What are the Best Majors at UChicago?

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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What are the Best Majors at UChicago?

What are the best majors at UChicago? The University of Chicago (often referred to as UChicago) is renowned for a number of its academic programs. UChicago believes that consistent attendance in classes and laboratories is a significant factor in achieving success at the college level. The following are among the best majors being offered at UChicago:

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Econometrics and Quantitative Economics

UChicago equips students with essential tools to understand the dynamics of today’s economy. The institution emphasizes understanding economic models related to individual consumer and producer behaviors, price setting in market interactions, and income and employment dynamics. Additionally, the university fosters skills that allow students to validate these models with real-world knowledge. This knowledge often comes from analyzing existing data sets, experimental findings, and personal observations.

Biology/Biological Sciences

Recognizing its standing as a leading research-focused university, UChicago’s Biological Sciences program emphasizes scientific exploration and findings. The curriculum aims to (1) impart knowledge on recognized biological concepts and their experimental foundations and (2) highlight the existing knowledge gaps and the potential for novel discoveries. Students majoring in Biological Sciences are poised for diverse careers in healthcare, academic or industrial research, education, and health-related policymaking.

Public Policy Analysis

Public Policy Studies at UChicago is a multidisciplinary major, deriving insights from economics, sociology, political science, law, and more. Recognizing that public issues don’t always fit into strict academic disciplines, the program trains analysts equipped with diverse social science expertise, analytical capabilities, and effective communication. Engaging directly with policy matters ensures that academic theories remain relevant and grounded in real-world contexts.

Political Science and Government

Political science at UChicago encompasses the study of governance structures, policy-making, political behaviors, and political thought. While examining global political dynamics, the faculty employs a multitude of methodologies, integrating both scientific and humanistic perspectives. Understanding political science is vital for a comprehensive education as it empowers students to interpret and critique politics within and across nations.

Experimental Psychology

Among the top majors at UChicago, Psychology delves into the mental determinants of behavior, examining perception, cognition, emotions, and attitude formation. While it centralizes on individual behavior, it recognizes the influence of societal contexts and biological underpinnings. The field intersects with various disciplines in both social and biological sciences. The major’s requirements ensure students become well-versed in research methodologies and gain foundational knowledge across psychology’s key domains.


Modern statistical studies encompass devising techniques for uncertainty modeling, organizing experimental data, and interpreting results. Statistics is deeply rooted in mathematics, extending from probability to data interpretation. Those with proficiency in mathematics and a penchant for applying it to real-world problems in natural and social sciences might find statistics an intriguing academic pursuit.


Philosophy majors at UChicago are immersed in a curriculum tailored to enable deep engagement with contemporary philosophical issues and their historical backdrop. Students not only develop the acumen to interpret intricate philosophical arguments but also cultivate the skill to assess them critically. They are trained to articulate and defend their philosophical positions, both in written discourse and verbal dialogues with peers and professors. This training centered around constructive critique and articulation, is arguably the program’s cornerstone.

While these programs are notably strong at UChicago, it’s essential to note that the university offers a wide range of excellent programs across various fields. The “best” major is often the one that aligns most closely with a student’s individual passion and career goals.

How Do You Decide on Your Major?

Deciding among the best majors offered at UChicago or any other institution can be a challenging decision for prospective college students. A survey revealed that 61% of college alumni would change their majors if they had the chance to start over.

Yet, not all graduates look back with regret on their chosen field of study. Below are some crucial factors to ponder when deciding on a major, accompanied by tips for picking the right college based on your chosen field.

Consider Your Skills

Create a list of your accomplishments and areas of interest to get started. After you’ve finished, inquire with your closest loved ones and friends about the things they would say about you. There are times when we need a third party to point out to us our qualities and abilities that we sometimes take for granted.

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Include any subjects that have always piqued your curiosity but that you’ve never committed yourself to study in depth. You should also mention things you used to be good at but haven’t done in a while, especially if you haven’t done them in a while.

Investigate Possible Professions

When you have a list of your interests and passions, the next step is to investigate what kinds of professions meet those interests. For instance, if you have a passion for music, you could pursue a career as a music instructor, or a club promoter, or look for work at a charity organization that is dedicated to music.

After compiling a list of possible lines of employment, you should think about observing those currently employed in those positions in order to get a feel for what it’s like to do the job. Observing the processes that are actually carried out by people will help you determine whether or not you are engaged in the endeavor. If seeing someone on the job isn’t possible, you can reach out to folks via email or LinkedIn and set up a phone call with them to ask them questions face-to-face.

