How to Update Harvard After Submitting Your Application

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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Alright, you’ve sent off your Harvard application—nice job! But hang on, what if you’ve got to change your contact details? Or maybe you just bagged a new award, bumped up your SAT score, or racked up some cool new achievements? Well, here’s a detailed guide on how to update Harvard after submitting the application.

Why Updating Harvard After Submitting Your Application Matters

Updating Harvard after submitting your application is important. It’s your chance to make your app pop in a sea of thousands. Let’s say you turned in your application in November and then scooped up a big win at a science fair in December. That’s huge! It shows you’re not just smart, but you’re also passionate and committed. Telling Harvard about it puts a spotlight on your recent win.

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Or maybe you managed to up your SAT score post-application. By updating Harvard with your new score, you’re basically boosting your academic cred. This could make you a stronger contender for a spot.

Keeping Harvard updated with your latest wins gives them the full picture of what you’re all about. It’s a way to show them you’re always growing and pushing boundaries, and it could seriously sway their decision in your favor.

Where to Update Harvard After Submitting Your Application

So, you’ve hit ‘submit’ on your Harvard application—what’s next? If you need to update your contact info, share a new award, or adjust any details, you’ll be using the Applicant Portal. Harvard will shoot you an email after you apply, giving you access to this portal. It’s your go-to spot for keeping everything in order and up-to-date.

Here’s what you can do on the Applicant Portal:

  • Update Contact Info: Got a new email, address, or phone number? Change it right here in the portal to make sure you don’t miss any important updates from Harvard.
  • Check Your Application Status: The portal shows a personalized checklist of what you’ve submitted and what’s still missing. Super handy for keeping tabs on your application’s completeness.
  • Confirm Your Test Scores: You can check what test scores Harvard has on file to ensure everything’s squared away.
  • Update Financial Aid Info: If something changes with your financial situation, you can update your info here to keep your financial aid application accurate.
  • Self-Report Test Scores: If you’ve got new test scores to report, you can pop them right into the portal yourself. This speeds things up by not having to wait for official score reports.
  • Switch Application Rounds: If you need to switch from Restrictive Early Action to Regular Decision, you can make that change here.
  • Upload Extra Docs: Got new achievements or important documents to add? Upload them directly to the portal to beef up your application.
  • Withdraw Your Application: If you decide Harvard isn’t the fit you thought it was, you can withdraw your application easily through the portal.

Using the Applicant Portal makes managing your application a breeze. Everything you need to update or adjust is just a few clicks away, helping you keep your application sharp and up-to-date.

How to Update Your Contact Information After Submitting Your Harvard Application

Got a new email or moved to a new place after submitting your Harvard app? No worries, updating your contact info is key to staying in the loop with all things Harvard. Here’s a quick guide to help you keep your details fresh.

Here’s how to update your contact info:

1. Log into the Applicant Portal. Hit up the link from the confirmation email you got after you applied. This will take you straight to the Harvard Applicant Portal, your hub for all application updates.

2. Find the contact info section. Once you’re in, head over to the section specifically for updating contact details. This is where you can change your email, address, and phone number. Be sure to get to the right spot so everything updates correctly.

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3. Enter new details. Type in your updated info. Take a second to double-check everything is spelled right and accurate—this is crucial to avoid any mix-ups down the line.

4. Save your updates. Don’t forget to hit save! This locks in your changes so that all future communications hit the right inbox or mailbox.

Now, if you bump into something you can’t update via the portal or if you’re having trouble, reach out directly to Harvard’s admissions office. Shoot a quick email to [email protected]. Make sure to include your full name, application ID, and exactly what you need changed. Keeping it clear and to the point will help get things sorted faster.

Here’s an email template you can use:

Subject: Application Update Request: [Your Full Name]

Dear Harvard Admissions Office,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is [Your Full Name], and my application ID is [Your Application ID]. I need to update my application with the following changes:

[Describe the specific changes you need to make]

Thank you for your assistance. Please let me know if any additional information is required.

Best regards,

[Your Full Name]

[Your Contact Information]

How to Update Your Accomplishments and Awards After Submitting Your Harvard Application

After you’ve sent off your Harvard application, your achievements don’t hit pause—and Harvard is all ears for any big new accomplishments. However, keep in mind that it’s best to share only significant milestones that reflect real growth, leadership, or excellence. Here’s a breakdown of what kinds of achievements are worth mentioning:

Achievements Examples
Academic Achievements Winning a prestigious academic competition or science fair.

Receiving a high academic honor or scholarship.

Scoring perfect or significantly improved results on standardized tests like the SAT or ACT.

Extracurricular Awards Taking on a leadership role like president in a major club or organization.

Winning at state, national, or international levels in sports, arts, or other activities.

Community Service and Leadership Gaining recognition for major community service efforts.

Spearheading an initiative that made a big impact on your community or school.

Special Recognitions Getting featured in well-known publications or media for your accomplishments.

Earning awards from reputable organizations for your contributions or talents.

