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AP Exam Preparation and Tutoring

At AdmissionSight, we provide customized, 1-on-1 academic tutoring to help you score full marks on these exams. Our incredibly gifted instructors are experts in their field of study and provide the highest level of instruction to help you perform at a high level. You may find yourself studying with a PhD from MIT in math, a Princeton graduate in CS, or a nationally acclaimed film writer from USC on reading and writing. Through high quality instruction from experts at the top of their fields, AdmissionSight students consistently score marks above 1550+ on the SAT’s and 35+ on the ACT exams, 780+ on the SAT Subject Tests, and 4’s and 5’s on their AP exams. Please consult with us your standardized test prep needs.

We offer test preparation and private tutoring in the following subjects:

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The Advanced Placement (AP) Exams are an excellent way to showcase your intellectual depth and demonstrate the rigor of your courseload. We typically recommend taking at a minimum 5 AP’s by the end of your junior year with 8 AP exams the ideal number. While the National AP Scholar and AP Scholar of Distinction Awards have been discontinued beginning next year, taking additional AP exams can still distinguish you from the other high achieving applicants in the country.

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