UIUC vs Georgetown: A Comprehensive Look at Two Top Universities

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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UIUC vs Georgetown: A Comprehensive Look at Two Top Universities

If you’re considering attending a top university in the United States, you may be wondering how two highly respected institutions, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and Georgetown University, compare to each other. In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at UIUC vs Georgetown and explore their academic programs, campus facilities, student life, and more.

UIUC vs Georgetown: Introduction

Choosing the right university is one of the most important decisions you will make in your educational career, and it’s therefore necessary to do ample research to find a school that fits your needs. Both UIUC and Georgetown University are highly respected institutions with a variety of academic programs and amenities. By comparing these two schools, we hope to provide you with valuable information to help you make an informed decision about where to attend.

One important factor to consider when comparing UIUC and Georgetown is their location. UIUC is located in the heart of the Midwest, in the city of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. This location offers a more laid-back, college town atmosphere with a strong focus on academics.

On the other hand, Georgetown is located in Washington D.C., the nation’s capital, providing students with unique opportunities for internships, networking, and exposure to politics and government. It’s important to consider which location would best suit your personal and professional goals when making your decision.

Brief History of UIUC and Georgetown

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was founded in 1867 as a land-grant institution, initially established as the Illinois Industrial University. The school now offers over 150 undergraduate and 100 graduate programs, with a student body of over 52,000 students.

Georgetown University has a rich history dating back to 1789, when it was founded by John Carroll, the first Catholic Bishop in America. The school is located in Washington D.C. and is known for its research accomplishments, strong academic programs, and high-profile alumni.

UIUC has a long-standing reputation for excellence in engineering and computer science, with its computer science program consistently ranked among the top in the country. The university is also home to the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, which played a key role in the development of the World Wide Web.

Georgetown University is renowned for its School of Foreign Service, which has produced numerous diplomats and government officials. The university also has a strong commitment to social justice and public service, with programs such as the Georgetown University Law Center’s Institute for Public Representation, which provides legal representation to underserved communities.

UIUC vs Georgetown: Campus Life

Both UIUC and Georgetown have vibrant campus cultures with plenty of opportunities for students to get involved. UIUC offers over 1200 student organizations, including 62 fraternities and sororities, as well as opportunities for internships and study abroad programs. Georgetown, on the other hand, offers over 200 student organizations, including a variety of sports teams and cultural clubs.

While both schools offer lively campus communities, Georgetown’s location in the nation’s capital provides for unique opportunities that aren’t available at UIUC. Georgetown’s campus is located close to important political institutions which offers students a chance to engage with these organizations in internships, volunteer work, and other opportunities.

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Additionally, UIUC has a strong focus on research and innovation, with numerous research centers and institutes on campus. Students have the opportunity to work alongside faculty members on cutting-edge research projects, and the university has a strong reputation for producing groundbreaking research in fields such as engineering, agriculture, and computer science.

UIUC vs Georgetown: Academic Programs

Academically, both UIUC and Georgetown are well-respected universities that offer a wide variety of programs. UIUC is particularly renowned for its engineering, computer science, and business programs, while Georgetown is highly regarded for its programs in international affairs, law, and policy.

Moreover, both schools have modern facilities and cutting-edge technology that provide students with advanced learning tools. UIUC’s campus includes 24 libraries, state-of-the-art research centers and world-class recreation centers. Georgetown, on the other hand, is home to the Walsh School of Foreign Service, an area where Georgetown has excelled. This unique program prepares students for careers in international economics, international security, and global governance.

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UIUC also offers a wide range of programs in the arts and humanities, including music, theater, and creative writing. The university has a strong tradition of supporting the arts, with numerous performance spaces and galleries on campus. Students can take advantage of opportunities to perform, exhibit their work, and collaborate with other artists.

Georgetown, on the other hand, has a strong focus on social justice and community engagement. The university offers a variety of service-learning programs that allow students to apply their academic knowledge to real-world problems. Students can work with local organizations to address issues such as poverty, homelessness, and environmental sustainability.

