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Pre High School Consultation
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Pre-High School Consultation

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How early should you start preparing your child? In this day and age when there are plenty of students with 4.0’s and 1600 SAT scores, mere grades and scores aren’t enough to set you apart from the rest of the high achieving high school students across the country. The top universities in the country are dropping to low single digit acceptance rates and are demanding more from their applicants. The students and parents who are well-informed early on in the process are primed to succeed in this competitive environment. Our Pre-High School Consultation focuses on building a strong academic foundation so that your child can become an academic superstar by the time he or she enters high school.

In the Pre-High School Consultation, we will provide a one time consultation for students in elementary or middle school who one day aspire to get into the Ivy League. During the consultation (~60-90 minutes), the student will receive a detailed, customized roadmap and strategy for the period prior to high school. Both the student and parents will have a solid understanding of what to accomplish to begin preparation.

We walk you through the preliminary steps to take so that by the time you’re in high school, you will be way ahead of your peers academically. Whether it’s preparing early for these regional national academic competitions or taking steps toward a strong sport or musical instrument, some of these feats require hundreds if not thousands of hours of practice to reach that milestone and earn that national recognition. Needless to say, achieving these feats would significantly increase your chances of getting into the top universities.

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