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Athletic Recruitment
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Athletic Recruitment

Getting recruited as an athlete is one of the biggest strengths you can possibly have to get accepted into a top university. Every university needs to fill in a class of rowers, tennis players, golfers, squash players, fencers, basketball players, football players, track and field, volleyball players, and the list goes on. However, understanding the process to get recruited is a tricky and often times complex process. Where do you start? What are the appropriate steps to take to get noticed by coaches? Getting a vouch of approval from a coach at the college or institution will signal to the admissions committee to consider your application seriously and is a sure fire way to get an acceptance letter.

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The recruiting process is a complex process that requires you to market yourself and get noticed by coaches. While having the competitive key stats in your particular sport to get recruited is important, conducting the proper steps and outreach to get noticed by coaches is just as paramount when it comes to the athletic recruitment process.

At AdmissionSight, we have helped students undergo the athletic recruitment process and get into top universities through this route. However, an important advice we provide our students is do not rely on this route alone – you still need to have solid academic and extracurricular credentials to get into elite universities.

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