BETA Camp: Our Guide to the Entrepreneurship Program

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng


BETA Camp: Our Guide to the Entrepreneurship Program

In this busy world, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. BETA Camp doesn’t just teach you about entrepreneurship; it also gives you the skills you need to solve real problems. You’ll make a project that will make your resume look better, help you get into college, and give you an experience you’ll never forget that will set you apart from everyone else.

What is BETA Camp?

BETA Camp is a virtual entrepreneurship and business program designed for ambitious high school students eager to gain a competitive edge for their futures. By participating, you immerse yourself in a curriculum inspired by top MBA schools and the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley, all through a fully online platform. 

You engage in live, interactive workshops held Monday through Friday, tailored to foster innovation, build core competencies, and facilitate lasting connections with peers globally. Participants are guided through launching a startup in four weeks, culminating in a Demo Day where you present your projects to a panel of investors. 

The program not only aims to enhance your resume with real-world experience but also helps you stand out in college applications by providing a unique learning experience. Financial aid is available, ensuring that motivated students can participate regardless of their financial situation​​​​​​.

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When is the Next BETA Camp?

The next BETA Camp is gearing up for an exciting summer in 2024, with three sessions to choose from. The first session kicks off on June 17 and runs until July 16, perfect for those eager to jumpstart their entrepreneurial journey right as summer begins. If you’re looking for a mid-summer challenge, the second session from July 8 to August 2 is ideal. For those who prefer to wrap up their summer with this experience, the third session is from July 22 to August 16

Remember, regardless of which session you choose, the application deadline is June 1st. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your summer into a launchpad for your entrepreneurial dreams.

Who Can Participate?

BETA Camp is designed for ambitious middle and high school students, ages 13 to 18 years old, who are located in the US, Canada, or the UK. The program welcomes students who are curious, motivated, and ambitious, with a keen interest in learning and taking action. Prior knowledge in business, technology, or entrepreneurship is not required; only an open mind and demonstrated motivation are required. You don’t need to have an idea, a startup, or a team before applying, as the program guides you through the process of ideation.

What if I Have to Miss a Day?

BETA Camp’s mentor-led workshops are highly interactive, offering direct learning opportunities from industry professionals, startup CEOs, and Fortune 500 leaders. While consistent workshop attendance is encouraged, they recognize the demands of busy schedules. To accommodate this, all workshops are recorded, allowing students who miss a session to watch the recording and complete the work independently.

What if I’m Not Interested in Entrepreneurship?

That’s okay! BETA Camp’s goal is to teach skills and ways of thinking that will help you succeed in life. They use entrepreneurship as a way to do this. However, not every participant needs to be a business owner. Many of their past students have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, and more.

Being a founder means doing many different tasks, like building products, talking to customers, selling, designing, and analyzing data. It also means being able to lead, work with others, deal with stress, make good decisions, and be creative. These “soft skills” are important in any job, and BETA Camp helps students develop them. As a result, you learn both hard and soft skills that will help you succeed in any career.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t just mean wanting to start a business. It means seeing problems in the world and trying to find ways to solve them. This is a way of thinking that will help you no matter what you do in life.

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How to Join BETA Camp

Before applying, it’s crucial to understand what BETA Camp offers and whether it aligns with your interests and goals. Here is a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to become part of this innovative experience, with all the specifics you need to know before applying:

Step 1: Check Eligibility and Requirements

Eligibility for BETA Camp is specifically designed for ambitious high school students who are in grades 9-12, including those on a gap year, and are located in the US, UK, or Canada. No prior knowledge in business, technology, or entrepreneurship is required; however, a keen interest in learning and an open mind are essential​​.

Step 2: Complete the Application

The application process for BETA Camp involves filling out a form on their official website. This form includes several questions aimed at understanding your interests, goals, and motivations for joining the program. It’s an opportunity for you to showcase your enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and how you believe BETA Camp can help you achieve your future aspirations.

