The Best Universities in New Zealand

January 5, 2023
By AdmissionSight

Best Universities in New Zealand

The number of students choosing to complete their studies at the best universities in New Zealand is growing each year. It is a stunning country that is home to some of the very greatest educational opportunities available anywhere on the globe.

Continue reading if you are interested in learning about the best universities in New Zealand as well as what it’s like to study in this country.

What are the best universities in New Zealand?

Which universities in New Zealand are considered to be the very best? The following is a list of New Zealand’s top 8 universities, ranked according to their teaching practices, research, level of student happiness, potential for employment, and other factors.

Auckland University of Technology

The Auckland University of Technology (AUT), which was initially established in 1895 as the Auckland Technical School and currently holds the distinction of having the highest score among universities in New Zealand for the percentage of international students indicator, dates back to 1895 when it was first established.

Auckland University of Technology building

The diversity and scope of AUT’s research efforts are reflected in its many successful research projects. Because AUT is home to more than 60 research centers and institutions, they are able to engage in cross-regional and international collaboration and provide postgraduate students access to a wide variety of rewarding possibilities.

The researchers are frequently the subject of media attention in New Zealand and elsewhere across the world.

Lincoln University

Before it officially broke away to become its own university in 1990, Lincoln University was a constituent component of the University of Canterbury.

Lincoln University signage

It obtains a very high score for its percentage of international students, and according to the most current QS World University Rankings by Subject, it sits in the top 100 for agriculture and forestry. This is also true of AUT.

University of Waikato

The university boasts research capacities and facilities that are recognized globally in a wide variety of topic areas. Additionally, the university provides credentials in a wide number of subject areas, 15 of which are recognized and separately ranked by QS.

University of Waikato

In addition to its main campus in the city of Hamilton, which is situated on 65 hectares of park-like grounds, the university also maintains a campus in the city of Tauranga. This is why this is one of the best universities in New Zealand.

Massey University

In addition to its main campus in the city of Palmerton North on the North Island, Massey University possesses two more campuses in the cities of Albany and Wellington. It is estimated that over 30,000 students are now enrolled at this institution, making it the second-biggest university in New Zealand.

Massey University signage

It is the only institution in the country that offers degree programs in areas such as aviation, conflict resolution, veterinary medicine, and nanoscience.

In the meanwhile, the university’s departments of agriculture and aviation have garnered the highest praise from students and faculty alike.

University of Canterbury

As a result of its establishment in 1873 as a constituent institution of the University of New Zealand, it is considered to be one of the oldest universities in the country of New Zealand.

It is comprised of five schools that specialize in a variety of academic disciplines, including Science, Engineering, Arts, Business and Law, and Education, Health, and Human Development respectively.

University of Canterbury

There are around 17,300 students who are enrolled at the university in one of its diploma programs, graduate programs, or doctorate degree programs at the moment.

Victoria University of Wellington

Our next entry of the best universities in New Zealand is Victoria University of Wellington. This university dates back to 1897 and is situated in the center of New Zealand’s capital city. It adheres to a curriculum that was developed in the United Kingdom and has proven to be extremely popular and fruitful.

It is highly known for its internationally renowned teachers as well as its programs in the fields of law, the humanities, and science.

Victoria University of Wellington signage

There are three campuses that make up the institution, with the main campus being located in Kelburn, New Zealand. Together, they are home to around 17,000 students.

The institution provides more than one hundred different undergraduate and graduate degree programs, spanning a wide variety of fields. It houses over 40 research centers and is well-known for its extensive research-based program offerings.

Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Education, Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Design, Business, and Health are some of the most popular majors that Victoria University of Wellington has to offer. Other popular programs include Law and Education.

University of Otago

The institution was founded in 1869 and had its primary campus in Dunedin, which is located on the South Island. It is also the country’s oldest university. Currently, there are around 21,240 students enrolled there, with 2,972 coming from countries other than New Zealand.

University of Otago stone signage

It presently has four enormous campuses and provides a wide variety of undergraduate as well as postgraduate degrees in all areas of education, ranging from medical studies to business administration.

The Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree, the Master of Finance degree, and the Full-time MBA are the three most sought-after degrees among students.

The University of Auckland

The University of Auckland is consistently placed highly in a variety of different worldwide university rankings. In addition to being one of the most prominent institutions in New Zealand, it is also the country’s biggest university. The year 1883 marks the beginning of what is now one of the best universities in New Zealand.

The University of Auckland

The institution is ranked among the top 50 universities in the world according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020 in thirteen different fields, some of which include archaeology, education, nursing, geography, and the performing arts.