UIUC vs Georgetown: Student-Faculty Ratio

When it comes to the student-faculty ratio, UIUC has a higher factor compared to Georgetown. UIUC has a student-to-faculty ratio of 21:1, while Georgetown’s ratio is reported to be 11:1. Georgetown’s smaller student-faculty ratio gives students more attention compared to UIUC, since there are fewer students in the classroom, it offers better access to professors, and enhances the learning environment.

Nonetheless, UIUC makes up for its high student-faculty ratio through its active student body that support student engagement and learning within and outside of the classroom.

It is important to note that the student-faculty ratio is not the only factor that determines the level of attention students receive from their professors. Other factors such as class size, teaching style, and availability of resources also play a significant role.

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For instance, even though Georgetown has a smaller student-faculty ratio, some of its classes may still have a large number of students, which could limit the amount of individual attention each student receives. On the other hand, UIUC may have larger classes, but its professors may use innovative teaching methods and provide additional resources such as tutoring and office hours to ensure that students receive the attention they need to succeed.

UIUC vs Georgetown: Campus Facilities

UIUC has a reputation for having one of the most extensive campus recreation centers in the country, with acres of space dedicated for fitness classrooms, swimming pools, basketball courts, and even indoor climbing walls. Georgetown has a robust athletics program and sports teams along with extensive gym facilities as well.

Additionally, Georgetown has extensive academic resources available to students which include the Gelardin New Media Center, numerous research centers, and a robust library system. On the other hand, UIUC has a vast library system that spans 24 locations, which gives students innumerable research and reading resources.

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Another notable facility at UIUC is the Krannert Art Museum, which houses over 10,000 works of art from various cultures and time periods. The museum also hosts exhibitions and events throughout the year, providing students with opportunities to engage with art and culture.

Georgetown, on the other hand, has a state-of-the-art performing arts center, the Gonda Theatre, which hosts a variety of performances including plays, musicals, and concerts. The center also offers opportunities for students to get involved in theater production and performance.

Sports Programs at UIUC vs Georgetown: Which One is More Popular?

UIUC is recognized as one of the leading sports schools in the Midwestern region and has a rich history of successful sports programs. UIUC competes in the Big Ten athletic conference and has successful varsity teams in football, basketball, and baseball, among other sports.

Conversely, Georgetown is known for its strong basketball program and has a high-performing men’s basketball team. Despite the lack of popularity in other sports, Georgetown does have successful teams in soccer and sailing, along with an active intramural sports program.

UIUC’s sports programs have a significant impact on the university’s culture and student life. The school’s football and basketball games attract large crowds of students, alumni, and fans from all over the country. The university also offers a wide range of sports clubs and intramural teams, allowing students to participate in sports at all levels of competition.

Georgetown’s basketball program has a similar impact on the university’s culture, with the men’s basketball team being a source of pride for the school. The team has a dedicated fan base and has produced several NBA players. Additionally, Georgetown’s sailing team has won multiple national championships and is considered one of the best in the country.

UIUC vs Georgetown: Cost of Attendance

The cost of attending either of these top universities may seem high, but they have extensive financial aid programs that make it more affordable. UIUC has an annual cost of attendance of approximately $43,000 for in-state students and $63,000 for out-of-state students. Georgetown’s cost of attendance is higher than that of UIUC, with an estimated annual cost of attendance of $77,000. However, both universities have significant financial aid programs to support their students. Every year, UIUC provides financial aid to more than 77% of its students, and Georgetown has an enviable 94% of students who receive some form of financial aid.

Aside from financial aid, there are other factors to consider when comparing the cost of attendance between UIUC and Georgetown. For example, the cost of living in the surrounding area can greatly impact a student’s expenses.

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UIUC is located in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, which has a lower cost of living compared to Washington D.C., where Georgetown is located. This means that students attending UIUC may have lower housing and food expenses than those attending Georgetown.

