What To Bring To College Dorm

December 21, 2022
By AdmissionSight

What To Bring To College Dorm

What do I bring to a college dorm?

What do I bring to a college dorm? You may be wondering what to pack if you intend to move into an off-campus apartment or a dorm room at your university in the coming semester. There are other items you’ll need to bring with you, such as daily necessities and school supplies. This checklist by AdmissionSight has been put together to help you make sure you know what to bring to college dorm during the academic year.

Bath and Bedding

An uncomfortable twin XL mattress screams “dorm room living” more than anything. Do not fret; a decent comforter or mattress topper can readily fix this. If you can discover one that can be reversed to change the appearance of your space when one color grows stale, all the better.

an empty but clean dorm room

You’ll probably find other pieces of furniture in your dorm room as well, but you might need a bigger desk for late-night homework marathons. For night owls, having a physical alarm clock on hand rather than relying solely on your phone to wake you up could mean the difference between arriving on time and unintentionally sleeping in.

Aesthetics and Wellness

No matter if you are in college or not, maintaining your health and hygiene is vital! A shower caddy might make it simpler to transport all of your bathroom necessities in one trip if your dorm has a shared bathroom.

Additionally, you should be equipped to handle minor injuries, particularly if the campus’s health center is closed. A first aid kit contains everything you need in the convenience of a small bag. Always choose safety over regret, so have this highlighted on your what to bring to college dorm checklist.

You might be brave enough to think about giving yourself a haircut or having a buddy do it for you if you’re new to the town and unsure about where to get a good one. In this situation, investing in a quality grooming kit can be the best move for you.

Laundry and Clothes

Most college students detest the idea of doing laundry, whether it involves filling and emptying hampers or folding items afterward. While washing laundry is undoubtedly not the most thrilling experience you’ll have in college, it is a necessary one. Instead of wishing you had a bit more closet space for your clothes because your dorm room storage is probably not the biggest, consider buying a clothing rack! They’re a terrific way to keep everything organized while also showcasing your favorite apparel items.

2 students moving in to their new dorm

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You’ll spend the full year living at your apartment or dorm. Even though it might not initially seem like home, there are many things you can do to transform it into a sanctuary where you can unwind and recharge. Take advantage of the chance to personalize the area and practice your interior design skills. Rugs are a terrific way to add color and energy to the area, and posters may add personality and express your hobbies.

This is an opportunity for you to host a private art exhibition for yourself and your friends if you enjoy painting or drawing in your spare time. Decor is more than just aesthetics and appearance. It may also serve a purpose! More seating is much more hospitable to visitors than just a desk chair and the floor.

Educator Resources

With a few office necessities, you may position yourself for success in your classes. Whether you major in STEM or not, you’ll undoubtedly need a calculator at some point during your time in college.

Although there is almost certainly a printer at your college, it is much more convenient to print essays from the comfort of your own apartment or dorm room. While taking notes on your laptop is perfectly acceptable, studies have shown that jotting down your notes by hand can enhance comprehension and aid with memory. This should be a priority on your what to bring to college dorm checklist.

Equipment and Electronics

A laptop and a strong Internet connection are vital, but they are now more crucial than ever for students to excel in college. It’s crucial to have a gadget that can keep you linked to your virtual classes, particularly as many colleges move to online instruction for the upcoming academic year.

Two outlets might not be enough to keep your phone, laptop, and other equipment charged and ready to use when you need them. You can find yourself in need of a power strip in circumstances like this. Additionally, they can be helpful for cords that just don’t appear to be long enough to reach your bed or workplace.

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Snacks and meals

It’s likely that, if it has one at all, your dorm room’s kitchen will be subpar. You can bring a lot of useful additions to make cooking easier. Midterm week might make you a coffee drinker if you aren’t already. Having some available at all times can be what gets you through a long night of studying for an exam or a marathon homework session. If you want to step up your morning fix, you can even bring a milk frother.

two college freshmen holding their stuff as they move in to their new dorm room

When you don’t have time for lunch, picking up a box of individually wrapped snacks is a wonderful idea for eating in between sessions. Make healthy meals for yourself, even though the kitchen in your dorm may not feel like the one at home. There are several choices that are simple to use and easy to keep!


