The Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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The Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program

Are you a high school senior brimming with a passion for storytelling, a deep appreciation for the stage, and an eagerness to delve into the world of dramatic writing? Take a look at the Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program, where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of New York University and let the city itself inspire your craft!

Delving into the World of Dramatic Writing at Tisch

At Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program, they understand that writing for the stage or screen isn’t just about putting words on paper; it’s about crafting compelling narratives that come to life in the minds of the audience. This program dives deep into the art of dramatic writing, challenging students to explore complex characters, intricate plots, and thought-provoking themes.

Master the essentials of dramatic composition, craft plays, and screenplays during writing workshops, and showcase your playwriting creations in the prestigious Rita and Burton Goldberg Theatre!

The Rita and Burton Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing offers an intensive academic and professional writing program tailored to students with a passion and determination to write for the theater, film, and television.

The fusion of screenwriting and playwriting provides an exhilarating introduction to the realm of dramatic storytelling. Within this special program, lectures delve into the essence and principles of dramatic action, the interplay between character and circumstance, and the emergence of dramatic structure from these foundational elements.

During workshop sessions at Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program, participants present their work, which is then subjected to review, critique, and revision. In the realm of screenwriting, this process culminates in the creation of an outline and the partial scripting of a full-length screenplay.

In the case of playwriting, it results in the development of a ten-minute play, where students collaborate as a repertory company, engaging in rehearsals, critique sessions, and rewrites. The culmination of these efforts occurs on the final day of classes when the plays are performed.

Furthermore, in addition to the performance of the ten-minute plays, students’ monologues receive expert direction and performance from professional actors and directors closely affiliated with the department.

This immersive experience is complemented by readings of classic plays and screenplays, as well as screenings of significant films and recordings of noteworthy theatrical productions, all of which enrich the coursework.

Please note that the Tisch Summer High School Program is not a leisure camp. While the typical program runs from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, encompassing academic classes, professional training, and studio and production time, students should anticipate a busy schedule during evenings and weekends, which may include curricular events and opportunities for individual or collaborative work on assigned projects.

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A Dynamic Learning Experience

One of the standout features of this program is its commitment to providing a dynamic learning experience. From day one, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of creativity, surrounded by like-minded peers who share your passion. The program’s schedule is designed to keep you engaged with a mix of activities, including workshops, lectures, and collaborative projects.

Crafting Unforgettable Stories

In the world of dramatic writing, there’s no shortage of opportunities to explore diverse storytelling forms. Whether you’re interested in writing for the stage, screen, or even immersive theater experiences, Tisch has you covered. You’ll have the chance to experiment with different genres, from gripping dramas to side-splitting comedies, all while receiving guidance and feedback from experienced faculty members.

Mentorship and Guidance

Tisch believes in nurturing emerging talent, and that’s why they provide one-on-one mentorship opportunities. You’ll have the chance to work closely with accomplished writers who will help you refine your voice, develop your craft, and offer valuable insights into the industry.

Exploring New York City

As if the program itself wasn’t exciting enough, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the vibrant city of New York. The city that never sleeps is a source of endless inspiration, and it’s where many of the world’s greatest playwrights and screenwriters have found their muse.

Preparing for the Future

The Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program doesn’t just focus on the here and now. It’s a stepping stone to your future in the world of dramatic writing. You’ll gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue your passion at the collegiate level and beyond.

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What Courses Are Offered at Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program?

Unlock your creative potential and immerse yourself in the world of dramatic storytelling with the Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program! This program offers two captivating courses: Summer Screenwriting and Summer Playwriting.

Whether you aspire to craft compelling screenplays for film or delve into the art of creating impactful plays for the stage, our program provides an enriching platform for you to explore the fundamentals of dramatic writing. Let’s take a closer look at these exciting courses and the unique opportunities they offer:

Summer Screenwriting

This course delves into the program’s lectures, which investigate the essence and principles of dramatic action, the interplay between character and circumstance, and the emergence of dramatic structure from these fundamental elements.