Step 3: Prepare for and Attend the Interview

After submitting your application, you’ll be invited to a short, informal interview. This step is designed for the BETA Camp team to learn more about you and for you to ask any questions you might have about the program. It’s a chance to demonstrate your curiosity, motivation, and ambition directly to the team. Treat this as an opportunity to make a personal connection and to stand out by expressing what you hope to gain from the program and how you plan to contribute to the BETA Camp community​​.

Step 4: Financial Considerations

Understanding the cost and financial aid options is vital. BETA Camp offers an early bird tuition rate of $3,000 USD, payable in five installments of $600 USD. Financial aid is available to support ambitious students, with scholarships covering 20%-80% of the program cost based on needs. The program also provides a one-week money-back guarantee for added peace of mind​​​​.

Step 5: Submit Your Deposit and Start the Program

Once accepted, you’ll need to submit a deposit to secure your spot in the program. After this step, you’re ready to begin your journey with BETA Camp. You’ll have access to a range of resources, including bonus masterclasses designed to level up your skill set. The program is structured around interactive workshops, mentorship, and collaborative projects, providing a comprehensive learning experience that prepares you for future entrepreneurial endeavors​.

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Additional Information

Tuition and Financial Aid: BETA Camp offers an early bird tuition rate and the option to pay in installments. Financial aid is available for those who qualify, with scholarships covering 20%-80% of the program cost. Financial aid is needs-based and is reserved for families with a combined household income of less than $100,000 USD, although this is not a strict cutoff​​.

Refund Policy: BETA Camp provides a 1-week money-back guarantee for those who attend the first session and decide the program is not for them. They also offer a full refund for students who complete the program but feel it did not meet their expectations, provided certain conditions are met regarding participation and completion of work​​.

For anyone not accepted into the program, they provide feedback on how the application can be improved. BETA Camp welcomes students to re-submit their applications.

How BETA Camp Prepares Students for College Admission and Beyond

BETA Camp prepares students for college admission and beyond through a comprehensive approach that blends real-world experience with skills development in entrepreneurship and business. Here are detailed key points on how this program equips you for the future:

1. Real-World Project Experience

By participating in BETA Camp, you get hands-on experience launching a startup within four weeks. This experience is invaluable for your college applications because it demonstrates your ability to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings. You learn to navigate the complexities of starting a business, from ideation to execution, which showcases your problem-solving skills, creativity, and perseverance.

This not only makes your application stand out but also provides a talking point during interviews, reflecting your entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to learning beyond traditional classroom settings.

2. Development of Soft Skills

The program places a strong emphasis on the development of soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, and communication. Through interactive workshops and collaboration with peers, you enhance your ability to work effectively in teams, lead projects, and articulate ideas clearly and persuasively.

These skills are highly valued by colleges and employers alike, as they are essential for success in both academic and professional environments. By demonstrating these competencies, you present yourself as a well-rounded candidate prepared for the challenges of college and beyond.

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3. Networking and Mentorship

BETA Camp provides direct access to a network of industry professionals and entrepreneurs. This mentorship and networking opportunity allow you to gain insights into various industries, understand career pathways, and receive guidance on academic and career decisions. Building relationships with professionals can lead to letters of recommendation that add significant value to your college applications.

Furthermore, these connections can offer long-term benefits, including internships, job opportunities, and ongoing mentorship throughout your college years and into your professional life.

4. Enhanced College Applications

Participating in BETA Camp enables you to add a unique experience to your college applications. You’re not just participating in another extracurricular activity; you’re actively engaging in entrepreneurship and innovation, fields that are highly regarded by admissions officers.

The skills and experiences you gain at BETA Camp, such as launching a startup and working in a global team, can be highlighted in your essays and interviews, showcasing your initiative, leadership, and willingness to challenge yourself.

