Pratt Pre-College Summer Program

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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Pratt Pre-College Summer Program

The Pratt Pre-College Summer Program is your chance to see your artistic dreams soar. It’s more than a summer camp—it’s a sneak peek into your potential college life, with challenging courses, expert instructors, and a community of people who share your passions.

This guide will show you why the Pratt Pre-College Summer Program could be the game-changing experience you’re looking for.

What is the Pratt Pre-College Summer Program?

The Pratt Pre-College Summer Program is a four-week, intensive course to immerse you in art and design. Housed within the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, this program is a gateway to understanding the techniques and philosophy behind various art forms.

You’ll be working in state-of-the-art studios, attending lectures by renowned artists, and, most importantly, creating a portfolio that could be your stepping stone to higher education in art and design.

The Core Mission and Vision

The Pratt Pre-College Summer Program aims to be more than just a seasonal educational stint. The program aims to provide a transformative learning experience that nurtures your creative potential while preparing you for the academic and professional world.

Pratt Institute signage

The vision? To cultivate a new generation of artists and designers who are skilled, socially responsible, and culturally aware. The program aims to refine raw talent into something extraordinary.

It’s about laying the foundation for a fulfilling and impactful career in the arts, ensuring you’re a creator and a visionary.

Types of Courses Offered

The Pratt Pre-College Summer Program offers various interests and skill level options. There’s something here, whether you’re into traditional fine arts like painting and sculpture or more inclined toward digital media and graphic design.

The program even offers fashion design, architecture, and creative writing courses. Each course is structured to provide a balanced blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring that you’re well-equipped to tackle any artistic challenge that comes your way.

The best part? All these courses culminate in a final project that becomes a part of your portfolio, a tangible testament to your growth and capabilities.

Who is This Program For?

The beauty of this program lies in its inclusivity. It’s not just for those who have already decided on a career in art and design; it’s for anyone who feels the magnetic pull of creativity.

Whether you’re a high school student looking to get a head start on your artistic journey or someone who’s taken a gap year to explore your options, this program offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a creative environment.

It’s a place where your ideas are welcomed and celebrated where your potential is recognized and nurtured.

Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidates for the Pratt Pre-College Summer Program are high school students, particularly those in their junior or senior years, contemplating a future in the arts. But the program also welcomes aspiring artists who may not be in school but are committed to honing their craft.

Even if you’re a complete novice but have a burning desire to explore the world of art and design, this program could be the catalyst you need. It’s a melting pot of diverse talents and aspirations, making it a fertile ground for collaboration and innovation.

Skill Levels Catered To

One of the most compelling aspects of the Pratt Pre-College Summer Program is its adaptability to different skill levels. Are you a beginner with more enthusiasm than experience? You’ll find introductory courses that guide you through the basics while encouraging your expression.

You may be at an intermediate level, looking to refine your skills. The program offers specialized courses that delve into advanced techniques and concepts. For those who are already developed, there are master classes that challenge your limits and push you toward professional-level competence.

The program is essentially a scaffold that supports your growth regardless of your starting point.

What You Should Have: A Passion for Art and Design

If there’s one non-negotiable prerequisite for the Pratt Pre-College Summer Program, it’s a passion for art and design. Technical skills can be taught, and experience can be gained, but what fuels this entire journey is your intrinsic love for creation.

A man looking at a work of art in a museum.

It would help if you were willing to experiment, fail, and learn from those failures. You should be open to feedback and eager to collaborate. Most importantly, it would help if you were driven to push beyond your comfort zone, explore new mediums, and challenge existing norms.

It’s this passion that will not only help you make the most of the program but also sustain you in your long-term artistic endeavors.

Why Should You Choose Pratt Over Other Pre-College Programs?

The answer lies in a blend of factors beyond mere course offerings. It’s about the holistic experience that shapes you as an artist and a well-rounded individual. At Pratt, you’re not just learning; you’re evolving. You’re part of a legacy that has set industry standards and produced luminaries in art and design.

