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Passion Project Program
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Passion Project

During the program, we will formulate specific guidelines to help you delve deep into a passion project to help you demonstrate both leadership and initiative in a particular social cause and mission. This will take place over seven 1-hour sessions where we’ll walk you through creating and establishing your own non-profit organization, guidance on specific tasks to make your project stand out to admissions officers, and dive deep into your specific details to execute on your passion project and eventually establish a nonprofit organization.

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Admissions offers seek students who exhibit leadership to present a strong case for admission. Through passion projects or forming a nonprofit organization, students can display their commitment to their community and desire for social impact through their endeavors. The Passion Project Program is especially relevant for students who lack strong extracurricular activities to back up their candidacy. 

Many of our students have been featured on national publications for their work. During our Passion Project program, we teach students leadership skills and train them to be the game-changers of tomorrow.

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