Another factor to consider is the availability of scholarships and grants. While both universities offer financial aid, they may differ in the types of scholarships and grants available to students. For example, UIUC offers a variety of merit-based scholarships, while Georgetown has a need-based scholarship program. It’s important for students to research and compare the types of scholarships and grants offered by each university to determine which one may be a better fit for their financial needs.

UIUC vs Georgetown: Scholarships and Financial Aid Options

Both UIUC and Georgetown offer a range of scholarships and financial aid for students who apply. UIUC’s merit scholarship program offers a variety of scholarships based on a student’s academic performance. Georgetown, on the other hand, provides scholarships based on merit, financial need, or community service. Students who need financial aid may qualify for work-study programs, grants, and loans at both universities.

In addition to scholarships and financial aid, both UIUC and Georgetown offer resources to help students manage their finances. UIUC’s Student Money Management Center provides free financial education and counseling services to students. Georgetown’s Office of Student Financial Services offers financial literacy workshops and one-on-one counseling sessions to help students make informed decisions about their finances.

Furthermore, both universities have programs to support students who are first-generation college students or come from low-income backgrounds. UIUC’s First in the Family program provides resources and support to first-generation college students, while Georgetown’s Georgetown Scholarship Program offers comprehensive support to students from low-income families, including academic support, mentorship, and financial assistance.

Career Opportunities for Graduates of UIUC and Georgetown

Both UIUC and Georgetown have a reputation for producing successful graduates who are highly regarded in their fields. When it comes to career opportunities, both universities have impressive track records.

UIUC’s College of Business graduates have a median starting salary of $70,000 and an average career placement rate of 94%. Georgetown, on the other hand, has a successful alumni network, as over half of its alumni live in the D.C. metropolitan area, and it has produced high-achieving graduates in a variety of fields such as politics, law, and business.

Additionally, both universities offer extensive career services to their students and alumni. UIUC’s Career Center provides resources such as career counseling, job and internship postings, and networking events. Georgetown’s Career Education Center offers similar services, as well as career fairs and employer information sessions. These resources can be invaluable to graduates as they navigate the job market and seek out new career opportunities.

Public Perception of UIUC and Georgetown: How Do They Stack Up Against Each Other?

UIUC and Georgetown have a reputation for academic excellence and leadership in their respective fields. Both universities consistently rank highly in various university rankings, with Georgetown placing 22nd on the 2021 U.S. News and World Report rankings, while UIUC ranks at 47th. That being said, both are highly respected and recognized schools in the United States and beyond.

One area where Georgetown and UIUC differ is in their campus culture. Georgetown is known for its strong emphasis on social justice and community service, with many students participating in volunteer work and activism. UIUC, on the other hand, has a reputation for being a more research-focused institution, with a strong emphasis on STEM fields.

Another factor that sets these two universities apart is their location. Georgetown is located in the heart of Washington D.C., providing students with unique opportunities to engage with politics and government. UIUC, on the other hand, is located in the Midwest, with a more rural campus setting. However, UIUC’s location also provides students with access to a variety of research opportunities and collaborations with nearby tech companies.

Conclusion: Which University is Right for You?

Ultimately, the decision about where to attend university comes down to a student’s personal needs and interests. Georgetown and UIUC are very different schools with unique strengths. Georgetown offers a dynamic campus environment located in the heart of Washington D.C., with strong programs in international affairs and law, while UIUC offers strong programs in engineering, computer science, and business, with an active campus community located in the heart of the Midwestern United States. The choice depends on a student’s interests and academic goals, and both are excellent universities where students can thrive.

It is important for students to consider factors beyond academics when choosing a university. For example, the location of the university can greatly impact a student’s experience. Georgetown’s location in Washington D.C. provides students with unique opportunities for internships and networking, while UIUC’s location in the Midwest offers a more affordable cost of living and a strong sense of community.

Additionally, students should consider the extracurricular activities and resources available at each university. Georgetown offers a wide range of student organizations and clubs, as well as access to the resources of the nation’s capital. UIUC has a strong athletic program and a variety of research opportunities for students.


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