National Robotics League

January 12, 2023
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National Robotics League

The National Robotics League is a manufacturing workforce development program established by the National Tooling & Machining Association. Through advocacy, advice, education, networking, information, programs, and services, the Association’s mission is to assist members of the precision custom manufacturing industry in the United States in achieving profitable growth and commercial success in a global economy.

The goal of the NRL is for every student in the United States of America to gain an understanding of manufacturing, investigate it, and think about pursuing a career in it as a result of this exciting and real-life experience.

A student working on a robot with his teacher.

The National Robotics League provides students with hands-on learning opportunities through education and business in the hopes that these opportunities will pique students’ interests and help the manufacturing industry build up the current and future workforce it requires.

What is National Robotics League?

What is National Robotics League? Students design and construct remotely controlled robots (Bots) to compete against one another in a gladiator-style format as part of the National Tooling & Machining Association’s (NTMA) manufacturing workforce development program known as the National Robotics League (NRL).

Students get the opportunity to design, construct, and compete with their very own robotic inventions as part of the Bot building manufacturing process. This stimulates the students’ imaginations.

Students get real-world knowledge of STEM subjects including science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through hands-on activities and industry partnerships. These are all skills that are needed for the manufacturing business.

Students walking with their teacher on the hallway.

Competition in the vein of Battlebots is supposed to take place between the students and the competitors. The competition is a fierce battle between different schools’ bots. The battles are fought in a bracket-style, where one bot wins and move on to the next fight after a short repair break, and the other bot moves to the loser’s bracket, where it can fight its way back up.

The winner of each battle advances in the competition. After suffering a defeat in the losers bracket, your chances of winning the competition are completely eliminated. The tournament provides students with a fantastic opportunity to develop both as members of a group and as individuals in general.

Students are able to obtain a better grasp of the job opportunities in manufacturing and become more excited about these careers as a result of the formalization of relationships between schools or youth organizations and manufacturing partners. Students that take part in this competition have the opportunity to acquire valuable skills such as communication, collaboration, and leadership.

Also, by assisting competitors in the development of a lean and mean fighting machine, manufacturers are able to generate valuable linkages between their industry and schools, as well as worker talent pipelines. To put it another way, everyone becomes victorious.

What is the National Robotics League’s Mission?

What is the National Robotics League’s mission?  The purpose of the National Robotics League is to foster interest in STEM fields, build the workforce of the present and future that the manufacturing industry requires, and provide exciting, hands-on, experiential learning opportunities in these fields through partnerships between the private sector and the educational community.

A robot touching a hand.

Through imaginative and authentic learning opportunities, the organization hopes to inspire each and every student in the United States to comprehend, investigate, and think about a future profession in the manufacturing industry.

What is the National Tooling & Machining Association?

What is the National Tooling & Machining Association? It has been tremendously exaggerated how dire the situation is for the manufacturing industry in the United States. In point of fact, the United States of America is still one of the major manufacturing economies in the world.

Despite the fact that the country’s industry must work through obstacles, the NTMA’s story is one of expansion. The future seems quite promising indeed because of the American know-how, invention, and expertise of the American people.

The National Tooling and Machining Association was founded to serve as the authoritative voice for this narrative in its capacity as the national representation of the precision custom manufacturing industry.

Its combined influence is significant due to the fact that we are supported by approximately 2,000 members who jointly account for more than $40 billion in sales. NTMA also acts as a useful national resource for our members, assisting them in growing their businesses and increasing their profits.

Even though many of its members are privately owned independent enterprises, the goods and services that they supply are of the utmost importance to the economy of the country as a whole. Products manufactured by NTMA are utilized in a variety of sectors, including the aerospace, electronics, and nuclear power industries. The NTMA is broken up into close to fifty different local chapters spread around the country.

Why opt for Manufacturing?

Why opt for manufacturing? The manufacturing industry is undergoing a period of tremendous transformation. Productivity is improving as a result of advances in technology and automation, which is also driving up demand for people with highly specialized skills.

There is a dearth of machinists, operators, and technicians, as well as industrial engineers and manufacturing engineers, in the business world.