During workshop sessions, students showcase their work, which is subsequently assessed, critiqued, and revised. In the realm of screenwriting, this iterative process leads to the development of an outline and the partial scripting of a full-length screenplay.

The coursework is further enriched by readings of screenplays and movie screenings. Additionally, students can anticipate guest lecturers in TV writing and multiple film story analysis sessions.

Summer Playwriting

The program’s lectures delve into the essence and principles of dramatic action, the interplay between character and circumstance, and the emergence of dramatic structure from these foundational concepts.

Students present their work during the workshop, which is then examined, evaluated, and subject to revisions. In the context of playwriting, this process culminates in the creation of a 10-minute play.

As a collective repertory company, students collaborate to rehearse, assess, and refine their plays, culminating in a final performance on the last day of classes. Beyond the presentation of these 10-minute plays, student monologues receive direction and are performed by professional actors and directors who have close ties to the department.

The curriculum is enriched through readings of classic plays and viewings of significant theatrical productions.

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How Do I Apply to the Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program?

This special program is open to high school sophomores and juniors. While admission to the Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program is highly competitive, don’t let that deter you! We will walk you through the step-by-step process of their admission process.

Application and Admission

Step 1: Requirements and Eligibility

To apply for the Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program or any of their special programs, you must currently be a high school junior or sophomore, with preference given to those in the junior year. Freshmen and seniors do not qualify for application.

A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 unweighted scale and good academic standing are essential prerequisites. Please note that we do not review SAT and ACT testing scores.

If you are accepted, you will be required to reside in NYU-assigned housing. Commuting or living with family or friends on or off-campus during the program is not allowed. You may submit an application for only one program.

The program is known for its collaborative and demanding nature, and your active participation is vital. It’s worth noting that their admissions process is highly competitive, with over 800 applications received annually. Your readiness to absorb, question, and embrace the training and ideas presented is more crucial than your previous achievements.

Your admission decision hinges on a comprehensive faculty review of your entire application, encompassing your personal statement, a single letter of recommendation, your résumé, and your transcripts. All communication regarding your application, including your admission decision, will be conveyed through the primary email address specified in your application.

Step 2: Online Application

As an aspiring applicant, you must submit the following items:

  • Online application form
  • Personal statement
  • Creative résumé
  • Two recommendation letters
  • Unofficial high school transcripts
  • $75 non-refundable application fee

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A Guide to Writing Your Personal Statement for Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Program

Your comprehensive personal statement should fall within a range of 500 to 1500 words. It’s important to note that you cannot reuse the same statement from another application for Tisch Special Programs.

Part A. Address the following questions:

  1. Reflect on an instance where you participated in a collaborative project as part of a team. Describe your role in that project, the lessons you derived from the experience, and the contributions you believe you can make to future collaborative endeavors.
  2. Share your perspective on why you believe you are adequately prepared for this kind of experience and outline your expectations for what you aim to gain from it.
  3. Elaborate on your rationale for considering training and education as indispensable for sustaining a career in the specific field to which you are applying.

Part B. Answer the questions relevant to your chosen track:

Drama (All Studios)

Kindly recount an incident that occurred during your time on stage, in a performance, or while actively involved in a production. Additionally, share the valuable insights you gained from this particular experience.

Dramatic Writing:

  • What motivates your desire to create narratives for theater, film, or television/streaming platforms?
  • What are your expectations from this program, and what drives your dedication to investing four weeks of your summer in nurturing your storytelling skills and finding your unique voice in the craft?


Craft Your Creative Resume

Within the Attachments section of the online application, you may upload your creative resume. Your creative resume should showcase your achievements in creative and artistic endeavors, involvement in extracurricular activities, and relevant employment. Ensure that your resume includes:

  • Your complete name and contact details.
  • Any extracurricular activities or community involvement.
  • Supplementary details such as awards, hobbies, and personal interests.
  • Optional: Links to online media (e.g., videos, music, photography, etc.) if you wish to provide them.

Secure Your Good Recommendations 

You need to submit two (2) recommendation letters. Within the online application, please enter the names and email addresses of your recommenders.