The University of Auckland’s Master of Management, Masters of Science, and Master of Engineering Management are among its most in-demand programs; however, the institution also has a strong reputation for its education in the fields of archaeology, education, nursing, geography, and performing arts.

Why study in New Zealand?

Why should you go to school in New Zealand? The two countries’ flags are so similar to one another, and their accents are so endearing that New Zealand is sometimes referred to as “Australia‘s younger sibling.”

However, it is still a country that you should give careful consideration to attending in order to earn a foreign degree.

It’s (relatively) affordable

International students must spend between 4,000 and 10,500 U.S. dollars each academic year in order to attend a university in New Zealand. Studying at universities in other countries, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia, is significantly more expensive than studying at institutions in the United States of America.

You can also submit an application for financial aid in the form of scholarships to help pay for your higher education.

Top education based on a successful model

The education system in New Zealand is modeled after the prosperous system in the United Kingdom.

Because they are built on such a strong foundation, it should come as no surprise that the best universities in New Zealand are held in high regard and admired on a worldwide scale; in fact, the majority of them are consistently listed in the top global university rankings.

Live in a safe and peaceful environment

According to the Global Peace Index for the year 2020, New Zealand was ranked as the world’s second most peaceful nation.

The nation has low rates of crime and corruption, a politically stable environment, and a generally tranquil society in which residents are free to enjoy their day-to-day activities without fear of interference from the government.

New Zealanders are friendly and welcoming

The people of New Zealand are notable for the warmth and openness with which they interact with people from other countries.

This is due to the fact that they adhere to the local traditional Maori value known as manaakitanga, which entails looking out for the wellbeing of other individuals while also fostering mutual understanding and respect.

Best outdoor activities for thrill seekers

Though things like studying, getting to know one’s coworkers, going out, and partying may be a lot of fun, New Zealand has a lot more to offer in terms of entertainment, particularly for those of you who prefer experiencing a rush of adrenaline.

The following are some of the most extreme and adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities you may participate in:

  • zorbing (globe-riding or sphereing)
  • white water rafting
  • bungy jumping
  • ice climbing
  • scuba diving
  • canoeing
  • hiking

What is it like to study in New Zealand?

How does the educational system in New Zealand work? The educational system in New Zealand places a strong emphasis on practical experience and application. Learning in New Zealand’s universities does not often involve memorization of lecture notes or other course materials.

When you add in the other students, the other members of the teaching staff, and the various extracurricular groups, you have a learning environment that is both remarkable and unforgettable.

In addition to this, a few of the best universities in New Zealand provide a vast array of support services, particularly for students from other countries. They are able to provide pastoral care as well as workshops on stress management, mindfulness, meditation techniques, how to overcome procrastination, how to maintain a study-life balance, and other topics, all with the goal of making your time spent studying stress-free and pleasurable as is humanly possible.

What are some other facts about New Zealand?

Aside from the best universities in New Zealand, what are some additional interesting facts that most of us do not know yet? New Zealand appears to be a country built by students for students.

Female student holding a folder in a room with her classmates.

With little concern for conventions and customs, New Zealand appears to be the place where the adage “There are no bad ideas” was taken to heart, and where people began doing things just because they could. As an example:

  • The Kiwi, a bird that is unable to fly, serves as the emblem for the Royal New Zealand Air Force;
  • For the purposes of performing nuclear experiments, New Zealand’s secondary schools are permitted by law to keep one pound of uranium and one pound of thorium on their premises at any given time. However, if they do trigger a nuclear explosion, they will be subject to a significant financial penalty.

Now, looking at the other side of the argument that states, “we can develop our own laws and do anything we want in New Zealand,” we can discover some of the greatest and most progressive things that have ever happened anywhere in the world right here in this country. Because of these:

  • Sign Language is considered to be one of the country’s three official languages in New Zealand;
  • New Zealand was the first country in the world to provide the right to vote to its female citizens in 1893;
  • New Zealand made history when it became the first nation in the modern world to install an official national wizard in the year 1990.

And because the internet is replete with fascinating information about New Zealand, we’re going to share three of those facts with you now, despite the fact that I couldn’t figure out a way to connect them. These are facts that you should absolutely be aware of and that will make you smile almost immediately. These include:

  • In New Zealand, there are nine sheep for every person, which gives the country the largest sheep-to-human population ratio in the world;
  • New Zealand is the only country in the world (to date) in which all of the highest positions have been held by women simultaneously. In 2006, the Queen, the Governor-General, the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Chief Justice were all women, making New Zealand the only country in the world to achieve this feat;

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