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Extracurricular Planning
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Extracurricular Planning

Extracurricular Activities

From the moment you start working with us, we ensure that your extracurricular activities demonstrate both depth and breadth of involvement. Our students participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, including Habitat for Humanity, DECA, debate, scientific research, A capella, theater arts, sports, and the list goes on. You need to demonstrate your passion through your extracurriculars.
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When it comes to college admissions, you need a strong “hook.” This hook can be demonstrated through your deep involvement in a particular area of academic interest, whether it be speech and debate, scientific research, or philosophy. And in order to demonstrate this hook, you need to back it up with substance, whether it’s a strong recommendation letter, or powerful essay, or regional and national recognition for your efforts.

The hook is a powerful representation of you and shows that side of you that is “unique.” That uniqueness that everyone strives to achieve, but more often than not does not, because there just happens to be tens of thousands of other applicants out there with a similar strength.

More importantly, we capture your involvement through the application itself in the common application entry form as well as additional supplemental material to showcase your talents. Remember that you are only as good as you are on paper, and how you capture your personal experiences through the essays, is a crucial part of this process.

In addition to the hook, a strong personal statement can put your foot in the door. The statement is your one chance to demonstrate your deep level of introspective thinking to the admissions committee – how you formulate your thought process and how a particular experience shaped your perspective.

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What they’re looking for

College admissions isn’t a straightforward process, but these intangibles matter when it comes to the application, and ultimately, the final outcome in the acceptance rates. Through our time tested guidance and detailed process, we guide you through exactly what you need to achieve to take your extracurricular profile up a notch and how to present yourself in the application.

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