The program provides a glimpse into your future and represents Pratt Institute’s educational philosophy. In essence, choosing Pratt is choosing a tradition of excellence that can set your career trajectory.

The Prestige of the Pratt Institute

Founded in 1887, Pratt has a long-standing reputation as one of the leading art and design schools in the United States. The institute is consistently ranked among the top schools in various national and international surveys, making Pratt’s education highly sought after.

When you enroll in the Pratt Pre-College Summer Program, you’re not just attending a summer course; you’re becoming part of an institution that has been a pioneer in the arts for over a century.

This association can be a significant asset, whether you’re applying for college or seeking internships and job opportunities.

Unique Selling Points

So, what sets the Pratt Pre-College Summer Program apart from the rest? The faculty comprises practicing artists and designers who bring real-world experience into the classroom. These are individuals who have not only excelled in their respective fields but are also passionate educators.

Then there are the facilities—state-of-the-art studios, cutting-edge technology, and resources that mirror what you would find in professional settings. The program also offers extracurricular activities like workshops, guest lectures, and field trips, providing a well-rounded experience beyond academics.

This blend of expert guidance and world-class resources makes Pratt’s program a cut above the rest.

The Value of the Pratt Certificate

The certificate you earn carries weight, serving as a testament to the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired. But it’s more than just a piece of paper; it’s a badge of credibility.

Colleges and employers recognize the value of a Pratt education, making this certificate a powerful addition to your academic and professional portfolio.

Moreover, the program allows you to create a portfolio under expert guidance, which can be a game-changer when applying to art and design schools.

In a world where credentials matter, the Pratt certificate serves as a seal of quality that can open doors for you.

How Do You Get In?

So, you’re sold on the Pratt Pre-College Summer Program idea and itching to dive into this transformative experience. But wait, how do you cross the threshold from aspiration to enrollment?

The admission process is a crucial step, and it’s not just about ticking boxes; it’s about showcasing your potential and aligning it with the program’s ethos. While the program is inclusive, it’s selective, aiming to curate a cohort of passionate and committed individuals.

The good news? The process is straightforward, and with the proper preparation, you can navigate it smoothly. Let’s break down what you need to know.

Admission Requirements

The Pratt Pre-College Summer Program typically requires applicants to have a minimum GPA, although exceptions can be made for outstanding portfolios or recommendations.

a student making a portfolio

Speaking of portfolios, this is your chance to shine. The program expects a collection of your best works, showcasing your skills, creativity, and thought process. Letters of recommendation can also bolster your application, especially if they come from teachers or mentors who can vouch for your artistic talents and dedication.

The program looks for well-rounded candidates who bring academic rigor and creative flair.

The Application Process

It usually starts with an online application form where you’ll fill in your basic details and educational background. This is followed by submitting your portfolio, which can often be uploaded digitally. Letters of recommendation and transcripts should also be submitted within the stipulated deadlines.

Some applicants may also be invited for an interview in person or via video call.

Once all these elements are in, it’s a waiting game until the admission decisions are announced. Keep an eye on your email and the program’s website for updates.

Tips for a Standout Application

Start with your portfolio; it should be a curated collection representing your artistic range and depth. Ensure to include finished pieces; sketches and works-in-progress can offer valuable insights into your creative process. Tailor your letters of recommendation; generic praise won’t cut it.

Choose recommenders who know you well and can provide specific examples of your skills and character. Lastly, if you’re invited for an interview, prepare, but don’t rehearse.

Authenticity is critical; the interviewers want to understand the person behind the portfolio.

What Can You Expect to Learn?

The answer combines technical skills, conceptual understanding, and real-world insights. You’ll be exposed to the foundational elements of art and design, but you’ll also delve into the nuances that make each discipline unique.

Whether it’s mastering the art of perspective in drawing, understanding color theory in design, or exploring narrative structures in creative writing, the program offers a multi-faceted educational experience.

It’s not just about what you create; it’s about understanding why and how you make it.

