Northwestern Freshman Class Size

September 8, 2022
By AdmissionSight

Northwestern Freshman Class Size

How Big Is the Freshman Class At Northwestern?

There are innumerable inspiring and one-of-a-kind personal narratives contained within the Northwestern Class of 2025. Now, how big is the freshman class at Northwestern?

There is an increase of about 4,000 Northwestern applications as compared to the previous year. Northwestern received a combined total of 51,554 applications for the Class of 2026 in the early and regular admissions. Northwestern freshman class size had a total enrollment of approximately 2,100 students.

The number of applicants for the first year of college was approximately 48,000, which is an increase of more than 20% from the previous year. The admit rate was 7%, which is roughly half of what it was a decade earlier. The yield, on the other hand, has increased by more than 50 percentage points over the past decade, reaching over 60 percentage points for the incoming class. This indicates a significant increase in the percentage of students who decided to enroll at Northwestern after being admitted to the university.

This yield has been consistently increasing, passing the 50% mark for the first time in 2017 when the University switched to a policy of providing financial aid that did not require borrowers to take out loans.

Chris Watson, dean of undergraduate enrollment and associate vice president for student outreach, noted that “Northwestern is one of fewer than 20 institutions nationwide that combine need-blind admissions with a commitment to meeting families’ full financial need through loan-free aid awards. This policy has accelerated our efforts to recruit and enroll students with as diverse an array of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives as possible.”

Students walking around the campus of a school.

The increased number of applicants this year contributed to the lower admission rate that was achieved. According to the Office of Undergraduate Admission, this rise is most likely attributable to a constellation of several reasons. As a result of cancellations of standardized tests and anticipated difficulties with registration brought on by COVID-19, Northwestern has decided to implement a test-optional policy for both the 2020-21 and 2021-22 admission cycles. This decision has led to an increase in the number of applications.

However, another factor that contributes to this increase in application numbers is increased digital marketing to potential students. It was referred to as a “pivot” from the traditional on-campus visits and face-to-face meet-and-greets when the epidemic first started, but that term has since fallen out of favor. However, prospective students have historically faced challenges in physically touring the campus due to the limitations imposed by factors such as geography, time, and socioeconomic status. And Northwestern, just like many other schools, has since adopted a variety of digital programs to not only convey the school’s core spirit and sense of community but also push the signal out to new and different places across the country and the world — or wherever someone might happen to bump into Northwestern via YouTube.

To search for the pool of Northwestern freshman class size this year, new avenues for enrolling in college have been made available as a result of live-streamed campus tours, video conversations with currently enrolled students, live Instagram Q&As, and Facebook groups, in addition to panels featuring administrators from departments such as Residential Services, Campus Inclusion & Community, the Provost’s Office, Pre-Health Advising, New Student and Family Programs, Career Advancement, Northwestern Alumni Association, Athletics, and The Garage.

Where Are Most Northwestern Students From?

Where are most Northwestern students from? More than ten percent of students will be joining the Class of 2025 from one of more than eighty nations located outside of the United States. This figure represents roughly double the number of international students who attended American universities ten years ago.

Two women talking while sitting near a table.

As is the case at every highly selective university, the rivalry is at its fiercest among applicants originating from states that produce an infinite supply of qualified candidates (New York, California, Massachusetts). It is more likely that your location will provide a boost to your admissions prospects if you come from a state with a lower population density, such as Alaska, North Dakota, or Montana.

What Are the Demographics of Northwestern?

Consider the following information which answers the query “What are the demographics of Northwestern?”:

  • International students now make up 10% of all new students, which is double the percentage from only ten years earlier.
  • Six percent of them are alumni of Chicago Public Schools.
  • Greater than 15 percent consider themselves to be the first in their families to attend college.
  • More than twenty percent were recipients of Federal Pell Grants.

For the Class of 2025 and the students’ ethnic identities, the distribution of members is as follows:

  • Asian American: 24.4%
  • Hispanic: 16.8%
  • African American: 12%
  • White: 52.4%
  • Native or Indigenous: 1.9%
  • International: 10.3%

The following is a breakdown of Northwestern freshman class size by gender:

  • Male: 48%
  • Female: 52%

However, diversity is more than just a matter of numbers. Northwestern believes that variety in terms of history, identity, belief, interest, and expertise is critical to undergraduate education as well as to the maintenance of a robust society. The school maintains the importance of bringing together a community of persons with open mind who is ready to learn from and contribute to the diverse range of viewpoints that are represented on campus.

