What Are The Best Colleges In New York?

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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What Are The Best Colleges In New York?

Is studying in New York right for me?

Should I consider going to school in New York City? It is common knowledge that New York served a significant portion of the city’s history as a hub for immigration to the United States. Over the years, New York has represented much more than just another trip to another global location. It is also now a great place for education. Many alumni from the best colleges in New York have become successful in their chosen fields.

The connections made during school can offer increased opportunities to those interested in breaking into one of New York’s most competitive industries, such as publishing, high technology, or financial services. These opportunities could come from internships, job prospects, or long-term contacts in your chosen industry. Students also discover that many careers in high demand in New York offer higher earnings.

However, prospective students should carefully consider the amount of money they will receive in return for their education (ROI). For instance, the tuition rates at public colleges may be significantly higher for students attending college from other states. Even though nonresident students are not required to pay tuition at private universities, these institutions typically have much higher tuition rates.

According to a report compiled by Payscale, two of the best colleges in New York in terms of return on investment are Columbia University and Cornell University. The admission rate for the class of 2026 at Columbia University is approximately 3.7%, making it one of the New York colleges with the most competitive admission standards.

Students should also consider how much it will cost them to study and live in New York City. Sharing housing, relocating to an area outside of New York City, and applying for numerous scholarships, grants, and grants based on work experience are ways to cut costs associated with this endeavor.

Why study college in New York?

There are a lot of factors to consider in why one should choose to attend college in New York. Here are some examples:

New York City at night

Diversity: New York is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and this diversity is reflected in its colleges and universities. Students from all over the world come to study in New York, which can provide a unique and enriching educational experience.

Culture: New York is one of the cultural capitals of the world, and studying at the best colleges in New York can give you access to some of the best museums, theaters, and cultural institutions in the world.

Career opportunities: New York has many of the world’s top companies. Studying in this city can provide access to internships and job opportunities that might not be available elsewhere.

Networking: Studying in New York can also provide you with access to a large and diverse network of alumni and professionals who can help you with your career goals.

Overall, studying in New York can be a great way to get a world-class education, experience a diverse and vibrant city, and access some of the best career opportunities in the world.

What are the best universities in New York?

Columbia University

Columbia University, located in New York City, has 26 libraries and nearly 200 research institutes. Columbia University is widely regarded as one of the best universities in New York. The university comprises more than 15 schools and colleges, some of which are the School of International and Public Affairs, the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, and the College of Dental Medicine.

Columbia University campus

Additionally, the university has ties to Barnard College, Teachers College, the Jewish and Union Theological Seminaries, and the Union Theological Seminary. Archaeology, the study of Slavic languages, and sustainability science are three additional noteworthy fields of study. The cost of tuition differs from institution to institution and program to program.

First-year applicants must submit transcripts, a letter of recommendation, a personal essay, and either a list of activities or a resume. Other general admission requirements include these items.

Cornell University

Cornell University is a private institute that has its headquarters in Ithaca and is considered one of the best colleges in New York. It also has campuses, labs, and studios in several other locations worldwide, including New York City, Washington, D.C., Qatar, and Italy, to name a few.

Cornell University building

More than one hundred different graduate fields of study are offered at Cornell, in addition to the eighty undergraduate majors. The School of Industrial and Labor Relations, the College of Human Ecology, and the College of Veterinary Medicine are three of the most prestigious schools and colleges that Cornell University has to offer. Some examples of majors are China and Asia-Pacific studies, atmospheric science, fiber science, and apparel design.

Applicants for their first year must hand in a writing sample, transcripts, a recommendation from a guidance counselor, and two teacher evaluations. A portfolio of the applicant’s previous work is required by some programs as well.

Barnard College

Barnard College is a women’s-only private university in New York City. It was founded in 1842. Additionally, the institution’s relationship with Columbia University continues to this day.

Classics and ancient studies, European studies, human rights, neuroscience and behavior, and other fields of study are among the nearly fifty academic specializations that can be pursued at Barnard. In addition, students can participate in more than 80 different clubs, some of which are pre-professional, such as the Barnard Psychology Society. In contrast, others are cultural, such as the Korean Students Association.

Barnard College's front building

In addition to transcripts, applicants must submit a personal essay, a writing supplement, a letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor, and two letters of recommendation from teachers. Applicants can participate in an admissions interview, present a portfolio, and/or submit up to two additional letters of recommendation if they would like to strengthen their application packet.

Hamilton College

The private liberal arts institution Hamilton College, found in Clinton, strongly emphasizes the importance of thinking, speaking, and writing across various fields. At the moment, the college instructs approximately 2,000 students on an annual basis.

