Berkeley Class of 2025 Statistics

September 12, 2022
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Berkeley Class of 2025 Statistics

How Many Applicants Did Berkeley Get for the Class of 2025?

The University of California, Berkeley has equaled or surpassed last year’s performance in admitting underrepresented minority students for fall 2021, a year after enrolling its most diverse first-year class in 30 years.

Olufemi Ogundele, associate vice chancellor for enrollment management and dean of undergraduate admissions at UC Berkeley, remarked, “We have admitted a class that is almost equal to the record-breaking class of last year. We stayed committed to our ideals of accessibility, excellence, and diversity in the face of a pandemic and a 28% surge in freshmen applications. We can be really proud of ourselves.”

Now, let’s find out “How many applicants did Berkeley get for the Class of 2025?” Berkeley Class of 2025 statistics has shown a record of 112,800 applicants. About 16,400 who applied for admission received an offer, which is 960 more than the year before. The acceptance rate decreased to 15% from 17% last year. This covers applicants who were chosen off the waitlist.

Every UC Berkeley freshman application is read twice. And because there were so many more applications submitted this year, the admissions team had to adjust their schedules to allow for an extra week to review them.

How Many Students Are Enrolled At Berkeley?

How many students are enrolled at Berkeley? Berkeley Class of 2025 Statistics revealed that the institution received more than 112,800 applications for the Class of 2025, admitted 16,412 (14.5%), and matriculated 6,565, with a 40% yield rate.

The first admissions cycle entirely held during the pandemic at UC Berkeley was this one. Officials mostly depended on distant activities, such as campus visits, for everything from outreach work to entice students to apply to attempts to admit students and encourage them to enroll.

Students smiling for the camera in front of a building.

To give out UC Berkeley apparel and materials, such as pennants and brochures, to the more than 400 admitted students around the state, they also staged drive-by events. The in-person ceremony took place in Berkeley’s Golden Gate Fields when admitted local students and their families gathered for a drive-in celebration of their accomplishment.

How Diverse Is Berkeley University?

If you are interested in “How diverse is Berkeley University?”, let’s examine the demographics of undergraduates at Berkeley:

The majority of Berkeley students were from California:

  • California residents: 74%

China is the top-ranking nation when looking at where international students are from, followed by South Korea, India, Canada, and Indonesia.

In terms of the ethnic composition of the enrolled students, the Berkeley Class of 2025 statistics is divided as follows:

  • African Americans: 5.3%
  • American Indian: 0.5%
  • White: 20.2%
  • Asian: 44.7%
  • Latino/Chicano: 24.2%

There are noticeably more women than men among all current undergraduates, according to the gender breakdown:

  • Female: 54%
  • Male: 46%

Berkeley Class of 2025 statistics disclosed the following information about the enrolled students:

  • Students in public schools: 74.1%
  • From rural areas: 5.2%
  • first-generation Students: 26.6%

Berkeley lists the following three criteria as being “extremely essential” to its admissions process: the difficulty of the applicant’s secondary school record, GPA, and application essays. Extracurricular activities, personal traits, volunteer work, and professional experience are all deemed to be “significant” factors. Recommendations, being a first-generation person, and state residency are all “considered” factors.

Students walking in the school campus while talking.

Beginning with the Class of 2025, Berkeley, along with all other campuses of the University of California, eliminated all standardized requirements (those applying in the 2020-21 admissions cycle). This strengthens Berkeley’s already thorough review procedure even more. The university is seeking applicants who “will contribute to Berkeley’s intellectual and cultural community and, ultimately, to the State of California, the nation, and the world,” according to the admissions committee.

A candidate’s chances can also be significantly increased if they are exceptionally talented in a particular field, whether it be music, science, leadership, or athletics. One recent freshmen class included:

  • More than 100 students who had given performances at Carnegie Hall.
  • One hundred seventy kids took part in the Science Olympiad.
  • 50 Girl Scout Gold Award recipients
  • 50 Eagle Scouts

What Stats Do You Need To Get Into Berkeley?

What stats do you need to get into Berkeley? The most important factor to look at if you want to be admitted is the acceptance rate. This demonstrates how cutthroat the institution is and how committed they are to upholding its standards. For a chance to pass their initial screening process and demonstrate your academic readiness, look into their GPA, SAT, or ACT requirements. There is very little chance of being a part of Berkeley if you don’t fit their qualifications.

