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Humanities Competitions
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Humanities Competitions

Whether you’re applying for the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition or the Adroit Journal, we’ve got you covered. Our students have consistently placed as Gold and Silver Key in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, or have placed in national speech and debate competitions. We will guide you through rigorous argumentation, superior writing skills, and intellectual discovery to perform highly in these competitions. Please consult with us on the program or competition that you’d like us to help you in.

Regional and National Recognition in Scholastic Art & Writing Competition

Our students have consistently earned Gold and Silver Keys in the Scholastic Art & Writing Competition as well as honorable mention in several of these categories such as Critical Essays, Nonfiction, Memoir, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Journalism, and others.

50% of our Students 
Achieved Gold or Solver Key
90% of our Students 
are Honorable Mention

Boost your Academic Standing with Writing Competitions

High school writing contests are an incredible way to showcase your writing prowess and pour your heart and soul onto a blank canvas. Gain the opportunity to explore diverse, intellectual perspectives and social issues that pique your curiosity. Through these writing competitions, students work with our award winning essay editors and writers on crafting together a powerful narrative to help them stand out and place in these highly prestigious writing competitions.

Looking to compete in Humanities Competitions?

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