Most Haunted Colleges

December 6, 2022
By AdmissionSight

Most Haunted Colleges in America

Some of our nation’s oldest educational institutions may also be home to a different kind of school spirit, in addition to educating millions of students over the course of several centuries. Some of the most haunted colleges in the country are believed to have been constructed on top of old burial grounds, while others are believed to have been the locations of sad suicides and deaths with no known cause. Therefore, the fact that so many college campuses are allegedly haunted surely shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

The traditions surrounding the ghosts of some of the most haunted colleges are as diverse as they are eerie. These tales include anything from paintings that are possessed to poltergeists who cause trouble. On top of that, some educational institutions act as if they are unconcerned by their allegedly haunted backgrounds, while others enthusiastically embrace the reputations they have earned for being associated with the supernatural.

Students, on the other hand, have elevated the simple ghost story to the status of a campus tradition; these stories are now avidly passed down from one class of freshmen to the next of these most haunted colleges.

What are the Most Haunted Colleges in America?

Whether or not you believe in the existence of ghosts, there are countless terrifying tales of hauntings that occur close to educational institutions like colleges and universities. So, what are the most haunted colleges in America? Ghost tales have a long tradition of being entwined with the history and culture of educational institutions, and they have been handed down from one generation to the next. Here is a list of some of the most haunted colleges in America.

Ohio University

It is widely believed that Ohio University’s campus, as well as the surrounding area, is one of the most haunted colleges in the United States. The setting itself fulfills practically every trope that is associated with horror movies. The location was formerly used as an insane asylum; mission accomplished.

Constructed on top of a burial place used by Native Americans: check. Check; this cemetery is situated in the center of a pentagram formed by other cemeteries.

Ohio State University welcome signage

There are several accounts of supernatural occurrences, but the one concerning Room 428 is by far the most well-known. In the 1970s, a woman who was attending the university all of a sudden began behaving strangely and shouting in a language that no one else could understand. It is said that she haunted the school so severely after her death that Room 428 of Wilson Hall has been locked up ever since. This is because she died after falling from a height.

Penn State

The occurrence of hauntings is so common at this school that they’ve established their very own paranormal study group right there on campus. As one of the most haunted colleges at Penn State, the concept of ghosts is profoundly ingrained in the local culture.

Frances Atherton, the wife of the school’s founder, George Atherton, is a spirit that haunts the campus. It is said that the ghost of Frances can be found on the top level of the Old Botany building, which looks out over the cemetery where her husband is buried. When students look up, they can notice a person standing in the window.

View of a school building at day time.

Even though there are clearly more classic ghosts on campus, such as ghostly footsteps, inexplicable scratches, and items moving on their own accord, Penn State is home to a ghost that is fairly unusual: a mule. Old Coaly, the initial mascot of the university, is said to still roam the halls, and students have reported hearing his clip-clopping hooves and characteristic bray.

Fordham University

The university’s Gothic architecture unquestionably contributes to the eerie atmosphere that pervades the campus. To such an extent that a portion of the well-known horror film The Exorcist was shot on location at Fordham. A young woman with blonde hair is said to appear in the showers of Keating Hall. She stares back at the students in silence until she eventually vanishes.

There is also a male ghost; however, most of the time he vanishes as soon as one of the pupils catches a glimpse of him out of the corner of their eye. In the area of the stairwells, one can also hear the sound of thunderous crashes that cannot be explained.

View of a Fordham University at day time.

Things take a decidedly more ominous turn as one enters Finlay Hall. The dormitory was constructed on top of an ancient mortuary (because of course it was). Students have shared terrifying accounts of being roused from sleep in the middle of the night by the sensation of someone pulling on their feet or even wrapping their hands around their throats.

Gettysburg College

Both history and ghost stories go hand in hand together. During the American Civil War, Gettysburg College was transformed into a hospital that provided medical care to soldiers from both the Union and the Confederacy. As a result of this, this campus is said to be haunted by the spirits of countless soldiers. One of these ghosts is called the Lone Sentinel, and it gives the impression of a lone soldier carrying a gun and marching atop Penn Hall. He sometimes aims his weapon at the students who are walking by.

View of Gettysburg building at day time.

It is stated that a few members of the college faculty were exiting Penn Hall when the elevator developed a problem and brought them to the basement instead of the first floor. This story has the potential to give anyone the chills. When the doors opened, they displayed a spectral scene inside of a hospital, complete with blood-soaked physicians and injured soldiers racing around.

Wells College

The locations of places where a large number of people died are frequently the subject of ghost stories. During one particularly harsh winter, the campus was severely affected by an influenza outbreak, and there was no way to leave because the weather was so terrible. Many students passed away on the fourth floor of the main building at Wells, which had been converted into a hospital and quarantine area. Because there was no means to bury the remains, another room had to be converted into a makeshift morgue in the meantime.

The door was painted bright red so that no one would go through it by accident. Following the outbreak, the door was repainted, but it wasn’t long until the original red color showed through. The door had been repainted numerous times, yet the crimson color remained in spite of this. Even though the building has been renovated, there are still students who are said to be looking for the door that was painted red.

a group of female college students carrying their notebooks while walking; one of them is looking at the camera smiling

There are many ghosts and haunted buildings on campus, including Max, the Security Guard, who was killed while rescuing students from a burning building; according to reports, students can feel a ghostly hand shoving them into the stairwell, trying to get them out of the building. There are also many other ghosts and haunted buildings on campus. There is a second ghost that lingers in Zabriskie Hall.

