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When it comes to athletics, the key question we ask our students is this: Are you able to perform highly at the NCAA level to get recruited by these universities? For student athletes, we guide them through the process of getting noticed by collegiate coaches to increase their odds of getting recruited by these universities. 

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Special sports such as rowing, fencing, golf, squash and others recruited by Ivy League and other top tier universities such as Stanford and MIT. Being a recruited athlete is a powerful card to play in college admissions, but it isn’t necessarily any easy one as many people tend to believe because the competition to get recruited  is quite stiff as there are many talented athletes.

Unless if you are at the very top of your game, getting recruited is a competitive process in itself and requires the right guidance to get noticed by the coaches. A vouch of approval from the coach to the admissions committee is perhaps one of the sure fire ways to getting admitted to these schools. At AdmissionSight, we guide students to get noticed by coaches and form a profile that could give them a leg up in the college admissions process.

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For students who are unable to compete at the NCAA level or get recruited, becoming a Varsity athlete is still very helpful to demonstrate well-roundedness in the college applications. Becoming a tri-Varsity athlete is even more impressive given these after school activities take up significant time and resources, and coupled with a strong academic and extracurricular profile, may be very impressive to the admissions committee.

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