What are the Coolest Jobs Out There?

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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What are the Coolest Jobs Out There?

Even if cool occupations are hard to come by, they certainly add interest to life. Who wants a world with solely uninteresting jobs, after all? If the majority of us must work to make a living, then we need to have the opportunity to do something that doesn’t make us snort when we discuss it. So, what are some cool jobs with good pay?

Truth be told, hope comes from the coolest jobs. They pique our interest and motivate us to keep working toward a society that honors creativity, risk-taking, and selfless devotion to others. They stand for courageous advancements in our society as a whole. Aside from being fascinating and amazing, awesome occupations are also evidence that people don’t always have to work in dull jobs.

What Makes a Job “Cool”?

You’ve probably found yourself daydreaming about the kind of job that not only pays well but also sparks envy at dinner parties. But what really makes a job “cool”? Is it the thrill of the unknown, the allure of fame, or perhaps the promise of adventure?

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At the heart of it, cool jobs with good pay are those that strike a balance between passion and profit. They’re the roles that allow you to chase your dreams while ensuring that the bills are paid. They’re not just about the paycheck, but about the stories you’ll tell, the experiences you’ll gain, and the impact you’ll leave behind.

So, next time you’re scrolling through job listings, don’t just look at the salary column. Dive deeper. What’s the story behind that role? What adventures await?

Defining “Cool” in the Context of Careers

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. When you’re defining “cool” in the context of careers, it’s not just about the glitz and glamour. It’s about finding a role that resonates with your inner self.

Think about it. Would you rather be stuck in a mundane 9-to-5, or would you prefer a job that challenges you, pushes your boundaries, and makes every day unpredictable? Cool jobs with good pay are those that offer a blend of excitement, challenge, and reward.

They’re the roles that make you jump out of bed every morning, eager to face the day. They’re the jobs where you’re constantly learning, evolving, and growing. Most importantly, they’re the careers where you feel a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment.

The Role of Innovation and Technology

In today’s rapidly changing world, innovation and technology play a pivotal role in shaping the coolest jobs out there. Remember when being a social media manager sounded like science fiction? Well, welcome to the present!

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The digital revolution has ushered in a plethora of cool jobs with good pay that didn’t exist a decade ago. Virtual reality developers, AI ethicists, and biohackers are now in demand, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. As technology continues to evolve, so do career opportunities. You’re no longer limited to traditional roles.

The tech landscape is bursting with potential, waiting for trailblazers like you to dive in. So, if you’re passionate about innovation and eager to make a mark in the tech world, now’s the time. The future is bright, and it’s brimming with opportunities for those willing to seize them.

What are some cool jobs with good pay?

What are some occupations that are not only enjoyable but also pay well? This is a list of cool jobs with good pay. To begin, here are some examples, not listed in any particular order:


The financial transactions of a corporation are monitored by bookkeepers. They create financial statements and keep track of all corporate transactions. Particularly if you enjoy spreadsheets and are interested in finance, an accounting position can be enjoyable and fulfilling.

Salary on average: $45,250

Social media manager

Because it requires keeping up with the newest social media trends and technologies, working as a social media manager can be a lot of fun. It’s a gratifying career, and it’s nice to watch one of your own social media campaigns succeed.

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Creating content, running social media campaigns, and communicating with clients on social media platforms are all aspects of social media management.

Salary on average: $49,000


A fantastic method to support yourself while sharing your interests or passions with the world is to become a paid vlogger. Sponsorships, advertising, and product placement are all ways to monetize this cool job with good pay. Additionally, you can earn money by asking your audience for donations or by selling goods or services that pertain to your channel.

Salary on average: $83,916

Athletic Coach

Do you simply appreciate sports or are you a former athlete? Consider becoming a sports trainer as a coll job with good pay. You will collaborate with players to establish personal fitness objectives if you work for a professional sports organization. Additionally, you’ll get the chance to create unique workout plans and recovery plans for injured players.

Forensic expert/scientist

Another cerebral and cool job with good pay is a forensic scientist. The expert gathers and examines the evidence to assist with criminal investigations. The main responsibilities of forensic scientists are to record and preserve evidence, conduct tests to analyze the evidence and submit their results in a written report for investigators and prosecutors. Forensic scientists typically focus on laboratory analysis or crime scene investigation.

Video games designer

Many people consider designing video games as a cool job with good pay. The gameplay, characters, and narratives for video games are all created by game designers. It makes sense because it provides the ideal mix of difficulty and creativity. You not only get to think of original, cutting-edge ideas, but you also get to watch them come to fruition in front of your very eyes.

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A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related discipline is often required for video game designers, although a degree can only prepare you for one of the most enjoyable occupations we’ve seen.

How do people get cool jobs?

How can folks land cool jobs with good pay? Here are some strategies for getting an interview now that you know what you want to accomplish.