Students talking in a classroom while working on a laptop.

Once you have overcome this obstacle, you will need to persuade UC Berkeley officials using a variety of evidence, including your extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and written work.

Average Academic Profile of UC Berkeley Admitted Students

GPA: The Berkeley Class of 2025 statistics uncovered that students had an average high school GPA of 3.86, and 31.5% of them earned a 4.0.

SAT/ACT: The class of 2025 at UC Berkeley has an average 50% SAT score between 1300 and 1520. Their median ACT score is between 27 and 35. However, the UC institutions will no longer take SAT/ACT scores into account.

Class Rank: The average high school class rank for the class of 2025 at UC Berkeley was not made public, though 96% of them graduated in the top 10% and 100% in the top 25% of their class.

Requirements for GPA

Here is the response to your question on the GPA requirements for admission to Berkeley. Many colleges state that applicants must have a minimum GPA, however, the lowest grade for which an application can be accepted is 3.89. A 3.89 GPA is required by UC Berkeley, thus you must be at the top of your class and much above average. Also, the majority of your transcripts ought to be A grades. You should also enroll in a lot of IB or AP classes to demonstrate that you can handle the intellectual demands of a college setting. You have a chance to get in if you can complete all of these.

It can be difficult to rapidly change your GPA on application paperwork, especially if you’re a junior or senior. If your GPA doesn’t reach the minimum standards for UC Berkeley, you’ll need to make up the difference with a strong SAT or ACT score. This will enable you to effectively compete against other applicants who are also vying for admission to Berkeley University with higher GPAs.

Requirements for the ACT and SAT

The testing specifications vary depending on the institution. While some colleges only accept SAT or ACT scores, others additionally demand the results of SAT subject examinations. However, in order to submit your application to UC Berkeley, you must have a strong SAT or ACT score. If you possess one of them, there is a good likelihood that your application will be accepted by UC Berkeley.

College students gathered around a table while talking.

ACT Prerequisites

There is no set cutoff for the UC ACT Berkeley criteria. Therefore, if applicants make sensible preparation choices, they can easily meet the cutoff. The University, however, has the right to reject an application if the score is too low. In most cases, the standard criterion is 31. The University of California – Berkeley is quite competitive for ACT scores with this score.

For the 25th percentile, the ACT score is 28, and for the 75th percentile, it is 34. If you apply with an ACT score of 28 or lower, you can have trouble enrolling unless you have something else very exceptional in your application. This is true even though UC Berkeley claims there is no minimum ACT score requirement. In addition, a 28 will come off as cognitively lacking given the large number of students who receive a score of 31 or higher.

Superscore Policy of ACT

The ACT is generally not highly scored by universities. (If you submit a super score, the school will combine the top section results from all of your test dates to get an outstanding composite score.) Because of this, most universities will only take into account your highest ACT score from a single session. Regardless of the school’s stated policy, you are still permitted to send UC Berkeley your highest ACT score, so you should work hard to reach the 34-point cutoff.

SAT Prerequisites

Many institutions assert that they don’t have a cutoff for SAT scores, although this is untrue. This is based on the school’s typical score. The typical SAT composite score on a 1600-point scale is 1415, as required by UC Berkeley. With this score, UC Berkeley is a serious SAT contender.


Analysis of SAT Results at UC Berkeley (New 1600 SAT)

For the 25th percentile, the New SAT score is 1300, and for the 75th percentile, it is 1530. In other words, if you score 1300 on the New SAT, you are considered below average. If you receive a score of 1530, though, you will be considered above average.

The new SAT scores are broken down by part as follows:

SAT Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 725 660 790
Composite 1415 1300 1530
Reading + Writing 690 640 740

SAT Score Policy of Option

The Score Choice policy of your institution is a crucial component of your testing process. The score choice policy at UC Berkeley is “All Scores.” This suggests that you must deliver all of your SAT scores to the UC Berkeley office. Although it may seem intimidating, not all universities respect your grades equally. For example, if you received 1300 on one test and 1500 on the other, they won’t actually average the two tests. All scores are subject to Berkeley’s requirements, following UC scoring policies, and the best outcomes from a single administration will be used.

Requirements for SAT Subject Tests

The requirements for the SAT subject tests vary by school. Some schools typically need them, while most public colleges do not. According to UC Berkeley, SAT subject tests are advised.

