The Best Art Schools in the World

October 30, 2022
By AdmissionSight

The Best Art Schools in the World

You want to have a career in the arts, do you? Knowing the best art schools in the world is the primary initial step for the majority of people who have this desire. There are literally hundreds of art schools that are held in extremely high regard all around the world. Some possibilities may be preferable to others, but this will depend on the area of artistic specialization that the aspiring artist wishes to hone in on.

The continents of Australia, Europe, Asia, and North America are home to some of the best art schools in the world. Many of these schools are also among the oldest and most prestigious art colleges in their respective countries. Many people have the fantasy of enrolling in an arts program at a university that will equip them with the professional resources and experience necessary to launch themselves into group shows and farther.

Cities that are vibrant and bustling are typically the locations of the best art schools in the world, in addition to having a reputation for being among the most prestigious in the world. Cities such as Copenhagen, Beijing, Melbourne, and New York City are certain to give opportunities for collaboration as well as sources of inspiration.

Group of students huddled together while listening to an instructor.

College is an investment, and going to one of the best art schools in the world, especially in a country like the United States has financial ramifications that extend well beyond the degree itself. Therefore, prospective students need to think about both the cost of attending the school and the availability of financial aid while making their decision.

What Makes a Great Art School?

So, what makes a great art school? Institutions that encourage students to think creatively across disciplines and that give them the teaching and tools that will enable them to fulfill their artistic potential are the types of art schools that are considered to be among the best. All of the colleges and universities on this list are highly regarded, forward-thinking institutions that provide curriculums that are always being updated to reflect the most recent developments in the art industry. As a direct consequence of the achievements of its former students, the company has widespread recognition and a solid reputation on an international scale. These educational institutions provide students with access to a wide range of academic programs that can prepare them for successful careers in the arts.

They also have state-of-the-art facilities that enable students to make their ideas a reality, whether it be by welding together a massive metal sculpture or developing lifelike 3D animations. Because familiarity with design programs and other art-making software is essential in today’s artistic landscape for students who hope to develop their practice into a career, the majority of these colleges offer prominent programs in the digital arts. This is due to the fact that students who wish to turn their practice into a career should have this knowledge.

Unidentified students using art materials on a table.

It’s crucial to consider how these colleges will prepare you for life beyond college as well. The best art schools in the world, including those on this list, offer outstanding career counseling services to their students in order to ease the transition from being a student to becoming a working professional as much as is humanly possible. While many students are still in school, they are given the opportunity to gain experience by working at internships or in other professional development situations. This allows students to build their experience and be more prepared to enter the workforce after graduation.

When you go to a good art school, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to some of the most unique and imaginative people you’ll ever meet, which will be a constant source of inspiration for you. If you have a passion for art, attending one of these schools will help you develop your passion and take it to levels that you may not have even imagined were possible.

What are the Best Art Schools in the World?

Now that we have a notion of what qualities an excellent art school should possess, we will work together to gain an understanding of which of the best art schools in the world are considered to be the finest. It doesn’t matter if you’re a painter, photographer, filmmaker, or designer; there are a lot of art schools out there that can help you hone your skills and launch a successful career in the visual arts.

Two students painting on a room.

Having said that, selecting an appropriate educational institution can be a stressful and time-consuming procedure. You are in luck since we have produced a list of the best art schools in the world, based on the most recent world ranking that was released by QS.

Royal College of Art

It is widely held that the Royal College of Art is among the most prestigious art and design institutions in the entire globe.

The school was established in 1837, and due to its high requirements, it only allows the brightest and most talented students to participate in its postgraduate training program. It has an admittance rate of roughly 25%, and more than half of its student body is comprised of students from other countries.

Each student receives individualized instruction and supervision, as well as extensive on-the-job experience in the fields of art and design, at one of the three campuses that are located entirely inside the city of London.

This institution is responsible for the education of a great number of well-known artists, such as Chris Dresser, Sir George Clausen, Kate Greenaway, Sir Luke Fides, and Edwin Lutyens, amongst others.

University of the Arts London

University of the Arts London is an art school that was established in 1986, making it one of the more recent art schools. However, despite its relatively short history, it has already established a reputation as the world’s second-best school of art and design.

It has a low acceptance rate of only 20% and has six campuses, all of which are located inside the core of London. In addition to providing individual training, there is substantial exposure to contemporary and robotic arts, with the primary focus being on design.

Richard Hamilton, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Antony Gormley, and Phoebe Philo are among the notable alumni who graduated from the school.

Parsons School of Design at The New School

It was established in 1896, yet Parsons School of Design at The New School has maintained its status as one of the most prestigious art institutions in the United States.

This private institution in New York City is situated just outside of Lower Manhattan, and it provides its undergraduate and postgraduate students with an innovative approach to multidisciplinary education that is based on real-world applications. There is just a 35% acceptance rate, making it one of the more difficult schools to get into.

Alexander Wang, Kay Unger, Jason Wu, Sophie Buhai, Donna Karan, and Anna Sui are just a few of the prominent names in the design, art, and fashion industries that are among the school’s alumni.

Rhode Island School of Design

In 1877, the Rhode Island School of Design (often known as RISD) was established. It has developed a reputation throughout the years as one of the most prestigious art and design schools in the continent of North America. Additionally, there are a significant number of students from other countries participating in its various programs.

Unidentified person designing dresses on a table with a laptop.

RISD is an institution of higher learning that fosters original thought and innovation in the fields of fine art and design. Traveling frequently to New York and Boston, two of the most important cultural hubs in the United States provides students with the opportunity to get practical experience. The college has a very low acceptance rate of only 25%, and in order to be considered for admission, applicants’ ACT scores need to be at the top of the scale.