One recommendation must be from a high school representative, and the second can be from another academic representative, a community group leader, a mentor, a coach, etc.

Ideally, both recommendations should be from people who are familiar with your interest in the performing or media arts. Recommendations from friends or family members will not be accepted.

Register your recommenders early! You should allow your recommenders 1-2 weeks to complete the recommendations. Recommendations must be received by the application deadline.

Don’t Forget the Transcripts!

Transcripts will be required in order to submit your application. It is recommended that you contact your school one to two weeks in advance to obtain your most recent transcript.

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Step 3: Verification

You will receive a confirmation email confirming the successful receipt of your application. However, to finalize your application, you must complete the NYU Tisch Supplemental Profile Form.

Upon submitting your application, you will receive a link to access this form. It must be completed within 24 hours to be eligible for program consideration.

Only once your application and the NYU Supplemental Form are verified as complete will our faculty commence the evaluation process for admission, and you will receive your final status notification.

Step 4: Receiving Notification

Final status notifications will be accessible on the dates specified on the Tisch Special Programs Admissions Calendar.

You will be sent an email containing detailed instructions on how to log in and retrieve your admission decision.

Step 5: Confirmation of Your Spot 

If you got in, you must confirm your participation by completing the following steps before the confirmation deadline indicated on the Tisch Special Programs Admissions Calendar:

  • Secure your spot.
  • Submit a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of $1,500 (USD).

And there you go! Once you complete these admission requirements, you are all set to apply to the Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program!

Tuition and Expenses: How Much Do I Need to Get Into The Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Program?

For the Summer 2024 program, the total approximate program expenses are $14,139*.

Here is the detailed expense breakdown:

  • Tuition for 6 units: $11,064

Additional Charges Include:

  • Program Fee (covering activities organized by Residential Life & Housing): $200
  • Housing for a 4-week period: $1,688
  • 10 meals** per week for 4 weeks: $740
  • Dramatic Writing Ticket Fee: $447

*Estimated figures, calculated based on summer 2023 rates.

**Given that their programs involve residential accommodations, students will be automatically enrolled in a 10-meals-per-week plan for the program duration. Students do have the option to increase their meal plan if desired.

Residential Accomodation

Students who are admitted to the Tisch Summer High School program will be housed in NYU accommodations. According to NYU policy, students must be a minimum of 15 years old to be eligible to reside in housing for this program.

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Does Tisch Offer Summer High School Scholarships?

Yes, of course! Tisch offers a limited number of scholarships to high school students interested in attending their programs, such as the Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program. These scholarships are awarded to students who can demonstrate significant financial need. Here’s how you can apply scholarships at Tisch:

Step 1. Review Requirements and Eligibility

To qualify for a scholarship, a student must:

  • Complete the online program and scholarship applications.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident.

Step 2. Start Your Online Program Application

To be considered for a scholarship, you must first complete your application for the Tisch Summer High School program. You can find instructions and access to the application on the Tisch Summer High School Application page.

Step 3. Complete the Online Scholarship Application

After successfully submitting your online application form and verifying its completion by their office, you will receive a link to the NYU Supplemental Profile Form.

This form is used by the University to gather statistical information about NYU program applicants. Within two business days of submitting the NYU Supplemental Profile Form, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the Scholarship Application.

Step 4. Submit Your Scholarship Form and Supporting Documents

Complete the Scholarship Application and submit it. If Tisch Special Programs requires additional documentation, they will contact you via email.

You will receive an email confirmation when your scholarship application is complete and forwarded to the Tisch Office of Financial Aid for review.

Step 5. Await Notification

The outcome of your scholarship application will be communicated to you in your final admissions status notification email.

Embrace Your Creative Journey at Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program

In the world of dramatic writing, there’s always room for fresh voices, unique perspectives, and innovative stories. The Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program is your opportunity to embark on a creative journey like no other.

It’s a chance to discover your voice, push your boundaries, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of storytelling while in the vibrant city of New York!

So, are you ready to take the stage and become the playwright or screenwriter you’ve always dreamed of being? If so, consider applying to the Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program and watch your creative potential flourish!

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