Possess a strong resume

Put the appropriate keywords in your profile and CV. Read the job listings for the positions you are interested in thoroughly, then add the keywords you find to your profile and CV.

Numerous hiring managers look for renowned university names. Don’t lie about your education, but if you can enroll in a professional development course at a nearby university like this one and mention it on your resume and profile, it can help your profile stand out.

Maintain Your Social Media

Anyone who is thinking about calling you in for an interview will first search for your name on Google. What will they uncover?

If you’re this guy, you should plan on never finding employment. However, there are undoubtedly some humiliating Instagram and Facebook images of you. Make every account you have private and tidy up your web presence.

Attend job fairs

For these events, be ready. Research the businesses you are interested in by learning which ones will be attending.

Have a solid elevator pitch. This is a 30-second pitch about what you can bring to a business. At these fairs, recruiters speak to dozens of people, so you need to sell yourself quickly and effectively.

Have many copies of your CV, as well as samples of your work, including websites you’ve created and articles you’ve authored. Obtain the contact information of anyone who holds a position you are interested in and with whom you spoke.

As soon as you have it, sneak away and jot down some notes on what you discussed. Making notes is crucial because you won’t be able to remember all the conversations by the end of the day.

Within 48 hours, be sure to send them a thank-you email and let them know where and when you spoke.


Being jobless becomes monotonous, unpleasant, lonely, and disheartening. This is excruciatingly true especially if you long to have a cool job with good pay.

By helping others, volunteering makes you feel good and gives you a sense of purpose. It also gets you out of the house and into contact with people other than the person who delivers your Seamless meals.

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One new employment or perhaps a new career can result from volunteering. Think of volunteering as a job. Everyone is watching you, so if you skip shifts, arrive late, or slack off, they will notice.

It’s not necessary for the cause you volunteer for to directly lead to employment. Perhaps you enjoy working with animals as a volunteer, but working with animals is not what you want to do for a living.

Undoubtedly, not every volunteer you encounter works with animals. One of them might hold a position in which you are interested.

Inform the group you are volunteering with if you would desire a paid position. When a position opens up, you might be fortunate or at the very least land an interview.

Don’t be afraid to take on more duties if you want to advance. Develop relationships within the organization, learn about its culture, and demonstrate passion and excitement.

You can develop talents that you can include on your CV by volunteering. A food pantry volunteer’s duties go well beyond simply organizing grocery bags; they may also involve fundraising, scheduling volunteer shifts, and publicizing the service that is offered.


There are several places to network, including Meetups, your local Chamber of Commerce, conferences, business groups, and alumni associations for colleges.

Attending a networking event follows much of the same guidelines as going to a job fair: acquire business cards, jot down a few notes on the individuals who already have cool jobs with good pay, and get in touch with them within a day or two of the event.

Bring a friend if you’re uncomfortable approaching strangers, but make sure they’re more outgoing than you are. Otherwise, the two of you will isolate yourselves in a corner and only converse with one another.

If there is a list of attendees, do some research on each person and the businesses they represent so you can arrive prepared to strike up a conversation.

Inform Everyone

Inform everyone you know that you are searching for a cool job with good pay, just like you would when looking for a relationship. You never know who you might offend, so inform the stranger in line behind you at the grocery store or the person on the treadmill next to you at the gym.

However, don’t send out a bulk email; instead, inform one person at a time. No one will offer assistance because they believe someone else will because you’ll produce the bystander effect.

Be specific when you do let someone know you’re searching. What position, which employers, and, if you live in a big city, where are you interested?

Tell them what you want them to do for you: put you in touch with anyone who might be able to help; inform you of any job opportunities they hear about, and give your CV to the person who will get you a job.

Develop Your Own Possibilities

Biz Stone writes in his book Things a Little Bird Told Me about how he always made his own opportunities. He founded a lacrosse team in high school because he wanted to play the sport.

He began creating book jackets on computers while working as a box loader at a book publisher.

Someone once came upon one of his creations and suggested it to the author. They picked his design for the book because they loved it. He was thereafter employed as a designer full-time. Check out the book; he has plenty more tales similar to those in it.

Final Reflections

At the end of the day, what you consider to be a “cool job with good pay” is entirely up to you. See whether there is a profession in that field if you are motivated, and inspired about learning more about a certain subject. The first step in finding a cool career is to identify the interests that give you a sense of purpose.

What better way to start this step than by making yourself ready in attending the college or university of your choice? Not sure how to bring it about? We are available to help you. With more than a decade of experience helping people just like you get into the elite educational institutions of their choosing, AdmissionSight is the industry’s top college admissions consultant.

AdmissionSight is committed to offering students a wide range of services that are all designed to help them polish their applications in order to catch admissions officers’ attention. Make a call to us right away to schedule a free consultation.

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