UChicago Cheerleading Team

January 8, 2023
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UChicago Cheerleading Team

For many years, cheerleading was not recognized as a sport. Today, teams around the nation, including the UChicago cheerleading team, are competing and cheering for home teams. After cheer was finally considered a sport, it evolved into various types of teams.

In the lines that follow, we will offer you information about the official UChicago cheerleading team, which is aptly called UChicago Cheer Team. In addition, we will discuss bonus cheerleading topics: assessing the danger between Football and cheerleading, and the importance of fitness in cheerleading.

What is the UChicago cheerleading team called?

What is the name of the cheerleading team at UChicago? The University of Chicago’s cheerleading team, which is more formally known as the UChicago Cheer Team, attends the school’s athletic programs by appearing at home football games in the fall and home basketball games for both men and women in the winter.

Cheering, stunting, and dancing are just some of the ways that they show their Maroon pride at sporting events. On the UChicago cheerleading team, they welcome players of varying ability levels.

What skills are required to try out for UChicago Cheer Team?

What kinds of skills do you need to have in order to try out for the UChicago cheerleading team? To try out for the team, you do not need any particular talents, however previous experience in gymnastics or cheering is strongly welcomed.

In the past, they have recruited those who have spent their whole lives cheering as well as others who are just beginning.

However, just as with any other activity, cheerleaders need to get in shape before they can participate. Those who want to learn more about the thrilling sport of cheering should work on developing their range of motion, strength, and stamina.

View of students walking in the school campus.

Jumping requires a great deal of flexibility on the part of the performer. Flexible cheerleaders will be able to do more impressive aerials. After a good warm-up, you’ll find that jumping is much less of a challenge. Stronger cheerleaders are able to do a wider variety of moves.

Stunting makes it simpler and easier to lift and handle flyers, reducing the risk of injury while making it possible to do so more effectively. Though it’s simple to ignore, endurance is crucial.

How to support UChicago Cheer Team?

How can I help out the UChicago cheerleading team? Both the university’s sport club allocations and the money raised by the UChicago cheerleading team via their own campus fundraising initiatives contribute to the team’s overall financial stability.

However, these sums are not even close to being sufficient to pay the expense of our equipment (uniforms, pom poms, megaphones, and so on), much alone the expense of going to tournaments.

They would be really grateful for any assistance that you might be able to offer. When you make a donation, they would be delighted to send you a warm word of gratitude; thus, they kindly request that you include your name and address.

Additionally, the university is able to send contributors a letter of recognition, in which they will be thanked for their support and given the opportunity to deduct their charitable contributions from their taxable income.

View of students cheering on the bleachers.

They are willing to accept cheques addressed to “The University of Chicago” with UC Cheer placed in the memo line; these checks may then be forwarded to the treasurer so that they can be deposited.

Cheerleading@uchicago.edu is the email address to use to get in touch with the team’s co-captains, Samantha Stagg and Omar Almakki.

How does UChicago Cheer Team give back to the community?

What are some of the ways that the UChicago cheerleading team gives back to the community? During the course of the academic year, student-athletes at the University of Chicago, in conjunction with the UChicago Cheer Team, are actively involved in a wide variety of community service initiatives and organizations.

Every week, the varsity and other club sports teams make sure to set aside some time to volunteer their services in the community of Hyde Park and in the greater Chicagoland region.

One of the most notable community involvement is that of The Women’s Athletic Association and the Order of the “C” (one of the associations that the UChicago cheerleading team is a part of). They have formed multi-year cooperation with local Special Olympics chapters. They organize inclusive practices, a united sports field day, virtual Unified Fitness, and work with Special Olympics groups to promote a Respect campaign.

WAA will become a Special Olympics Illinois Unified Champion School in the autumn of 2020. They work with Southside Occupational Academy, Ada S. McKinley Vocational Services, el Valor, and Misericordia Home.

Group of students walking to go to school.

During a University Athletic Association basketball doubleheader in the winter, WAA hosts a “Slam Dunk for Special Olympics” fundraiser event at the Ratner Athletics Center. Every year, raffles and 50-50 draws throughout the events help raise thousands of dollars. Student-athletes from the University of Chicago then visit local schools to give cheques to their individual Special Olympics teams, which have included Hyde Park Academy and the Ada S. McKinley Vocational Center.