It would be awful to spend hours trapped within a structure just because you neglected to bring an umbrella. Imagine getting thoroughly drenched while traveling to class—that would be terrible. A small umbrella that you always keep in your backpack will help you be ready for any unforeseen weather changes.

You should unquestionably have a bike lock if you intend to bring a bike. You’ll need one if you park your bike on campus, so believe us when we say that.

Now that you know what to bring to college dorm, you should also know what not to bring.

What should you not bring to a college dorm?

What should you not bring to a college dorm? We advise leaving these items behind when you move in.

  • having too much clothing, namely, “the twenty button-down shirts that my son HAD to have but never wore,” according to one mother.
  • Wearing too much formal attire: You might need a suit jacket or a few dresses if you are a member of a fraternity or sorority or if your major requires you to give formal presentations.
  • Too many shoes—once again, not enough room.
  • Use disposables instead of real plates, knives, and forks.
  • Cleaning mops made of plastic
  • Vacuum Cleaner: Avoid purchasing one if you don’t already have one. You can borrow one from someone down the hall on the two occasions that he genuinely vacuums.
  • Laundry bag and basket: there isn’t enough room for both. Ensure you have a collapsible laundry bag.
  • There were a lot of hangers; one mother said that “more shelves—maybe—would have collected more clothes.”
  • Bulky luggage: Use heavy-duty trash bags or foldable bags to transport clothing instead.
  • Save your kitchen gadgets, such as a Panini press, for an apartment.

What to bring to organize the college dorm?

What to bring to organize the college dorm? It’s important to know what to bring to college dorm and what not to bring, as well as to make sure that your dorm room is organized.

1. Make use of vertical space.

In your dorm, this is great for vertical storage.

Over-the-door shoe racks are a great method to keep your shoes off the ground and may be used to store items such as scarves, gloves, socks, personal care items, and more. Towel hooks and racks mounted above doors are also excellent.

2. Buy a trailer.

Buy a hutch for your desk to make the most of the available wall space and to store all of your books and schoolwork.

3. Direct hooks

Make them your brand-new best pal. You may utilize Command hooks in a variety of fantastic ways throughout your dorm room, and since you aren’t supposed to put nails in the walls, you can remove them without causing damage to the walls whenever it’s time to move out. They are available almost anywhere; buy more than you think you’ll need, then send the extras back. Make sure you read and follow the directions on the packaging carefully!

4. Get ready

Purchase multiple plastic shoe boxes and fill them with the following:

  • Medicine and first aid supplies: Students don’t want to go out late at night to buy medicine when they’re sick and their parents aren’t there to help.
  • DIY tool kit: Both on move-in day and throughout the school year, you never know when you will need a few tools.
  • Fill a shoebox with necessities like scissors, a flashlight, extra batteries, a tiny sewing kit with thread and a needle, safety pins, stamps, stationery, a roll of quarters for laundry, scotch tape, a stapler, a hole punch, paper clips, glue sticks, white-out, a ruler, etc.

5. Use storage under the bed.

You may make use of the lovely area under your bed in a number of ways! Although bunking is usually an option, few students choose to do so. Another option is to loft the bed, which involves raising the bed and putting the desk underneath it.

unidentified student unpacking their things

6. Electronics

On the day of your relocation, be sure you have everything you’ll need for electronics. Extension cords are prohibited in dorm rooms at some universities due to fire regulations. The normal workaround for this requirement is to pack extra surge protectors. This one has a particularly lengthy lead cord.

7. Composite Drawers

Sharpies, highlighters, sticky notes, and organizing your accessories are all wonderful uses for the smaller plastic drawers that you may keep on your desk.

8. “Kitchen Zone”

Most likely, your dorm room has a space set aside for your food, coffee, and fridge (possibly a microwave if they are allowed). If you share a room, discuss your respective contributions with your roommate.

It is vital to know what to bring to college dorm since you should get ready for your future dorm while getting ready for college entrance as well. In order to be admitted into the best institutions in the world, you must successfully navigate the challenging admissions process. AdmissionSight’s college admission specialists will assist you in this endeavor. Make an appointment immediately to receive the best assistance with college admissions.







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