Europe’s Best Universities For Political Science

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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Europe’s Best Universities For Political Science

Is political science right for you?

Do you think that political science is the field for you? There are many different names for degree programs in political science, and the requirements for these degrees can vary from school to school. Students who intend to earn a degree from the best universities for political science should anticipate studying subjects relevant to more than one subfield of the field.

Classes in academic programs are frequently broken down into specialized subfields such as political theory, research methods, and American politics. Students pursuing a major must enroll in a few introductory courses. At some universities, students will choose a subfield to serve as their primary area of concentration.

Topics such as the American civil war, international law, and energy policy are discussed in upper-level classes. A course in statistics may be required of students by certain programs, and others strongly recommend that they take one. Some political science departments may offer Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees; however, the Bachelor of Science degree will most likely require more quantitative coursework.

A major in political science could be the right choice for you if you want to develop powerful tools that will help you understand political arguments, promote them, and debate them. You will have the chance to develop your writing, public speaking, and analytical thinking skills if you participate in a program offered by the government.

You will also have the opportunity to investigate various subjects pertinent to domestic and international politics, such as public opinion in the United States, the security of nuclear weapons, and the European Union.

Studying political theory could be the right path for you to take if you are more drawn to the concepts integral to the functioning of the political system. If you’re considering attending law school, working in public policy, or going down another career path, political science might be your best option.

Why study political science in Europe?

There are several reasons why one might consider studying political science in Europe:

Rich political history: Europe has a rich political history, with diverse political systems and ideologies. Studying political science in Europe can give you a unique perspective on the evolution of political systems and ideas and how they have shaped contemporary political discourse and institutions.

Diverse political systems: Europe has diverse political systems, from parliamentary democracies to constitutional monarchies to federal states. Studying political science in Europe can give you a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of different systems and how they function in practice.

Access to top institutions: Europe is home to some of the world’s top research institutions and the best universities for political science. Studying at one of these institutions can give you access to leading scholars in the field and cutting-edge research.

Opportunities for comparative analysis: Studying political science in Europe provides opportunities for comparative analysis between different countries and regions, which can enhance your understanding of how politics operates in different contexts.

Multiculturalism: Europe is home to diverse cultures and societies, and studying political science in Europe can expose you to different ways of thinking about and approaching political issues. This can be particularly useful in a globalized world where political issues often transcend national boundaries.

What are the best political science schools in Europe?

University of Oxford

Degrees offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD

The University of Oxford is distinguished from other educational institutions by its method of instruction, in which students are instructed either individually or in relatively small groups. This method of instruction is supplemented with larger group lectures and seminars, which offer the students a wider range of educational opportunities. This makes them unique among the best political science schools in Europe.

University of Oxford main building

Because of the excellent education, it provides, particularly in research, this university is ranked highly among the world’s best universities for political science in Europe. As a result, it is also in the highest ranking for social sciences courses.

The Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford, widely regarded as one of the premier institutions for studying political science in Europe, confers undergraduate and graduate degrees. Those interested in obtaining a bachelor’s degree can enroll in either the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program or the History and Politics Program. Both of these programs require three years of study.

There is also a list of programs students can choose from to earn their Master’s degrees. Some of these programs include Politics Research, Political Theory, and International Relations. In addition, those who wish to earn a Ph.D. from the institution can study International Relations and Politics through the school. Students are expected to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the political institutions that make up society due to their participation in these classes.

University of Cambridge

Degrees offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD

Students at this top political science school in Europe will have the opportunity to investigate a diverse range of topics and research at the University of Cambridge, thanks to the fact that it is a school that welcomes students from a variety of academic backgrounds.

University of Cambridge

Through the various programs, they will learn about the most important problems facing the world today, such as climate change, gender equality, health, and the economy on a global scale. Graduates of the Department of Politics and International Studies are expected to be agents of change when they eventually work for governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other organizations.

Bachelor’s degree programs at Cambridge University can be obtained in Human, Social, and Political Sciences. Students enrolling in this three-year program can concentrate on social anthropology, sociology, politics, or international relations.

Public policy is a graduate degree program that leads to a master’s degree, and Politics and International Studies can lead to either a master’s or a doctoral degree. Both of these degrees are postgraduate degrees. Since the postgraduate students’ coursework is interdisciplinary, they will have the opportunity to collaborate with students and faculty from other departments, such as Law, History, and Psychology.