The undergraduate curriculum at Hamilton College includes 57 concentrations and 44 majors. The fields of cinema and media studies, geoarchaeology, and Russian studies are examples of notable majors. Statistics, Latin American studies, and astronomy can be studied but are only offered as minors. Students can participate in research through on-campus internships during the summer, independent research projects and the Senior Program offered by the college.

There may be differences in the requirements for admission between the various programs, but all first-year applicants must submit their transcripts and an essay.

New York University

NYU was established in 1831 and is located in New York City. It has more than 50,000 students enrolled each academic year. Over one hundred thousand people submitted applications to the university for 2021-2022.

New York University has campuses in thirteen different cities across the globe besides its main campus. The university provides access to several degree and certificate programs that can be completed online.

View of a building in NYU.

As one of the best colleges in New York, students at NYU have access to more than 230 different fields of study across the university. The fields of metropolitan studies, anthropology and linguistics, medieval and Renaissance studies, and dramatic writing are among the most notable majors.

The cost of tuition varies from institution to institution and program to program. First-year applicants are required to submit transcripts and any other materials that are mandated by the program that they wish to attend.

University of Rochester

Rochester is the name of a private university and its city. Being one of the best colleges in New York, Rochester educates more than 12,000 students each year while keeping the student-to-faculty ratio at a manageable 10 to 1. Learners also have numerous opportunities to participate in research; more than 75 percent of undergraduates are involved in student research projects.

Rush Rhees Library in University of Rochester

The university is home to several different schools and colleges, some of which are the Eastman School of Music, the Simon Business School, and the Warner School of Education. The Bachelor of Arts in American Sign Language and the Bachelor of Arts in Bioethics are two notable undergraduate degrees. Other notable undergraduate degrees include a Master of Science in Epidemiology and a Doctor of Philosophy in Optics.

Applicants for their first year must hand in transcripts, a guidance counselor recommendation, and a teacher recommendation. The Eastman School of Music admissions process is distinct from other schools.

Marist College

Marist College, which has its primary campus in Poughkeepsie, also has a campus in Florence, located in Italy. Each year, Marist enrolls approximately 6,400 new students in its undergraduate program. Learners can access various academic resources, such as writing centers, centers for multicultural affairs, and career services.

There are seven schools at Marist, including the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the School of Management, and the School of Communication and the Arts. Together, they confer nearly fifty different degrees. In addition, Marist provides several degree programs that can be completed entirely online, such as an online master’s degree in business administration.

First-year applicants must submit transcripts, a letter of recommendation from their guidance counselor, a personal essay, and any additional materials mandated by the program they wish to enroll in.

Stony Brook University

Stony Brook was established in Oyster Bay in 1957 before moving to its current location in the town with the same name. The State University of New York at Stony Brook is one of the institutes that makes up the State University of New York System, and it provides instruction to more than 26,000 students annually.

Stony Brook University flashed unto a screen and is magnified

One of the best colleges in New York, Stony Brook University, is made up of twelve schools and colleges, some of which are the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the Renaissance School of Medicine, and the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. The disciplines of Earth and Space Sciences, Chemical and Molecular Engineering, Human Evolutionary Biology, and Africana Studies are among the most prominent undergraduate majors.

Applicants for their first year must submit transcripts and a recommendation from a teacher or counselor. Additional application materials, such as personal statements, essays, and letters of recommendation, must be submitted to be considered for the honors program.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rensselaer is a private institute that is located in Troy. Each year, it instructs approximately 8,000 students. Rensselaer places a significant emphasis on research; the institute manages thirty separate research centers and spent more than one hundred million dollars on research in 2020.

Rensselaer is home to five distinct educational institutions, the most notable of which are the Lally School of Management, the School of Architecture, and the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. A Master of Science in Lighting, a Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Nuclear Engineering and Science are notable degrees offered at this institution.

Applicants for the first year must submit a letter of recommendation and their transcripts. The majority of programs require prospective students to also compose an essay.

Binghamton University

Binghamton University was established in 1946 as Triple Cities College and is named after the city in which it is located. The university has approximately 18,000 students enrolled and received more than 42,000 applications for 2020.

Binghamton University signage

Known to many people as one of the best colleges in New York, Binghamton is responsible for the administration of six schools and colleges. Some are the Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science, the Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and the College of Community and Public Affairs. Over 130 different undergraduate programs and over 80 different graduate degree programs are available for students to choose from.

A Bachelor of Arts in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, a Master of Science in the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities, and a Doctorate of Education in Educational Theory and Practice are notable options. Applicants for the first year must hand in one letter of recommendation and their transcripts.

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