Curriculum Breakdown

The Pratt Pre-College Summer Program offers various courses, from traditional fine arts like painting and sculpture to digital media, graphic design, and architecture.

a fine arts student sculpting a female face

Each course is designed to provide both breadth and depth, covering the fundamentals and encouraging specialization. For instance, a course in digital art might start with basic software tutorials.

However, as you progress, you must tackle more intricate assignments that demand the amalgamation of skills such as drawing, motion graphics, and programming. The curriculum is structured to be progressive, building on each week’s lessons to culminate in a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Hands-on Projects and Their Significance

Now, let’s talk about the hands-on projects, the cornerstone of the Pratt Pre-College Summer Program. These aren’t just assignments; they’re opportunities to apply what you’ve learned in a practical context.

Whether creating a fashion portfolio, designing a miniature architectural model, or producing a short film, these projects allow you to experience the creative process from start to finish. They also serve another crucial purpose—portfolio building.

Each project you complete becomes a potential entry in your portfolio, providing tangible evidence of your skills and growth. These projects enhance your technical proficiency and help you understand project management, teamwork, and the art of critique—all essential skills for any artist or designer.

How the Program Prepares You for College

Finally, how does the Pratt Pre-College Summer Program prepare you for college? In multiple ways. Firstly, the program’s rigorous curriculum and project-based approach mimic the college experience, giving you a taste of what to expect academically.

Secondly, you’ll have opportunities to interact with college advisors and attend workshops on portfolio building and college applications, equipping you with the tools you need for the next phase of your educational journey.

Perhaps most importantly, the program cultivates a mindset of continuous learning and curiosity, qualities that are invaluable in any educational setting. By completing the program, you’ll have a portfolio, a certificate, and the confidence and skills to thrive in a college environment.

How Will This Program Impact Your Future?

This program is not just a summer course; it’s an investment in your future. It’s a platform that propels you into the world of art and design with a robust portfolio, refined skills, and a network of industry professionals.

But beyond these tangible benefits, the program also impacts you deeper. It nurtures your creativity, bolsters your confidence, and instills a sense of discipline and work ethic that will serve you well in any endeavor. The program accelerates your career journey toward fulfillment and success.

College Admissions: How Pratt’s Pre-College Program Gives You an Edge

The Pratt Pre-College Summer Program is highly regarded by art and design schools and is a valuable addition to your resume. Admissions officers are not just looking for good grades but commitment, passion, and a proven track record in your chosen field. This program provides you with all three.

A female student looking for her university

Your participation demonstrates your dedication to your craft, while the portfolio you build becomes a compelling testament to your skills and creativity. Moreover, the Pratt name carries weight; having completed a program at such a prestigious institution signals to colleges that you’re a serious candidate who has already experienced a rigorous academic environment.

Career Prospects

The program’s strong industry connections mean you’ll have access to a network of professionals who can offer internships, mentorship, and even job placements. Many alums have leveraged these connections to secure prestigious internships and job opportunities in companies and studios across the globe.

The program also offers career counseling sessions, where you can gain insights into different career paths, understand market trends, and learn how to position yourself in a competitive job market.

Lifelong Skills

Beyond the technical skills and artistic techniques, the program cultivates essential soft skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication. You’ll also learn the art of collaboration, working on group projects that mimic real-world team dynamics.

These skills are not just applicable to art and design; they’re universally valuable, equipping you to navigate any professional or personal challenge.

In a rapidly changing world, these skills will make you adaptable, resilient, and, ultimately, successful.


In the grand tapestry of your artistic journey, the Pratt Pre-College Summer Program could be the thread that weaves it all together, adding texture, color, and depth to your aspirations. Take the chance to be part of this enriching experience; it could be the catalyst that propels you from aspiration to realization, from potential to excellence.

We hope this article has given you the insights and information you need to make an informed decision. The Pratt Pre-College Summer Program is not just a line on your resume; it’s a chapter in your life story that could set the tone for many more.

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