The donations are used to buy jerseys for their different teams, sport-specific shoes, equipment such as tennis rackets and basketballs, as well as entrance fees and travel costs for their participation in local and state Special Olympics competitions. Over the last ten years, WAA has raised more than $60,000 for local projects.

WAA formerly participated in a “Hoops for Hyde Park” fundraising raffle. Over a 25-year span, local primary schools received more than $40,000 in funding for new equipment for their physical education departments.

Throughout the academic year, the OOC is also actively committed to community service programs. Every winter, the OOC organizes a food and clothing drive to collect donations for the St. Columbanus Food Pantry. Annual donations range between 600 and 1,400 pounds of merchandise.

In addition, the OOC has volunteered with the Lost Boyz tutoring program (a Chicago youth assistance group), the Ronald McDonald House, and the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

What are some university events that you might see UChicago Cheer Team?

What are some examples of campus events where you could see the UChicago cheerleading team? College students participate in University of Chicago-specific traditions. Some of these traditions are the following:


William Rainey Harper, the first president of the University of Chicago, made the observation in 1896 that “perfect college and university life” can only be achieved when “the life of the individual is brought into closest contact with the lives of many other persons.”

Today, the College continues to uphold Harper’s conviction by maintaining a Housing & Residence Life program that provides students with a thriving residential community that is comprised of 39 unique houses.

Students collaborate to design house mascots, compete against one another in events such as the Chairman’s Broomball Cup, and invent new traditions that help form their individual experiences throughout their time at college.


During the weeklong festival known as Kuvia, which is an abbreviation for Kuviasungnerk/Kangeiko and takes its name from both the Inuit word for “pursuit of happiness” and the Japanese tradition of “winter training,” students rise before dawn to participate in activities such as yoga, making s’mores, and dance classes with one another.

In order to assist students in recharging their batteries before the start of the winter quarter, the final day of Kuvia begins with sun salutations along the lakeshore and finishes with a sprint over the quads.

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze is an annual festival that is hosted by the Council on University Programming and the Major Activities Board every spring quarter.

The purpose of the festival is to help students celebrate the end of the academic year by providing a day filled with free food and games as well as an outdoor concert in the evening.

Which is harder? Football or cheer?

Which is harder? Cheerleading stunts like what the UChicago cheerleading team does? or the sport football? According to research conducted by the National Center for Catastrophic Sports, the University of North Carolina, and Emerson Hospital in Massachusetts, the percentage of injuries associated with football is in the 90th percentile, while the percentage of catastrophic injuries associated with cheerleading is over 65 percent.

Dr. Cynthia Bir of the Department of Sports Science came to the conclusion that cheering places a bigger impact on injuries than football does.

To answer the question of whether the sport is riskier, then, it is necessary to consider if one is more concerned with statistics and percentages (football) or the potential severity of injuries that may be sustained (cheerleading).

Assessing Danger Levels

Cheerleading and football are both associated with extremely high risk. There are some positions in each sport that are more prone to sustaining injuries than others. When playing football, athletes who are being tackled are the ones who are most at risk.

The cheerleaders who soar into the air or who are at the top of pyramids are the ones who are in the most risk when it comes to cheerleading. There is little doubt that people in other jobs are just as prone to becoming hurt.

How important is fitness in cheerleading?

How significant is the importance of physical fitness in cheerleading? Anyone who wants to participate in sports should prioritize their fitness.

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, it is recommended that cheerleaders concentrate their efforts on developing their flexibility, strength, and endurance. When training for and actually completing leaps, flexibility is an absolute must.

We cannot stress this enough, when a cheerleader has greater flexibility, they will be able to do jumps with greater height. When you’ve fully warmed up, you’ll also find that jumping is much simpler.

Every single cheering technique benefits greatly from increased strength. When stunting, it is much simpler to lift and hold flyers, which not only helps prevent damage but also makes it easier to do so.

Additionally essential is endurance, despite the fact that it is simple to disregard. Because certain stunts are performed for more than a few seconds, all of the participants in the stunt need to have the stamina necessary to finish it. Even a basic workout that just lasts 30 seconds demands a lot of energy.

Experience UChicago school spirit with UChicago Cheer Team

They demonstrate their Maroon passion at games by cheering, stunting, and dancing. The UChicago cheerleading team continues to be vanguards of university pride and tradition.

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