Asian American Admits to Elite Universities

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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Asian American Admits By The Numbers

The competition for admissions to elite universities has reached an all-time high given the surge in applications in recent years. Asian Americans, in particular, face the highest standard for admission given both the discrimination against the minority group as well as the cutthroat competition.

AdmissionSight has released a report on the number of Asian American Admits to Elite Universities by the numbers.

Asian American Admits to Elite Universities

There are a limited number of seats for Asian Americans at elite institutions, which typically comprise anywhere between 20-25% of the student body despite having the highest academic record in terms of GPA and SAT scores of any other ethnic group. The Asian American Admits to Elite Universities chart shows clearly the number of seats filled in each class year at each of the highest tier colleges and universities in the country.

Given both the influence of Asian culture, education is highly valued in the household, and it’s no surprise that Asian students tend to perform at a high level in the classroom, with many scoring top marks in a rigorous courseload of AP exams, PSAT’s, and SAT’s. But Asian Americans with stellar academic records are not always admitted, and in fact, even more often than not rejected as they face the significant discrimination and scrutiny, and more recently penalized by what Harvard dubbed a low “personality score.

As an Asian American applying to elite universities, the bar is set significantly higher, and that means performing at a much higher standard inside and outside of the classroom than your typical applicant to get a leg up into one of the nation’s most coveted universities.

To navigate this highly competitive atmosphere, Asian Americans not only need to score highly on their SAT and perform well in their schoolwork, but also get national recognition in math and science olympiads, science fairs, writing competitions, speech and debate, and exhibit leadership through their extracurricular activities.

To be the creme of the crop is already tough enough; and if you’re Asian American, it’s even tougher.


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