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Graduate School

The rise of graduate schools, including specialized master’s and joint MBA programs, have risen to meet today’s market demand and ever changing workforce. There are cutting edge programs in data science, public policy, education and technology, financial engineering, and even mid-career management programs for those who desire top pursue their supplement their career growth with further education.

And of course, there are the highly selective PhD programs that have been in existence for decades, attracting top notch undergraduate talent who will continue to conduct research and push the forefront of their fields in the purest pursuit of discovery and knowledge. The admissions to highly competitive PhD programs often requires students to be creme of the crop at the undergraduate level.

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Graduate School:

At AdmissionSight, we evaluate your resume and profile and provide tangible goals for you to increase your odds of admissions at these highly selective institutions. We’ve always believed that a name brand university can open up doors of opportunity that will accelerate your career growth. Certainly, you’ll get an incredible education along the way as well as network with a group of ambitious peers, but most importantly you’ll receive a degree that you’ll hold for a lifetime and open up opportunities you’ve never imagined possible.

We’ll comb through every aspect of your application and help you craft together powerful personal statements that will shed positive light on your candidacy, and win the hearts of the admissions officers so that they have no choice but to accept you. We’ve gotten students into Harvard Business School with as low as a 3.1 unweighted GPA (granted the same applicant did attend an Ivy League institution), and we’ll bring your level of introspection and critical thinking to light in the essays.

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We’ve also helped undergraduate students place into prestigious programs Stanford Master’s in Computer Science, as well as helped others become Rhodes and Marshall Scholarship Finalists. We’re able to accomplish this through packing together a compelling application to show your strengths and your unique perspectives that the admission committee are eager to have on campus.

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