design program, which is available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, provides students with hands-on experience in research and innovation, with a focus on the effects of design on the environment. Design strategy, sustainable futures, and health and well-being are the three areas around which the program is organized.

Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, New York

For years, FIT’s fashion, design, art, communications, and business programs have won praise and distinction on a global scale. For more than 50 years, FIT’s interior design department has been training students for success.

This demanding, multidisciplinary program integrates academic study of interior design history and theory with real-world, hands-on projects. Over time, the school has received rankings as high as Nos. 7 and 8 in Design School Hubs’ and Design Intelligence’s lists of the top interior design programs.

Parsons New School for Design in New York, New York

A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design and Technology, a Bachelor of Science in Urban Design, and a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design are among the more than 25 programs offered by The New School, which was founded in 1906.

Parsons School of Design main building

Along with the exclusivity of connections from one of the greatest and oldest interior design schools, students gain access to the biggest companies and showrooms in New York City. The New School for Design, ranked No. 5 by Design Intelligence and Design Schools Hub, has some strong networks in business and industry, making it a potential top choice for students interested in commercial design.

University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Interior Design program was rated No. 4 in the country for 2017–2018 by Design Intelligence, and it consistently ranks in the top 10 programs year after year, making it one of the good colleges for interior design. The University of Cincinnati’s School of Architecture and Interior Design offers a five-year program that emphasizes the physical, psychological, and social demands of clients and customers.

University of Cincinnati signage

The program culminates in a capstone project that gives students real-world experience. Within three months after graduating, 92% of students had found employment (71% with beginning earnings greater than $40,000 annually), demonstrating their aptitude for problem-solving, critical thinking, and the use of advanced technologies.

New York School of Interior Design in New York, New York

A specialized interior design school called NYSID was established in 1916. The institution’s emphasis on interior design has allowed it to provide its 600 undergraduate and graduate students with some of the most in-depth and innovative instruction available in the United States.

For 2016, the graduate programs at NYSID are ranked No. 4, and the undergraduate programs are ranked No. 5. Within six months after finishing their studies, 92% of undergraduate program graduates found jobs, and 94% of postgraduate program graduates did the same.

Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island

One of the better-known and higher-ranked design schools in the US is the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). It was named No. 4 by Design Intelligence and No. 3 by Design Schools Hub among the top interior design universities, making it one of the good colleges for interior design. The college offers undergraduate majors in “Interior Studies.”

A building facade made of glass windows and mostly bright orange bricks and a huge metal signage that says Museum of Art Rhode Island School of Design.

Through advanced design studios, the student at this level can choose between three specializations, or “pathways,” that concentrate on theater design, exhibition design, or retail design. With one of the highest percentages of artists in the nation, RISD is well known for its interior design department, particularly for its hands-on training and coursework.

Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York

This prestigious interior design school runs out of its primary Brooklyn campus (PI also has a Manhattan campus), where it has managed to preserve its reputation for the program’s practical rigor and creative flexibility. Since 2008, the undergraduate program has been ranked second in the nation by the professional poll, Design Intelligence.

Pratt Institute signage

The interior design program has a strong emphasis on both surface adornment and spatial design. It is an architecturally oriented curriculum. The impact of space on the human spirit is examined in connection with every component of it, including scale, proportion, configuration, and light source, as well as textures, materials, and color.

Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia

Number 1 on our list of good colleges for interior design is Savannah College of Art and Design. For all of its art and design programs, the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is rated well across the board, at No. 1 by both Design Intelligence and Design Schools Hub. Savannah College of Art and Design includes interior design programs in Atlanta, Hong Kong, and Lacoste, France, in addition to its main campus in Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah College of Art & Design main building

Greater opportunities to obtain internships in big cities or opportunities to study abroad result from their additional programs! The SCAD Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) works with top companies, brands, and organizations to come up with design-based ideas and solutions for experiences, goods, media, and technology.

Why should designers attend a school for interior design?

Why should designers attend a school for interior design? Because interior design is a fascinating career option today, selecting an interior design course could change your life. You won’t get bored working in this innovative and demanding field.

People are considering how to build a space with limited resources because there is a global increase in population and a shortage of available space. The following are the reasons why designers should attend an interior design college:

1. Exciting possibilities

Your decision to enroll in an interior design degree program will present you with a wealth of professional options. Recent figures show that India has a severe shortage of interior designers. According to the most recent survey data, job prospects for interior designers are predicted to increase by 19% to 20% by 2018.

2. Innovation, inventiveness, and creativity

You should choose interior design as a career option if you think you have a creative, futuristic, inventive, and artistic perspective on the world around you. You can develop your creative abilities professionally by enrolling in an interior design course. This is why you should go to good colleges for interior design.

3. Exciting and difficult projects

As an interior designer, every job you undertake will be interesting and difficult. Your technical proficiency, technical innovation, patience, devotion, and client relationship will all be put to the test. Since interior design is a dynamic field, you’ll never get tired of it. By enrolling in an interior design course, you can prepare for all of these potential difficulties.

4. Contributing to improvement and change

The decision to enroll in an interior design course can also be seen as a decision to alter the world for the better. People’s lives can be affected by interior designers in a particular setting. Consider a project that is only intended to provide housing for the weaker or poorer members of society. By creating a project for affordable housing there, you take on the role of an advocate for changing how they live.

5. Chance to become an entrepreneur

As we have discussed, both rural and urban areas are experiencing fast growth in the building business. Interior designers have tons of business potential because of this limitless potential for expansion. So, by enrolling in an interior design course, you can see a successful future as a self-employed businessperson.

6. Exceptional exposure

This is just another excellent justification for enrolling in an interior design course. As an interior designer, you collaborate with many people who have experience in many industries. This will give you a ton of exposure to various information and skill sets, as well as all types of individuals, including laborers, clients, business owners, engineers, and architects. Thus, enrolling in an interior design program opens up a world of opportunity for learning and experimentation.

7. A variety of industries and areas

This is an intriguing justification for enrolling in an interior design degree. You have the opportunity to work in many different companies and areas as an interior designer. This range may include hotels, masjids, temples, churches, offices, restaurants, the education and health sectors, public spaces, libraries, resorts, galleries, and museums, among others.

How many years of college for interior design?

How many years of college for interior design? It could take an interior designer at least two years to complete the requirements for an associate degree in interior design, depending on the degree path they choose. Interior designers with an associate degree need at least three years of full-time job experience in order to sit for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification exam and become certified.

To be eligible for the exam, applicants must have two years of experience and a bachelor’s degree, which typically takes four years to complete. So, it might take between five and six years of schooling and training on the job to become a qualified interior designer.

Learning how to enter school is just as crucial as selecting one of the good colleges for interior design you want to attend. You will receive the necessary guidance at AdmissionSight for that step. At AdmissionSight, you may acquire all the necessary advice from professionals. Book your consultation today!




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