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Ad Hoc Consulting
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Ad Hoc Consulting

Whether you’re stuck on your passion project, or unable to land a research position with a professor, or hoping to accumulate more community service hours, we’re here to help you on a case by case basis. Please kindly send in a request and we can provide the consultation that you need to help you tackle your specific problem or issue and help you succeed. Here are some examples of requests that we help with:

A group of students sharing their works
Group of students working on their project.

The best way to engage with us is through the Standard Pathway in the Academic and Extracurricular Evaluation and Senior Editor College Application Program, or the Private Consulting Program. Outside of these programs, we have students who need additional requests and guidance from time to time and we consult on an ad-hoc basis depending on the needs and profile of each student.

For some students, we may turn down such requests if we feel there are extenuating circumstances in which the student would benefit much more from simply enrolling in our more comprehensive programs.

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