Although taking SAT subject examinations is often not required, doing so may highlight certain abilities. For instance, taking the science and math SAT topic tests will help you outperform the competition if you are applying to an engineering college.

Typically, the SAT or ACT and GPA are given more weight than the SAT Subject Tests. So, if you’re unsure which one to pick, opt for the SAT or ACT. Increasing your SAT or ACT score will be more advantageous than taking the SAT Subject Tests.

Based on a student’s character, extracurricular pursuits, and accomplishments, the remainder of the UC Berkeley admissions process is determined.

The process of getting into UC Berkeley does not have a set formula. A strong candidate profile is essential, though. Your candidate profile serves as a snapshot of who you are, your accomplishments, and the potential contributions you can make to a school if you are admitted. With UC Berkeley’s acceptance rate being so high, having a solid applicant profile is crucial to increasing your chances of getting admitted.

Berkeley Class of 2025 Statistics revealed that candidates with a wide range of interests and the drive to excel in a demanding academic setting were admitted. This data is not derived from SAT scores from UC Berkeley or any other numbers on a page. Your extracurricular activities and answers to the UC Personal Insight Questions are where it originates. So that you have enough time to develop a solid profile, it is crucial that you start your application long before the UC Berkeley application deadline.

What Is So Special About Berkeley University?

According to the 2022 Greatest Colleges edition of U.S. News, UC Berkeley is one of the best universities in the country—#22, to be exact.

They also placed first in computer science, second in the best undergraduate engineering programs, third in business programs, and second in the top public schools. Students who are interested in STEM classes frequently choose to enroll at UC Berkeley because of the university’s stellar reputation in those fields.

So, what is so special about Berkeley University? The dedication of US Berkeley to embracing people from different origins is one of its strongest features, as reflected in how diversity played a big role in the Berkeley Class of 2025 Statistics. Although the school is primarily liberal, agnostic, and autonomous, students of all religious backgrounds engage in cordial, thought-provoking conversations all day long. In other words, it is not typical for a student to experience prejudice due to their identification.

UC Berkeley deserves praise for its dedication to offering financial aid. Pell Grants are awarded to over half of UC Berkeley transfer students and more than one in five new first-year students, allowing them to advance academically. A typical UC Berkeley graduate will make enough money in less than 1.5 years to pay for their education!

For the first time, a public university has reached the top spot in Forbes magazine’s college rankings because of UC Berkeley’s demonstrated commitment to academics, inclusion, and accessibility.

UC Berkeley offers a variety of opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities. Attending Calapalooza, a bi-annual expo for student involvement that aims to bring together the 1,000+ student clubs, 60 fraternities and sororities, and student government organizations at UC Berkeley, is a fantastic place to start.

At UC Berkeley, there is truly a group for everyone. Aerospace SAE combines academics with fun by designing and building remote-controlled aircraft to compete in the SAE International Aero-design Competition. The social and charitable environment at UC Berkeley is significantly influenced by Greek life. A student who belongs to a fraternity or sorority is one in every three.

Nearly 1,000 students engage in varsity sports at UC Berkeley, a member of the Pacific 12 Conference, and each student receives a little over $12,000 in athletic financial aid. Out of all the sports offered by the athletic department at UC Berkeley, men’s football is unquestionably the most popular and lucrative.

The men’s crew team from UC Berkeley has won over 15 national titles and participated three times as part of the American Olympic team. The women’s volleyball team likewise has a strong track record and has participated in the NCAA Division I Tournament quite frequently. Athletes like Maddie Haynes and Jenelle Jordan, as well as volleyball legend Carli Lloyd, were all Golden Bears who later left college to play volleyball professionally.

After discussing the Berkeley Class of 2025 statistics, you could decode it’s challenging to get accepted to UC Berkeley because it’s an extremely selective institution. You must have exceptional academic ability, consistent extracurricular activity, and performance, and a heart of service to the community, to compete with the approximately 100,000 applicants the university, gets each year. Your essays should showcase your individuality and character to help you stand out from other academically proficient candidates.

College admissions could cause you stress and anxiety, knowing it will determine where you’ll spend the next four years of your education. However, AdmissionSight has various counseling and tutorial programs that could help you choose and get into the best school for you. AdmissionSight’s experts have been in the college admissions industry for the past 10 years thus, assuring you of the quality service that we can provide. Book a free initial consultation to learn more.


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