The hourly income and benefit compensations for professions in manufacturing are currently higher than those offered in other businesses that are not manufacturing. The median age of workers in the manufacturing industry is 44.7 years old, which means that there is a demand for younger individuals who are skilled in entering the manufacturing area.

  • Receive a good wage in exchange for your skills
  • Educate yourself on emerging technologies
  • Create a real-world product
  • Work in a sanitary and up-to-date setting
  • Have the opportunity to advance professionally
  • Assist your nation in its efforts to compete in the global market
  • Find a number of different careers that will keep your interests alive

Because of the high level of expertise and ongoing education that is necessary for these positions, the employment market in the manufacturing industry will be more stable than it was in the past. The manufacturing industry in the United States directly employs 12 million people and indirectly supports the employment of 17.2 million more.

The United States of America’s manufacturing sector is the most productive in the world, and if it were its own country, the economy of the United States manufacturing sector would be the tenth largest in the world.

Innovation in the United States is driven by manufacturing. It takes concepts and ideas and turns them into new goods and processes that not only generate wealth but also make the world a better place to live in. It gives birth to nascent but extremely important businesses, such as biotechnology and solar power.

As engineers and manufacturers create novel technologies, they develop the capacity to advance and innovate in previously unexplored domains.

What is the Mission of NTMA?

What is the mission of NTMA? Since its inception in 1943, the National Tooling & Machining Association has maintained its relevance by adapting to changing times and concentrating on the future of American manufacturing as exemplified by the small and medium-sized businesses that make up the majority of our membership. These businesses are typically privately held or family-owned.

The NTMA possesses the expertise, resources, and national presence necessary to propel constructive change and progress. The United States as a whole is beginning to view precision manufacturing with a fresh perspective as a result of our rapidly expanding membership.

The mission of the National Tooling & Machining Association is to assist members of the precision custom manufacturing industry in the United States in achieving profitable growth and commercial success in a global economy. This is accomplished through advocacy, advice, education, networking, information, programs, and services offered by the association.

The NTMA makes available possibilities that members can take advantage of to accelerate the development of their capabilities by capitalizing on their combined experiences and inventiveness.

Advocating for its industry by speaking and acting with one voice, providing crucial business resources, and critical knowledge to our members, and speaking on its behalf. They are dedicated to eliminating the skills gap by encouraging young participation and fostering the development of our rising leaders.

Its goal is to establish itself as the preeminent hub of industry expertise and to steer precision custom manufacturing in the United States toward continued global leadership. Impact favorably the strategic position that the United States precision manufacturing industry plays in the economy of the nation and inspire change that contributes to the creation of a manufacturing environment that is both healthy and sustainable.

In addition, the National Tooling & Machining Association holds the belief that if its members behave ethically, the NTMA will always operate with integrity and adhere to legal and fairness standards in all of its commercial dealings.

It will continually measure against the best practices in associations and the perceived value to members, and as a result, it will create and monitor improvement initiatives. This will be done because of its dedication to excellence.

Lastly, the NTMA will create a culture of teamwork with unity of purpose through the development of critical abilities such as listening, effective communication, and project leadership. This will be accomplished by developing the people who work for the organization.

Why is the National Robotics League Unique?

Why is the National Robotics League unique? The NRL is the only job-driven, project-based STEM learning experience that was created by the industry to solve its biggest problem, which was recruiting a future workforce by “Engaging Manufacturing’s Next Generation.”

  • Students gain the technical and critical thinking skills necessary for manufacturing vocations of today and tomorrow by designing, developing, and testing a battle Bot, which is a fascinating real-world professional manufacturing experience.
  • Students acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary for the technical and analytical thinking required for the manufacturing jobs of both today and the future.
  • Participating schools are required to develop partnerships with local manufacturing enterprises so that those businesses can function as industry advisors for the participating schools.
  • The National Robotics League (NRL) is a forward-thinking sport in which every participant has the opportunity to pursue a career in manufacturing.

In addition, there is a lack of desire and talent in the industrial industry. The labor market is saturated with unqualified candidates, making it difficult for businesses to fill unfilled positions. A rapidly aging workforce is a factor that contributes to the severity of this situation.

