What Types Of Student Housing Are Available To Students?

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

a photo of a posh living room with beautiful furniture

What types of student housing are available to students?

The experience of moving out for college is a feeling of extreme stress but exciting. It takes a lot of planning and effort to make it happen in a smooth process.

a photo of a posh living room with beautiful furniture

A sense of relief should be the ultimate goal when it comes to house hunting, and for educational purposes, it must be satisfactory as well. There are multiple factors to consider before landing on your ideal student accommodation.

Factors include preferable lifestyle, budget, and, most importantly, location; in order to make decisions, you have to do your research and understand what to prioritize first.

5 Types of Student Accommodations

Here are the five types of housing available for university students. Read and find out which one is best for you.

1. On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing is a facility provided by educational institutions. College dormitories offer all the amenities and required facilities to make studying more efficient for students. That is not the only benefit of living in an on-campus student accommodation; it makes it easy to enter college life, creates an interactive environment among your peers, and allows you to enjoy all the college activities and events whenever you want.

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For example, the universities in New York City provide student accommodation in New York City that is too close to the university but mostly on the campus itself. This type of student accommodation is best for the early days as a student in a new country or city because it ensures your safety and provides access to many perks of university life.

2. Off-Campus Apartments

Rental apartments, also known as off-campus student housing, are private properties that asses housing to students near their college. For students who are planning to study abroad, you can find multiple student housing apps that will help you find off-campus student accommodation in no time. You might be wondering if these off-campus housing for students are any close to on-campus housing. Worry not, If you do enough research on the properties, you will find your ideal rental apartment with all the required amenities along with a preferable location.

There are a few other reasons why off-campus housing is better than on-campus housing: off-campus housing is fully independent with no schedule restrictions, comes with enough safety, and also allows you to filter your accommodation budget. For that, you just need to do your research and talk to trusted professionals who will help you set up in your host country.

3. Homestays

Homestays offer students the opportunity to reside with a host family in their host country. Choosing a homestay relieves homesickness, allows you to learn deeply about the culture, learn a new language, and helps you find more of a home away from home.

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To find homestays, you need to contact the right people and check out the place to ensure your safety. Even master students who need an equal focus as their GMAT preparation times can opt for homestays; their personal lives wouldn’t meld with yours. The best way to find one is through social networking sites, agents, and the most trustworthy source, your institute.

4. Student Co-Ops

Student co-ops are housing arrangements managed by students themselves. Students who share a student Co-Op are responsible for all their deeds, be it cleaning, maintenance, and decision-making. This type of accommodation is best for students who have lived separately from their families before and can manage things on their own.

Student Co-Ops are responsible for turning students into independent individuals. However, it is important to carry your student essential kit, which includes all the necessities you require as a student living on your own. Making your uni life easier and more independent.

5. University Owned Properties

University-owned properties refer to accommodation options directly managed by the educational institution. Their primary benefit is their affordability. Since they are directly affiliated with the university, the prices for these accommodations are often competitive compared to private rentals in the surrounding area, making them an attractive option for students on a budget.

To find university-owned properties, you can usually visit the university’s housing office or access the institution’s online portals. These portals show the availability, prices, and provided amenities in detail.


Your needs and preferences should be your top priorities when selecting the ideal housing for your university. Based on your preferences, you can opt for any of the accommodation types mentioned above or conduct further research to explore additional alternatives that align with your requirements. Wishing you all the best for college!

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