Pre-High School

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Pre-High School
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Pre-High School

The middle school years play a significant role in the academic growth and development of your child. Gaining a strong foundation in math, reading, and writing are crucial to developing strong habits that will set them up for later success. When we advise our middle school students, we not only provide a rigorous roadmap for them to aspire to fulfill, but we also encourage strong organizational skills and mental mindset necessary to perform at a high level.

Learning how to learn is a skill in itself, and it is as much an intellectual process as it is a mental one. Often times we find students are afraid of failure, when in fact that is where the crucial learning process takes place. If you take a look at the highest academic achievers, they relish the scientific approach of learning through constant trial and error until they solidify the concepts within their innate understanding of the subject matter.

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Pre-High School

As such, the middle school years are indeed a formative aspect of a child’s growth because that is when the brain develops the fastest and most efficiently. The quote that says it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill particularly rings true, and the childhood years are the perfect environment to hone and improve the intellectual and mental framework that will set your child up for not only success in high school, but also in life and beyond.

In addition to guiding our students through the Pre-High School Consultation, we also advise on whether your child should attend a public school, private school, or a competitive boarding school to maximize their odds for college admissions success. 

We evaluate students based on their personality, emotional quotient, academic strength, and  whether a student has the charisma and motivation to take on leadership through extracurricular activities to get a leg up in college admissions. Some students perform better at a public high school, whereas others are much better off in private or boarding school where they can really display the peak of their potential.


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We provide assistance with Boarding School Admissions, where we guide the students through the application process, including academic and extracurricular strategy, standardized test taking for the SSAT/ISEE, and the personal statements that play a pivotal role to getting in. Our students have attended top boarding schools such as Phillips Exeter Academy, Choate Rosemary Hall, Milton Academy, The Hotchkiss School, Groton School, Lawrenceville School, Webb Schools, St. Paul’s, among others. 

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