Why Do People Go to Law School?

January 16, 2023
By AdmissionSight

Why Do People Go to Law School?

Why do people want to go to law school?

“Why do people go to law school?” “Why do you wish to pursue a legal education?” Or, “What do you hope to accomplish with a law degree?” Asking prospective law students one of these questions could reveal more about them than what they actually say. Nevertheless, the list of justifications for attending law school is provided by AdmissionSight below.

1. You desire to assist others with their challenges.

Why do people go to law school? Twenty years ago, the “intellectual challenge” it provided (mentioned by 40% of applicants) and the “social service” component (17%) were the two main justifications for choosing to become a lawyer.

Indeed, a Biglaw associate who earned his LLM from the University of Edinburgh and his JD from the University of Michigan told us that there may be merit to considering law school if “you appreciate problem-solving and helping others.” “You love to solve problems,” said one NYU Law alumna and another Big Law associate.

law school textbooks

If your interest in law stems from a genuine desire to assist people in navigating the legal system, you may find practicing law to be a very fulfilling career. Clients of Biglaw are people, after all (corporate campaign contribution opinions or not).

However, even jobs serving the underprivileged (i.e., public interest law) are scarce these days because so many aspiring corporate lawyers apply for those positions when they are unable to get employment in their preferred field of practice.

2. You’ve worked in government professionally.

Various legal positions are available in local, state, and federal governments. These positions are less common now because of budget cuts, but if you’ve worked for the government before, you’ll probably be able to find one once you graduate from law school. In central Illinois, a job-seeking attorney observed, “In my experience, folks with government backgrounds tend to have no trouble landing attorney jobs.” There are openings despite the relatively low beginning pay.

3. You have a fascination with corporate tax law.

Corporate tax lawyers make sure that their clients, which can include vast multinationals with post offices on tiny, sunny islands, are in compliance with the law. Some of these lawyers not only have JDs but also MBAs or CPAs. Consider all the tax-related transactions a business could make during sales, mergers, and contributions; a corporate tax attorney can guide clients through these murky waters.

Corporate tax law is thought to be quite boring as a result of its intricacy, even for many lawyers who enjoy cuddling up with a beautiful, sophisticated form and a glass of Merlot on a Friday night.

However, it necessitates the ability to solve complex problems, which for some people is engaging and fulfilling. Lucky you if you’re one of those people! There will always be a need for smart, skilled individuals in this field of law. After all, there are taxes and death (which reminds me: keep your eye on elder law to become big).

4. You’ve studied science in the past.

Why do people go to law school? There is always a steady, if modest, need for lawyers with strong scientific backgrounds. This is especially true in the field of patent law, which deals with the issue of whether or not products can actually be deemed novel or inventive. In order to be able to respond to this query, one must have a highly developed comprehension of science while taking into account a technologically advanced product.

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This, together with the dearth of people with scientific backgrounds who pursue legal degrees, implies that if you have both a scientific background and a law degree, you’re probably going to be in demand after you graduate.

5. You already know that you want to practice law.

In the end, this is the best justification for attending law school.

People who consider the law to be a calling should still attend law school, according to DeVivo. However, you shouldn’t borrow $100,000 in hopes of graduating with a job paying between $120,000 and $160,000 annually.

People who are considering attending law school need to think hard about whether they will be content with their career choice if they graduate with a lot of debt and make between $35,000 and $45,000 per year as their beginning wage.

The best majors for people who want to go to law school

What are the best majors for people who want to go to law school? Why do people go to law school? Some of the top college majors for law school are listed below:


You can gain knowledge of how specific rules and regulations were created by studying history. You could also research significant cases that paved the way for others to follow.

Political science

Because of the tight connection between politics and legislation, political science may be a popular undergraduate major among prospective law school candidates. It should go without saying that attorneys need to understand how the political and legal systems work.

Political science

For lawyers, having a basic understanding of prejudice, stereotypes, and behavior is helpful. For instance, Harvard Summer School will be providing a course called Law and Psychology to high school students during the summer of 2022. Topics like racial profiling, truthful and false confessions, punishment, and rehabilitation will all be covered in the course.

Criminal justice

A major in Criminal Justice makes a lot of sense if you want to practice law and defend people who have been charged with crimes. You will gain knowledge of the legal system as a whole as well as court processes and the correctional system.


Although the connection between English and law may not be as clear as it is with some other disciplines, the study of law does place a strong focus on reading and writing. Your grammar, critical thinking, and communication abilities will all improve as a result of this field of study.

Additionally, you’ll acquire profound cultural and social knowledge. For instance, the Harvard Summer School course The Culture of Capitalism examines capitalism in relation to theater, film, and literature.


Global economic situations can have a significant impact on legal reform. A course like Public Finance focuses on contemporary policy issues and covers regulation, social security, unemployment insurance, and taxation.


Philosophy studies will urge you to exercise your logical and reasoning muscles—important abilities for lawyers who must cite evidence to support their interpretation of events or content. A course on political philosophy, such as Introduction to Political Philosophy, covers the goal of democracy and how to defend it.

Skills needed to excel in law school and as a lawyer

There are some abilities you should hone even though a law school admissions team doesn’t have a set background they search for.

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Why do people go to law school? For instance, lawyers must be adept at finding and compiling data from a variety of sources, reading lengthy, intricate documents, and synthesizing data. Presentation abilities are essential as well because lawyers frequently need to make compelling arguments in order to appeal decisions.

The American Bar Association says that if you want to be a successful lawyer, you need to have the following skills:

  • finding solutions
  • reading critically
  • composed and edited
  • oral exchanges and listening
  • organization and management research
  • serving the public and advancing justice
  • collaboration and the fostering of relationships

What steps can you take to develop these abilities?

In addition to schooling, extracurricular pursuits, including debate team participation and legal office internships, might be beneficial.

While enrolling in AP classes is an excellent place to start, college-level coursework will better enable you to explore your interests and get you ready to go to law school.

Knowing the answer to the question “Why do people go to law school?” has probably piqued your interest in enrolling in a specific law school. You can choose and enroll in the school that is the best fit for you thanks to the variety of counseling and tutorial programs that AdmissionSight offers.

We at AdmissionSight can assure you that our service will be of the highest caliber because our professionals have been involved in the college admissions industry for the last ten years. To find out more, schedule a free introductory consultation today.




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