5. Exposure to Diverse Perspectives

Working alongside students from across the globe, you’re exposed to diverse perspectives and ideas. This exposure broadens your understanding of global issues and markets, enhancing your cultural awareness and adaptability.

Colleges look for students who bring diverse perspectives to their campuses, and your experience at BETA Camp demonstrates your ability to thrive in a multicultural environment. This is especially relevant in today’s increasingly globalized world, where understanding and appreciating diversity is crucial.

6. Preparation for Future Careers

BETA Camp doesn’t just prepare you for college; it also sets the foundation for your future career. The program’s focus on entrepreneurship and business equips you with a mindset for innovation and a toolkit of skills that are applicable across various industries.

Whether you choose to pursue entrepreneurship or a career in another field, the experience of launching a startup teaches you about the value of innovation, resilience, and strategic thinking. These qualities are highly attractive to both colleges and future employers, positioning you as a candidate ready to make a meaningful impact in your chosen field.

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Comparing BETA Camp with Other Pre-College Programs

In contrast, other pre-college programs, such as those offered by Brown University, Johns Hopkins University, LSU, and Regis College, focus on a broad range of academic disciplines and personal development opportunities. 

For instance, Summer@Brown offers over 300 courses across various fields, including Course-Based Research Experiences and subjects from the humanities to the sciences, without the pressure of formal grades. The program emphasizes a community of engaged learners and offers a Certificate of Completion and Course Performance Report for courses lasting two weeks or longer​​.

Johns Hopkins University’s Summer at Hopkins program provides a mix of on-campus and online pre-college courses, focusing on hands-on activities in the lab and rigorous academic challenges. The program aims to give students a taste of college classes and includes offerings such as Anatomy, Physiology & Disease, and Data Analytics Workshop. It’s designed for students who are looking to broaden their academic horizons and engage with a vibrant student community​​.

LSU’s Pre-College Programs offer specialized courses like Fundamentals of Sound Engineering and Game Design in JavaScript, blending technical skills with creativity. These programs, with fees around $1250 plus additional costs for residential options, are tailored to students interested in specific subjects like music production, coding, and engineering, providing hands-on experience and collaboration opportunities​​.

Regis College’s Summer Scholars Program targets high school juniors and seniors, offering a chance to earn up to six college credits over three weeks. The program includes two academic courses, such as Reading, Thinking and Writing and Introduction to Psychology, alongside social programming and workshops on college preparation. With a total cost of $3600, this program focuses on academic advancement and college readiness​​.

Each of these programs has its strengths, catering to different interests and goals. BETA Camp’s emphasis on entrepreneurship and virtual accessibility makes it an excellent choice for aspiring entrepreneurs. In contrast, programs like those at Brown, Johns Hopkins, LSU, and Regis offer more traditional academic experiences across a variety of disciplines, with opportunities for college credit, hands-on learning, and personal growth. Your choice should align with your interests, whether that’s diving deep into the world of startups with BETA Camp or exploring a broad academic field with other pre-college programs.

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The Pros and Cons

Pros of BETA Camp

1. Focused Entrepreneurship Education: You receive a concentrated dose of entrepreneurship training at BETA Camp. This program is specifically tailored to guide you through the complexities of starting and managing a new business. Unlike broad-spectrum pre-college programs, BETA Camp drills down into the essentials of market research, prototype development, fundraising, and marketing, providing you with a solid foundation in entrepreneurship. 

This specialized focus is invaluable if you’re keen on turning your startup ideas into reality. The curriculum is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the early stages of business development, making it an ideal choice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

2. Accessibility and Flexibility: Given its online format, you can participate in BETA Camp from anywhere in the world. This removes geographical barriers to entry and makes it possible for you to engage with the program without the need to travel or relocate. The virtual setup offers flexibility, allowing you to balance the program with other summer activities or commitments. This aspect of BETA Camp is particularly beneficial for students who may not have the resources to attend in-person programs or who prefer the convenience of online learning.

