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We transform your college admissions dreams into reality

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Of our students are accepted to top 30 universities.

Of our students are accepted to the lvy League and Top 10 universities

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We’ve one of the strongest track records to the Ivy League in the industry. And we have the acceptance letters to show for it.
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About Us

Founder and CEO, AdmissionSight

At AdmissionSight, we live and breathe college admissions. We understand college admissions inside and out – especially when it comes to getting into the top universities like the Ivy League, Stanford, UChicago, MIT, and Caltech.

Building a strong academic and extracurricular profile is an important factor when it comes to college admissions, whether it means strong GPA, test scores, regional and national academic competitions or powerful extracurricular activities to present a “hook” in your application. But that’s not the whole story. Why does a student with a low GPA sometimes get admitted, while another student with a 4.0 and 1600 SAT get rejected? The answer lies in the application.

By working closely one on one with us, you will craft the most powerful and thought-provoking application that demonstrates your personal qualities, leadership, intellectual curiosity, and contribution to your community. With a stellar track record that is unmatched, we provide unparalleled expertise in the college application process, in particular personal statements, extracurricular involvement, academic guidance, summer programs, and interview preparation.

Eric Eng, the founder and CEO of AdmissionSight, graduated with a BA from Princeton University and has over 10 years of experience helping students navigate the highly competitive admissions process.