Estimate Future Earnings

The majority of careers have their progression tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Visit the site and choose the professional fields that are of most interest to you. You will be able to discover what employment is available in each sector from that location.

After compiling a list of occupations that pique your interest, you can use the site to determine which of those occupations have a positive growth rate and incomes that are commensurate with the lifestyle you intend to lead. Even if the amount of money you will make in the future is not the only thing you should think about while choosing a career path, it is still an essential consideration. Having this knowledge can assist you in determining how much of an investment it is prudent to make in your secondary schooling.

Consider what you want your life to be like once you graduate from college as well. For example, if you want to establish a family, reside in a major city, or do substantial traveling, you’re going to need a career that pays well enough so that you can afford those things.

Consider How Much of Your Time You Invest

It’s not true that all majors are created equal. There is a significant difference in the amount of effort that is required for various programs. Think about how much time you are able to devote to your training and how committed you want to be as a student.

Research any advanced degrees that may be required of you after you graduate college if you want to work in the field that interests you. Before you decide on what you want to study for your bachelor’s degree, it is essential to consider whether or not you will need to move on to earn a professional or master’s degree to achieve the professional goals you have set for yourself.

Ultimately, choosing a major combines self-reflection, research, practical experience, and seeking guidance. Your major should ideally reflect not just your current interests but also align with your long-term goals and aspirations. Whatever you decide, UChicago offers a rigorous academic environment that will challenge and prepare you for future endeavors.

What Kind of Students Does UChicago Look for?

The University of Chicago actively promotes a culture where students are inspired to challenge prevailing notions, both inside and beyond lecture halls, thanks to its commitment to cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment. This implies that the admissions department seeks particular qualities in its students to nurture a setting that embraces diversity.

Academic excellence is paramount in the admissions process. Given the University of Chicago’s reputation as a leading global research institution, it’s crucial that its students demonstrate top-tier academic prowess.

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While maintaining an innovative mindset is a top priority,  the university’s admissions department offers a unique approach: it’s one of the few that allows applicants to consolidate their SAT and ACT scores. If a student sits for standardized tests multiple times, the admissions team might consider the best scores from each test in their evaluation.

This approach, known as superscoring, means that if you feel your test scores fell short of your expectations, retaking them could significantly enhance your chances of admission.

With its rigorous admission criteria, the University of Chicago is notably selective. Its students typically rank at the pinnacle of their high school classes, having undertaken a strenuous academic journey throughout their secondary education years. Taking challenging courses not only better prepares you for the rigors of the University of Chicago but also aligns you more closely with the qualities the institution values in its student body.

Initiative & Intellect

The foundational academic program at the University of Chicago is renowned for prompting students to venture into new domains, be it through pioneering research, voicing a unique perspective, or highlighting overlooked issues.

Successfully navigating these challenges requires both drive and a depth of understanding. Students here don’t just share their insights; they back them up with thorough research and evidence. The quintessential University of Chicago student is proactive and sees their projects to fruition.

Curiosity & Challenge

At its heart, the University of Chicago’s curriculum underscores the importance of diving into unfamiliar subjects with genuine intellectual eagerness and a zeal to stretch one’s boundaries. The students at this institution continuously seek avenues for self-betterment, with the university’s programs serving as the catalyst for such evolution.

Respect & Inclusiveness

While critically evaluating long-held norms, it’s vital to remain receptive to the perspectives and experiences others contribute. The University of Chicago deeply values its diverse student body and the myriad backgrounds they represent.

Throughout their educational journey, students at the University of Chicago are nurtured to deeply understand and respect varied religious beliefs, political ideologies, and gender identities. However, mere respect is incomplete without tangible actions reflecting it. Here, inclusivity embodies that actionable form of respect.

The University of Chicago emphasizes an inclusive ethos, ensuring every individual, irrespective of their background, feels a sense of belonging, akin to being with close kin.

Dedication To Community

A staggering 81% of the accepted applicants last year showcased a significant dedication towards community enhancement in their applications. Moreover, the University of Chicago proudly hosts its Community Service Center, giving students ample opportunities to contribute positively to Chicago.

An ideal student at the University of Chicago is actively involved in their community. Thus, emphasizing your allegiance to causes and communities that resonate with you can set you apart.

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