ETH Zurich

Degrees offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s

Setting primary areas for departments at ETH Zurich to concentrate their efforts on enables the institution to maintain its reputation as one of the best universities for political science in both research and instruction. The areas of behavior, governance, knowledge and law, and economics are at the center of the research conducted by the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences. Because of this, the division has demonstrated that it has a successful academic track record.

front view of ETH Zurich

The only bachelor’s degree offered by the institution is in Public Policy, which covers topics such as business administration, history, legal studies, and psychological research. In addition, the partnership between ETH Zurich and the Military Academy (MILAC) offers classes on military sciences. These classes give the students a foundation for military leadership if they pursue a career in this field.

In addition to the bachelor’s degree, students interested in political science can enroll in one of four different Master’s degree programs. This category includes the subfields of Comparative and International Studies, Science, Technology, and Policy, and Comparative and International History and Philosophy of Knowledge.

University College London

Degrees offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD

The University College London, also known as UCL, has been ranked in the top 10 of the QS World University Rankings. This accolade comes on the heels of the institution’s position as one of the most research-intensive universities in the region. The institution is among the best in London and is well known for its forward-thinking approach to research and the classroom.

View of University College London

UCL is also widely regarded as having one of the best universities for political science in Europe. As a result, the Department of Political Science at this university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees.

When earning their bachelor’s degree, students can major in either “Philosophy, Politics and Economics” or “Politics and International Relations.” Both of these programs ensure that students understand both domestic and international issues, as well as the training and skills necessary to conduct research and develop inventive solutions. The University College London offers postgraduate students a variety of programs that can be tailored to meet their specific interests. These programs include Global Governance and Ethics, Human Rights, and Administration and Management.

London School of Economics and Political Science

Degrees offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s

The university’s concentration on social sciences has earned it a place among the most prestigious academic institutions in Europe and the rest of the world in terms of that field of study. The London School of Economics and Political Science, also known as LSE, ensures that their education is geared toward enhancing societal conditions somehow.

LSE signage

For that reason, they can provide a diverse selection of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in political science, which positions them as a leading institution for political science across Europe and gives students the freedom to choose the areas of concentration.

At the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), students can earn a degree that is solely devoted to the study of politics, in addition to several degrees that combine two disciplines, such as History and Politics, Politics and Data Science, and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. It is possible to finish one of these programs in three or four years, depending on the student’s chosen field of study.

In addition to these, there are Master’s degree programs available in topics such as Global Politics, Politics and Communication, and a great deal more. The students can enroll in the programs at their home school or a school located overseas and choose to do so either full- or part-time.

University of Edinburgh

Degrees offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s

The University of Edinburgh provides a high-quality education to its students, during which they are encouraged and trained to influence positive change in society. The university is home to leading experts from various fields worldwide.

Students who enroll in undergraduate or postgraduate programs at this institution’s School of Social and Political Science can investigate the various political, social, and technological systems worldwide.

University of Edinburgh front building

The university offers a single bachelor’s program in Social Work and joint programs covering various topics, such as International Relations and Law and Government, Policy, and Society. Students can broaden their knowledge and hone their skills in preparation for a career path that can take various forms thanks to these programs, which can typically be finished in four years.

As one of the best universities for political science, the University of Edinburgh also offers a variety of Master’s degree programs in areas such as global environment, politics and society, international development, and social work, among others.

LMU Munich

Degrees offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD

The LMU Munich Institute of Political Science continues to uphold its legacy as one of Europe’s best universities for political science. The school offers instruction and research in various fields, such as international relations and political theory, among many others.

There is a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Arts, and a Doctor of Philosophy program in Political Science available at LMU Munich. All three levels are said to be disciplined and research-oriented. The foundational courses, such as political methods and theory, political systems, and international relations, are provided to students in the bachelor’s program to establish themselves in their chosen areas of specialization after completing the program and earning their degrees.

Students who enroll in the school’s master’s and doctoral programs receive a more comprehensive education due to the school’s use of qualitative and quantitative teaching approaches, which will assist them in creating their very own creative responses to the pressing issues facing the world today.

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