What Is High School Burnout And How To Avoid It?

January 11, 2023
By AdmissionSight

What Is High School Burnout And How To Avoid It

What Is Academic Burnout?

What Is the definition of academic burnout? Academic burnout can be defined as a negative emotional, physical, and mental reaction to a prolonged study that results in exhaustion, frustration, lack of motivation, and reduced ability in school. When confronted with excessive work during the academic year, particularly during the most difficult academic years, high school burnout is more likely to occur (junior and senior years).

The experience of stress is normal; however, burnout is characterized by extreme levels of stress that make it difficult for you to deal with any of your issues.

It is the result of many weeks or months spent studying the same material, working on the same project, or years of continuous education. This is not to be confused with the occasional frustration that can come from studying for a long time or the tiredness that can come from staying up all night. High school burnout is more of a chronic condition brought on by extended periods of studying or working on schoolwork.

What are the signs of high school burnout?

Be on the lookout for the following behaviors or symptoms of burnout in high school:

  • Depression – The student has lost interest in their friends, hobbies, and other activities, and their attention span has decreased due to depression.
  • Anxiety – The student manifests outward feelings of anxiety for no apparent reason, and they cannot relax or get a good night’s sleep.
  • Insomnia –  This occurs when a student suffers from a persistent inability to fall asleep at night or when they wake up but cannot fall back asleep again.
  • Poor Eating Habits – The student either undereats or overeats chronically, both of which are recognized as stress responses.
  • Nausea – The student is also experiencing dry mouth and throat in addition to stomach aches, dizziness, and nausea.

How to avoid becoming burned out in high school?

Stress management strategies

You can use various strategies for managing stress to help you cope with the burned out from high school that comes from your schoolwork and work outside of school.

  • Establish a regular schedule so that your brain can get used to the times when you have to work, and you won’t feel as stressed when you’re not working. In addition to that, you’ll have more time on your hands as a result of this.
  • To ensure you get the most out of your time spent studying, implement an efficient approach like the Pomodoro technique.
  • Make sure to give yourself breaks, even if it’s just for a few days.
  • Engage in a stress-relieving activity, such as playing a video game or running, and see if that helps. For instance, research has shown that physical activity can effectively reduce stress.

Developing good routines

It will be much simpler for you to deal with your stress, and you’ll be able to reduce the amount of stress you experience while you’re working if you develop healthy habits while doing your job. Even the smallest of behaviors, such as brushing your teeth first thing in the morning, contribute to forming a routine that helps you avoid becoming anxious over less significant matters.

a group of high school gathered together looking at a note

Your brain will get used to the routine and you will feel less stressed about work-related uncertainty if you apply the same concepts to other areas, such as working for an hour when you get home and then taking an hour’s break for a snack. In doing so, you will be able to promote good habits instead of experiencing high school burnout.

It’s ok to say no.

If you are a driven student, you may want to take on as many responsibilities as possible, such as being the leader of one or more clubs, excelling in your classes, and preparing for standardized tests like the SAT and ACT.

However, no one can accomplish all of those things. This is because you will get high school burnout if you get overwhelmed. Therefore, you will need to create a time budget.

It is even better if you focus on what you enjoy doing because this will cause you to be more productive and allow you to work more without making you feel as though you are doing actual ‘work.’ You should keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything to be successful; instead, you should focus on doing the things that bring you the most joy, which, in your opinion, are the best indicators of your level of commitment. On the other hand, you might have to decline opportunities to participate in activities that interest you.

Take care of your own needs.

You risk losing sight of some of life’s other essential components if you devote excessive energy to achieving a single objective, such as improving your grade or preparing for an important examination. However, ignoring your health and failing to take care of yourself can make you even more exhausted, reduce your level of productivity, and make you more prone to high school burnout.

Consequently, you should carry out the necessary actions, including taking breaks, attending to sanitary needs, and working productively without becoming obsessive about it. You will be a much more attentive and analytical worker if you have a good work-life balance, and you will also be a much better worker overall.

It is not impolite to request assistance.

The most challenging aspect of work is figuring out what to do next. Even though this may appear to be common sense, students frequently struggle with schoolwork simply because they do not know where to begin. If this appears to be the case, schedule some time to talk with your instructor or a friend; they will be happy to point you in the right direction.

a male student reading a book

There is no reason to feel embarrassed about requesting assistance; doing so can save a lot of time and is a necessary step to fully comprehending a topic and effectively communicating its nuances.

Have a mentor.

There is a good chance that you are not to blame for experiencing high school burnout by everything that is going on in your environment. On the other hand, it is something that each of us has been through. The ability to find an experienced mentor who can help you deal with the stress of high school and guide you through the confusing puzzle that is high school is a great resource to have.

Students frequently have success in locating mentors by searching for adults or older students who share their interests. Beta Bowl is an example of a program that will connect you with one of its many mentors so that you can receive individual guidance, feedback, and support as you learn and master a skill set that can be used in the construction of businesses.

As you learn more about managing your high school burnout, it is equally important to learn how to enter the right college in the future. At AdmissionSight, you will be guided as needed in that step. You can get all the right information and guidance from experts at AdmissionSight. Start your journey today with an initial consultation.




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