  • By the year 2020, forty percent of the workforce in the manufacturing industry will have reached the age of retirement, and by the year 2030, that number will have increased to seventy-seven percent.
  • Within the next ten years, there will be two million vacant employment in the manufacturing industry.
  • Only thirty percent of parents would encourage their children to pursue a career in manufacturing, despite the fact that ninety percent of parents are aware that a robust manufacturing base is essential to the economic health of the United States.

Students who are bright, talented, and who enjoy creating things and finding solutions to problems are drawn to the NRL. Precisely the kind of individuals who, if all goes according to plan, will guide the manufacturing industry into the future.

Now is the time to “STEM” the tide of the widening skills gap and promote hands-on learning that gets kids excited about expanding their knowledge. The NRL is one of the only programs that actively encourages students to pursue professions in manufacturing.

How Does the National Robotics League Program Work?

How does the National Robotics League Program Work? A national framework for educational robotics competitions is made available by the National Robotics League. This was done to direct more people toward manufacturing-related job opportunities and to supply NTMA chapters with a program that helps revitalize and expand the organization.

Regional robotics leagues that meet the NRL’s eligibility requirements are invited to join the league, which provides a platform that is competitive, risk-free, and efficient in terms of costs.

Group of student working on a table.

Student teams compete against one another on a regional level in order to put their robotic creations to the test and do battle for the title of regional champion. In the month of May, the National Robotics League hosts its annual National Competition.

Teams are judged not just on their performance in the arena combat, but also on the engineering binders they submit for review by industry professionals. When determining who will take home the title of Grand Champion at the National Competition, the documentation binder and presentation points earned by the team are given significant weight.

Students can get excited about the competitions, but what they are really doing is developing technical skills in mechanical and electrical engineering, machining, and welding, as well as 21st-century skills in critical thinking, project management, communication, and teamwork. This is all thanks to the competition.

How do you start a National Robotics League Program?

How do you start a National Robotics League program? In order to launch a program in your region, you will need the backing of influential members of the business community and the community at large, as well as education officials and members of the local NTMA chapter.

The initial assessment of interest by local representatives or NRL program champions—program leaders, school representatives, and business sponsors—is the most important step in the process of putting together a program that will be successful.

Hold your first meeting with the three critical leadership champions, including a school representative, a robotic program leader, and an industry sponsor. The robotic program leader is the person who will run and administer the NRL program. A school representative will help involve schools in your area (a member of a local business or association who can help communicate the vision for supporting a local robotics program in the community).

A teacher talking to a female student holding her book.

At this meeting, the National Robotics League (NRL) recommends that you give some background information on why there is a need to establish a robotics program, identify the advantages and purpose of establishing an NRL program in your local community, and highlight the necessary steps to starting your program.

It is strongly suggested that one of our national representatives participate as a guest speaker at the event in order to assist in providing the necessary context and answer questions posed by the audience.

It is strongly recommended that a strategic planning session be held after your first meeting or after a complete understanding of the key goals and objectives that need to be established for starting an NRL program.

The purpose of this session would be to determine the method, procedure schedule, and future activities that are required to get started. This is due to the following three factors:

Determine true community interest

To get started, you need to be aware that it will require a great degree of organizing abilities in order to keep track of the numerous components that are required in order to set up a local program.

In order to get the program off the ground, you should consider inviting important individuals who share your vision and are willing to take on duties. This first meeting to discuss strategy is extremely important to the success of your program.

Assess the local excitement

Participating in a planning session has a way of getting individuals really enthused about what may be accomplished and getting a group off to a good start.

Understanding the effort required to establish the NRL program

Ensures that everyone is working toward the same goals that have been agreed upon and that everyone is on the same page.

When the NRL Program is finally ready to be implemented, setting a date for a local tournament is one of the first things that needs to be done. At this stage, the fruits of your labor will start to become more apparent, and you will become aware of aspects that have not been emphasized up to this time.

Always keep in mind that you will have a good time, but maintain your agility as you move forward in the most gratifying period of your life, which will be spent assisting others, instructing others, and cultivating an atmosphere conducive to the acquisition of the technical skills required in the 21st century.

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