What Are the Top Majors At Northwestern University?

What are the top majors at Northwestern University? Journalism, communication, and computer science are the three disciplines that attract the most students at Northwestern. The Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University is consistently ranked among the very finest of its kind in the United States, and the university’s journalism school has produced at least 40 winners of the Pulitzer Prize.

Students majoring in journalism at the undergraduate level have the chance to complete journalism residencies at over 120 media outlets in the United States. These residencies help students get ready for the fast-paced occupations of marketing and news broadcasting.

Group of students looking happy while raising their hand for a picture.

There is an additional certificate available in Integrated Marketing Communications that can be pursued by journalism majors. The certificate consists of a five-course sequence that is designed to expand students’ knowledge and experience in areas such as digital strategy, analytics reporting, and social media marketing. The Northwestern School of Communication’s course offerings are primarily focused on the performing arts, in contrast to the offerings of some other educational institutions that may include marketing classes as part of their communications departments (like music, dance, and theatre)

An additional option for undergraduates is to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Human Communication Sciences degree, in which they learn how to assist children and adults in overcoming difficulties in speech and language processing.

It should come as no surprise that a significant number of undergraduate students at Northwestern are drawn to the computer science program. Students majoring in computer science have access to an almost infinite number of options to collaborate on research. For example, student and faculty teams working on the subject of robotics, analyze how those robots interact with people and the environment, and then modify various aspects of their design to make robots more beneficial to society as a whole.

Students that are interested in developing new products and making improvements to society will find Northwestern to be an excellent college to attend. The university’s researchers are responsible for the disclosure of hundreds of ideas and patent applications each year, which results in licensing revenue of multiple millions of dollars. Pfizer has been successful in marketing pregabalin as a treatment for a variety of conditions, including epilepsy and fibromyalgia, according to one of its most recent patents.

In conclusion, students, including the Northwestern freshman class size, are drawn to Northwestern University for several reasons, one of which is the institution’s emphasis on interdisciplinary study.

The Northwestern Mindset is a flexible and adaptable view of the world that seeks to understand the pressing issues of today and transform them into the promising new opportunities of tomorrow. One of Northwestern’s missions is to assist students in developing this mindset, which the university defines as “seeking to understand the pressing issues of today and transform them into the promising new opportunities of tomorrow.” Seventy percent of undergraduate students earn degrees that are a combination of two or more areas of study.

Is Northwestern A Large University?

Is Northwestern a large university? Northwestern University is one of the leading academic institutions in the Midwest. The 240-acre Evanston campus can be reached in a matter of minutes from downtown Chicago.

Northwestern University, found along the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, possesses all of the characteristics of an Ivy League institution, including academic superiority, prestige, significant contributions to research, and notable graduates. A huge suburban lakeside campus with easy access to Chicago, the busiest city in the Midwest, is what you’ll find at Northwestern University, which is located just 19 kilometers (12 miles) north of Chicago’s central business district.

Northwestern building covered in vines.

However, the campus’s academic repute is even more striking than the campus’s natural beauty. Northwestern University is widely recognized as one of the best educational institutions in the world because it places a strong emphasis on multidisciplinary studies, produces a significant amount of research, and fosters a student culture that encourages amicable collaboration. The enormous amount of research that is produced by the institution is one of the reasons that its endowment, which is currently valued at USD 12.2 billion, is one of the largest in the world.

With the assistance of this financial support, Northwestern will be able to recruit the most talented students and faculty members to its campus. The university’s investment in its students and faculty pays off: as of the year 2020, the alumni and faculty have included 1 Fields Medalist, 22 Nobel Prize laureates, 40 Pulitzer Prize winners, 6 MacArthur Genius Grant recipients, 10 living billionaires, 2 U.S. Supreme Court Justices, and a host of other illustrious individuals who received numerous accolades.

The creator of “Game of Thrones,” George R. R. Martin, Gwynne Shotwell, president and chief operating officer of SpaceX, Emmy Award–winning actors Stephen Colbert and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and actress and humanitarian Meghan Markle are among the notable alumni. Shotwell is also president and chief operating officer of SpaceX.

