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College Application Essay Editing
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College Application Essay Editing

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The college application essays and personal statements are by far the most important part of the application process. A solid application essay can get you in, and a poor one will keep you out. If you were to ask us what’s the secret of getting in, it’s the personal statement – the holy grail of college admissions, especially for the Ivy League. The college application essays are where you finally come to life as a person and not just another raw statistic to the admissions committee.

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With so many students with top scores, grades, and even national competitions, the essay is the one place in the application where your story and narrative come to life – that you’re not just another statistic to the admissions committee. After our program, our students become incredible writers who understand how to capture the depth and breadth of their experiences.

We’ve seen top students (including Math Olympiad Qualifiers, for example) get turned down by every single Ivy League they applied to because they simply underestimated the importance of the personal statement and supplemental essays. The soft factors like the common application personal statement, supplemental essays, letters of recommendation, and interview carry just as much weight as your grades and scores. 

The college application essays and supplements can take multiple drafts to complete. By working closely with you on perfecting the college application essays, you will produce a powerful, thought-provoking application that demonstrates the personal qualities that ultimately define you, leaving a lasting impression on the admissions officers.

Based on essays alone, we have been able to get even academically weaker students into the Ivy League. Our deep experience is unmatched – we know exactly what the admissions officers are looking for in these essays, and we do everything in our power to demonstrate your voice in your writing and win the hearts of the admissions committee.

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