3. Networking Opportunities: At BETA Camp, you’re not just learning in isolation. You have the chance to connect with a network of mentors from Forbes and Fortune 500 companies, as well as peers who share your entrepreneurial interests. These connections can be instrumental in your future endeavors, providing you with insights from experienced professionals and creating potential pathways for collaboration and support. Networking in such a focused environment can open doors that might otherwise remain closed.

4. Real-world Application: The program emphasizes practical experience, encouraging you to apply what you learn by developing your own startup concept. This hands-on approach ensures that the knowledge you gain is not just theoretical but directly applicable to real-world situations. By the end of the program, you will have a clearer understanding of what it takes to bring a startup idea to life, which is an invaluable experience that can set you apart in the competitive world of entrepreneurship.

5. Mentorship and Support: One of the standout features of BETA Camp is the personalized mentorship you receive. Having access to one-on-one sessions with successful entrepreneurs and industry experts can significantly impact your learning experience. These mentors can provide tailored advice, feedback on your ideas, and guidance on overcoming challenges. This level of support is rare in larger, less specialized programs and can be a critical factor in accelerating your entrepreneurial journey.

6. Comprehensive Learning Materials: BETA Camp offers a wealth of resources, including over 60 hours of live workshops and 25+ hours of on-demand content. This comprehensive suite of materials ensures that you have access to a wide range of information and perspectives on entrepreneurship. The availability of on-demand content also allows you to learn at your own pace and revisit complex topics as needed, enhancing your understanding and retention of the material.

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Cons of BETA Camp

1. Cost: The program fee for BETA Camp, ranging from $3500 for early birds to $3750 regularly, might be prohibitive for some students. While scholarships are available, the cost can still be a significant barrier to entry for individuals without the financial means to afford such an investment. This aspect might limit accessibility for talented aspiring entrepreneurs who could benefit greatly from the program but are unable to bear the cost.

2. Online Format Limitations: While the virtual nature of BETA Camp offers flexibility and accessibility, it also comes with limitations. The lack of in-person interaction may reduce the richness of the learning experience and networking opportunities. Some students thrive in face-to-face environments where they can engage directly with instructors and peers, and the online format might not fully replicate these dynamics.

3. Intensive Schedule: The program’s packed schedule, including 60+ hours of live workshops and additional on-demand content over four weeks, can be intense. If you have other summer commitments or prefer a more relaxed pace of learning, the density of BETA Camp’s curriculum could be overwhelming. Balancing the program with leisure activities or part-time work might be challenging for some students.

4. Specific Focus on Entrepreneurship: While the specialized focus on entrepreneurship is a strength, it can also be a limitation if your interests are broader or if you’re still exploring different career paths. BETA Camp might not provide the wide-ranging academic exposure or exploration of multiple disciplines that other pre-college programs offer, which could be a disadvantage if you’re not yet committed to pursuing entrepreneurship.

5. Limited Peer Interaction: Despite the program’s efforts to foster a sense of community, the online setting may limit the depth of peer interaction and camaraderie that can form in residential programs. Building lasting relationships and engaging in spontaneous, enriching conversations might be more challenging in a virtual environment.

6. Pressure and Competition: While BETA Camp emphasizes education over competition, the nature of entrepreneurship and the process of developing a startup idea can inherently be competitive and pressure-filled. You might find this environment challenging if you prefer collaborative or less high-pressure environments.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing BETA Camp is more than just selecting a summer program; it’s choosing to invest in your future. Here, you’ll not only learn from leading experts and work on impactful projects but also join a community that supports and inspires you to achieve your best.

If you’re passionate about making a difference, eager to challenge yourself, and ready to take your first steps toward a bright future, BETA Camp welcomes you. Your journey starts with this community that believes in your potential and a program designed to bring out your best.

Apply now, and take the first step toward transforming your passions into a pathway to college and beyond. BETA Camp is not just a camp; it’s a launching pad for the next generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers. Are you ready to join?


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