Do Ho Suh, Roni Horn, Shahzia Sikander, Kara Walker, and Todd Hido are all well-known individuals that graduated from RISD.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wait a minute. Is it true that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) solely produces physicists, computer engineers, and robotic designers? Not nearly; it is a very large college with a wide variety of departments, one of which is art and design.

The cinema and photography departments, as well as the public art and robotic design departments, are included in the art department. Students who are interested in creating art in a variety of media formats have a large number of choices and sorts of degrees to choose from. With only a 7% admittance rate, the MIT School of Art is widely regarded as one of the most difficult academic programs anywhere in the world. A degree in art from MIT is certain to widen one’s access to opportunities in virtually all areas of the art world.

Daniel Chester, Cass Gilbert, Gordon Burnshaft, IM Pei, and a great many other notable people are among the school’s alumni.

Politecnico di Milano

To put it another way, the Politecnico di Milano is widely regarded as one of the top art schools in the entire world. It was founded in 1863 and has grown to become the largest university in Italy. It is known for its programs in engineering, architecture, and design. The fundamental purpose of the arts program is to encourage students’ creative thinking as a byproduct of their participation.

The educational process is carried out through the utilization of many forms of media, including but not limited to videos, lectures, webinars, and actual trips to museums. In the meantime, the rate of acceptance is approximately 60%.

Notable alumni from the Politecnico de Milano include architect Gae Aulenti, Enrico Castiglioni, Elio, Giovani Pellegrini, and Marco Zanuso.

Aalto University

After the consolidation of three of Finland’s most prestigious educational institutions in 2010, Aalto University was born in the city of Espoo in Finland.

At the moment, it is considered to be among the most prestigious art and design schools in all of Europe. Product design, art system augmentation, and creative development are some of the skills that are taught to students. The entry is exceedingly competitive due to the fact that there are only 200 spots available, and only one out of every 11 candidates are admitted. However, once a student is accepted into the program, they flourish in the open environment and are given several opportunities to tour art galleries and museums located around the Scandinavian countries.

Among the school’s illustrious former students are the renowned architects Alvar Aalto and Tapio Wirkkala.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

It has been almost 150 years since the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) first opened its doors, and it currently has one of the most highly regarded academic programs in all of North America.

The school takes an integrative approach to the study of design and the fine arts and is located in the heart of downtown Chicago. All of the school’s students have access to hands-on training and real-world art exposure thanks to the school’s state-of-the-art facilities, rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum, and illustrious teaching staff. This gives students the opportunity to develop practical experience by the time they graduate.

The college, which has an acceptance rate of approximately 57%, has established itself as a leader in the field of education and the production of the next generation of designers, artists, and academics.

Richard Hunt, Michelle Grabner, Elizabeth Murray, Nick Cave, and Leroy Neiman are among the notable alumni of the institution.

The Glasgow School of Art

The Glasgow School of Art is not only one of the most prestigious but also one of the oldest art institutions in all of Europe. It was established in 1845. It gives students the opportunity to study fine arts at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Due to the excellent quality of its art program, the school has a low acceptance rate of only 20%. Learning involves both practical experience and exposure to the real world. Students are encouraged to enhance their creative thinking through the use of studio-based instruction.

The artists Ann Dunlop Alexander, Janet Macdonald Aitken, and Lena Alexander are all graduates of the Glasgow School of Art and are well known.

Pratt Institute

Since its founding in 1887, the Pratt Institute has grown to become one of the most prestigious art and fashion design schools in both the United States and the rest of the globe. It is possible to attend classes at one of its satellite campuses in Manhattan or Utica in addition to the main site in Brooklyn.

The curriculum at this institution includes a wide variety of subjects, such as visual arts, interior design, architectural design, and industrial design. However, the school of art is what makes it the most well-known on campus; it is consistently recognized among the top ten art schools in the United States. The proportion of people who get accepted is approximately 56%.

The instruction is given one-on-one and demands the student’s undivided attention. Experience is gained via direct participation in all aspects of fine arts, including graphic design.

Harvey Feinstein, Joseph Barbera, Martin Landau, Rob Zombie, and Robert Redford are among the notable graduates of this institution.

Which Art School is the Right Choice?

When there are so many excellent choices available, picking which art school is the right choice can be challenging due to the abundance of strong contenders. Location is the first thing you need to take into consideration. Would you ever think about attending college in another state or perhaps another country? Or would you rather be in the neighborhood where you live? You will then be able to determine which of the schools located in the area of your choosing are most appealing to you. Are you interested in a city, suburban, or rural setting for your vacation?

View of a woman painting on a room.

The extent to which different areas of expertise are covered in different courses is one of the characteristics that marks apart many of the best art schools in the world. At the Rhode Island School of Design, for instance, all first-year students are required to complete a foundational curriculum before they are allowed to specialize in one of the various artistic fields during their second year. However, not all programs are structured in this manner; for example, some art schools require you to choose a concentration before you can begin the actual learning process. Be sure to pay close attention to the format of your degree so that you can determine whether or not it will help you achieve the objectives you have set for yourself.

It is also very crucial to assess whether or not each of the best art schools in the world provides the opportunities and facilities that you are looking for in an art school. The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t base your decision just on first impressions; rather, you should do extensive research into what each institution has to offer before selecting one. What do you hope to accomplish with the training you’ve received in the arts? Think about the possible connections you’ll make with the teaching staff as well as the artistic community. This gives them a competitive edge in the art industry.

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