Northwestern University, which, together with Notre Dame and the University of Chicago, is recognized as an “Ivy” university and normally has less than 10,000 undergraduate students enrolled, is also known as the “Ivy of the Midwest.” There are currently more than 8000 students enrolled in NU’s undergraduate program, counting the Northwestern freshman class size for this academic year, and more than 13000 students enrolled in NU’s graduate program.

The Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, the Schools of Education and Social Policy, Law, Music, and Speech, the Graduate School, the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, the Medical School, and the Medill School of Journalism all provide educational opportunities for students.

Students have the option of selecting from among over 70 pre-existing majors or coming up with their own non-traditional combinations. Students who choose to enroll at Northwestern will almost certainly have an intellectual experience that is one of a kind, given the school’s outstanding academic reputation in Chicago and across the country.

The primary campuses of Northwestern University are found in Evanston and Chicago, both of which are situated near Lake Michigan. Doha, Qatar, became the location of Northwestern University’s third campus when it opened in 2008. The Qatar branch of Northwestern University confers bachelor’s degrees in journalism and communication, as well as minors in Africana studies, film and design, media and politics, Middle East studies, and strategic communication.

The Northwestern Wildcats compete in NCAA Division I for both men’s and women’s sports as part of the Big Ten Conference. The Wildcats field eight men’s teams and eleven women’s teams. The institution provides a wide variety of athletic opportunities, including varsity sports, intramural competitions, and club sports, such as the widely participated-in crew program.

In addition to its athletic programs, Northwestern is home to a large number of student groups and clubs, some of which are the Solar Car Team, the Mixed Race Student Coalition, the Cookology Club, and the Lipstick Theatre. There is also a significant level of participation in Greek life; during the 2019–2020 academic year, between 35 and 40 percent of undergraduate students were members of fraternities or sororities.

The campus at Northwestern was named the most picturesque in the Midwest. Northwestern freshman class size students’ stay at the Evanston campus of Northwestern University will not be complete unless they see these essential locations on campus.

Concerts, plays, and musical and theatrical events are shown to the general public at the Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts, which is home to several prestigious performing arts schools.

The Block Museum of Art is a vibrant, creative, and forward-thinking institution for the display of art. Putting on exhibitions, putting up and hosting talks and seminars, and playing both classic and modern films in its very own cinema. Prints, photographs, and sketches make up the majority of the museum’s permanent collection, which currently numbers somewhere over 6,000 pieces and is always growing.

At Northwestern, “The Rock” is symbolic of a long-standing campus tradition. The members of the Class of 1902 presented this spectacular boulder made of Baraboo quartzite to the institution. The boulder’s initial purpose was to house a water fountain. In the 1940s, students began painting the Rock, at first as a joke, but it quickly became an accepted form of free expression and persisted for the rest of the decade. Throughout the years, The Rock has been used to show a wide variety of messages, some of which include adverts for student clubs, birthday wishes, and even a marriage proposal.

Group of students smiling in front of a camera.

This memorial to Shakespeare, which is set apart from the rest of the campus, is a welcome escape. The garden was established in 1915 by the Drama League of America as part of a celebration commemorating the 300th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death (1616). Every plant that was planted in the garden was either referenced in one of Shakespeare’s plays or was a common crop in England during the Tudor period. The Shakespeare Garden is discretely located behind the Technological Institute, providing students with an opportunity to escape the cacophony of campus activity and engage in some introspective thought.

The University Archives are located at the Deering Library, which also contains the Art, Music, and Special Collections of Northwestern University. Students continue to make good use of the Deering Library as a study spot. Students at Deering have the opportunity to study or relax while listening to classic music in the school’s expansive music listening library, which also features stained-glass windows that let natural light in.

Lastly, the Northwestern campus is home to many recreation and athletic centers that are on the cutting edge of technology. The Norris Aquatics Center, the Combe Tennis Center, and the Ryan Fieldhouse are all connected to the 95,000-square-foot Henry Crown Sports Pavilion, which is the largest of the three facilities. At these facilities, you can participate in a variety of physical activities related to exercise, including basketball, swimming, squash, racquetball, tennis, group exercise, cycling, weightlifting, and general cardiovascular activity.

If you want to be part of the Northwestern freshman class size, you might want to check AdmissionSight’s Northwestern enrollment blog to see how admission works and what requirements are needed to get into the “Ivy of Midwest”. Moreover, AdmissionSight has various programs that assist college aspirants in boosting their application and prepping themselves for the tough competition. Feel free to book your initial consultation now!


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