Here’s how to update your accomplishments:

1. Log into the applicant portal. Jump into the portal using your login details. This is your command center for all things application-related.

2. Head to the additional information section. Once you’re in, look for the section where you can add extra info. This is where you’ll update them about your latest and greatest achievements.

3. Upload supporting documents. Got certificates or letters backing up your wins? Upload them here. Make sure everything you submit helps to underline just how awesome these new achievements are.

4. Explain the significance. Don’t just list your awards—add a short explanation about each one. Describe what the award is for, the level of the competition, and why it’s a big deal. This gives the admissions folks a clearer picture of why your new achievements are important.

By keeping Harvard updated with these significant achievements, you’re not just padding your application—you’re showing them your ongoing dedication and potential. This can really help paint a fuller picture of what you bring to the table.

How to Submit Supplementary Materials After Submitting Your Harvard Application

Sometimes after you’ve submitted your Harvard application, you might realize there are additional documents you need to send over. This could include things like:

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Supplementary material Description
Updated Transcripts If your grades have gotten better or you’ve finished more classes since you first applied, updated transcripts give a clearer picture of your academic standing.
Additional Letters of Recommendation More recommendation letters can shed extra light on your character and achievements, especially if they’re from teachers, mentors, or others who really know your strengths and potential.
New Awards or Achievements If you’ve racked up some new accolades or hit significant milestones recently, getting that info over to Harvard can really beef up your profile.
Clarification of Information Sometimes you need to clear up details or add support to your application. This could be certificates, proof of participation in activities, or other pertinent documents.

Getting these documents in correctly can really polish your application by giving a fuller view of your achievements and capabilities. Here’s how to submit them:

1. Head to the applicant portal. Log in with your credentials. This portal is where you manage your application and drop any new docs.

2. Find the document upload section. Once logged in, look for the spot specifically for uploads. It’s usually pretty easy to find.

3. Pick the right document type. When you’re ready to upload, make sure to choose the correct type of document from the options provided, like transcripts or recommendation letters.

4. Upload and confirm submission. Check that your document is in the right format and clearly labeled with your name and other details. Upload it, then double-check to ensure everything went through okay and that it’s all easy to read.

Following these steps helps you get your additional documents to Harvard smoothly, ensuring your application presents the most complete and accurate image of what you bring to the table. This thoroughness can seriously strengthen your application and boost your chances of getting in.


Wrapping up your Harvard application with up-to-date info is a key part of the admissions process. By making sure your application mirrors your latest accomplishments and current info, you’re really putting your best foot forward. Here are a few final tips to help you nail it:

  • Regularly check the portal. Make it a routine to log into the Applicant Portal often to keep everything fresh and accurate.
  • Update promptly. If something changes or you snag a new achievement, update your application ASAP. This helps avoid any last-minute rushes or missed details.
  • Stick to the rules. Follow Harvard’s specific instructions for adding updates and materials. This ensures everything you submit is on point and taken into account.

Keeping your application updated is a straightforward yet impactful way to boost your chances of getting into Harvard. It shows you’re engaged, driven, and always pushing for the best. So, don’t hesitate to keep Harvard in the loop with your latest successes and changes—it might just tip the scales in your favor.


Can I update my Harvard application after submission?

Yes, you definitely can update your Harvard application after you’ve sent it off. Harvard is all for hearing about your new big achievements, awards, or any major changes in your personal info.

Just remember, you can’t tweak the form you already submitted through the Common Application or Coalition Application directly. Instead, you can add new info and documents via the Applicant Portal by uploading documents and making updates there.

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Where can I check my Harvard application status?

You can keep an eye on your Harvard application status through the Applicant Portal. After you submit your application, you’ll get an email with a link to the portal. Once you’re logged in, you can check out your application checklist, see which documents have been received, and follow the status of your application.

Is it okay to follow up after submitting my Harvard application?

Absolutely, it’s okay to follow up after you’ve submitted your application to Harvard. If there’s important new info or if you need to clear up something, feel free to reach out to the admissions office. Just make sure you’re using the right channels, like the Applicant Portal or the specific email address for inquiries.

Remember to stick to the admissions timeline and try not to follow up too often—too much can seem a bit much. Only reach out when it’s about significant updates or essential clarifications.

What things can I update after submitting my Harvard application?

After submitting, you can update quite a few things on your Harvard application. Got new awards or significant achievements? Definitely let them know. You can also update basic contact details like your email, mailing address, or phone number.

If you’ve got new or improved standardized test scores, you can pop those into the Applicant Portal yourself. Plus, you can upload new transcripts, additional recommendation letters, or other supporting docs to keep your application up-to-date and comprehensive.

How does Harvard notify applicants?

Harvard will notify you through the Applicant Portal and via email. You’ll get an email confirmation right after you submit your application with details on how to access the portal. All the updates on your application status and the final decision will come through these channels. Make sure your contact info is current so you don’t miss out on any important notifications.


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