She was a brilliant scientific student in her past life, and she uncovered the fact that her teacher was plagiarizing her work and published it under his own name. As soon as she confronted him, he pulled out a knife and fatally stabbed her. In the late hours of the night, her specter visits the students who are studying in Zabriskie and begs them to remove the knife from her back. Be careful, though, for if you do try to do so, she may attempt to stab you with it.

University of Georgia

Many of the sorority and fraternity homes at the University of Georgia are said to have paranormal activity. As one of the most. Most haunted colleges in the country, the tragic story of Susie Carithers, who used to own the Alpha Gamma Delta house before she passed away, is frequently the focus of the annual ghost walks that are held on campus.

According to the legend, she was abandoned at the altar, and in her state of devastation, she hanged herself at the Alpha Gamma Delta mansion. The locals claim that they have seen her specter on more than one occasion looking out the attic window.

View of University of Georgia at sunset.

The specter of Anna Hamilton is said to still be present at the Phi Mu residence. Because her spouse was killed and buried in front of the Phi Mu house, she stands guard over the location where he was laid to rest. It would appear that some intrepid (or naive) sorority sisters have tried to communicate with Anna using an Ouija board.

Kenyon College

A university with a building whose entrance is known as “the Gates of Hell”? Indeed, it seems to be haunted. Around midnight, when the church bells begin to ring, the students stay away from the south door. According to the legend, if you are found to have crossed through the gates when the bells were tolling, your soul will be damned to spend eternity in hell.

Two students talking to a teacher in a library.

In 1949, a terrible fire claimed the lives of nine students at the school. Students report hearing screams that sound like they were drawn from a human heart, seeing lights flicker, and hearing toilets flush today. A tragic tragedy involving diving at the pool claimed the life of a second ghost, who was known as the Greenhouse Ghost. Students claim that he always leaves behind wet footprints and that he turns the showers on and off at random.

East Tennessee State University

At East Tennessee State University, there are a number of ghosts, the majority of which are not as hostile as some of the other ghosts on our list. Founding President Sidney Gilbreath is a particularly useful sort of ghost, as seen by the fact that he switches off lights that were inadvertently left on and lock windows that people forget to shut after leaving the room. It is also said that he enjoys going to the performances that are held at the school’s theater.

View of East Tennessee signage at day time.

Another phantom has gained the reputation of being known as the Marble Boy. The upper levels of Clement Hall are said to reverberate with the sounds of rolling marbles; however, no marbles have ever been located.

It is said that the portrait of Christine Burleson’s father, which hangs in Burleson Hall, is haunted by the spirit of the former teacher who worked there. Students have reported feeling as though they are being watched by David Sinclair Burleson as they pass by.

University of Notre Dame

Former Notre Dame football player George Gipp, who was famous both in life and in the afterlife, is said to be an upbeat and kind specter there. On a bitterly cold night in the middle of winter, he was unable to get back into his room and had no choice but to sleep outside on the steps. He had pneumonia and ultimately passed away as a result of it. On his deathbed, it is believed that his dying words were “Tell [the football team] to go in there with all they’ve got and win just one for the Gipper.” Even in death, “Gipper” still has school spirit as he will clap current kids on the back, and he will play mystery music at night.

Aerial view of University of Notre Dame.

It should not come as a surprise that religious figures are said to haunt the university given that it was founded by the Catholic Church. The ghost of Father Sorin, who passed away on Halloween in the year 1893, is seen walking around and keeping an eye on his school. There are also the spirits of sweet nuns who have passed away. According to one legend, a priest who was missing both feet was able to walk through solid walls.

Boston University

In one of the most haunted colleges, there are unexplainable occurrences that take place on the fourth floor of Kilachand Hall at Boston University (formerly Shelton Hall). Before the school bought the property, it had been a hotel, and it was in that hotel that the playwright Eugene O’Neill passed away.

It is reported that O’Neill’s spirit can still be seen wandering around the building. The elevator will occasionally become stuck on the fourth floor, which has noticeably less lighting than the other floors. Students claim to have heard someone pounding on their doors, but when they opened them, no one was there.

Harvard Law School

It’s not just O’Neill who’s said to linger about the campus of Boston University, either. It is alleged that the Boston Strangler, who was a serial killer in the 1960s, still walks the halls of Myers Standish Hall. This ghost is even more terrifying. Students report that when they return to their secured dorm rooms, they find that their chairs have been rearranged and that their drawers have been rifled through. And the code for buildings in Myers? 666.

Tips for a College Visit

It is essential for families to make advanced plans and sign up for official information sessions and campus tours when they are getting ready to visit colleges and universities. Although this blog is about some of the most haunted colleges in the country,  here are tips for a college visit. It is possible for families to fail to attend the information session because they believe it to be a generic presentation that has little bearing on whether or not a student will decide to apply to the institution in question.

This is a significant misunderstanding, as the information session is an essential component of the college visit. It provides families with the finest opportunity to obtain face time with the admissions office and the opportunity to have their questions answered by an actual admissions official.

In most cases, information sessions are held in the admissions office before the campus visit actually takes place. In most cases, brief presentations on the college are delivered to groups of children and their parents, after which the attendees are given the opportunity to ask any questions they might have regarding the school’s offers, admissions requirements, and other topics. Information sessions are typically led by admissions staff already employed by the institution, allowing families to obtain crucial information directly from the institution.

Call and make arrangements for your visit up to three weeks in advance if you are currently in the process of making plans for your trip. Keep in mind that during peak visit times, group sessions might fill up very fast if there are not enough participants.

When you get to the information session, make an effort to avoid asking questions that are overly tailored to your situation. It’s fine to ask broad questions, but you should reserve more specific inquiries for your personal conversation with the counselor after the session. In addition, if at all feasible, you should avoid asking questions that may be simply answered by visiting the college’s website.

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