UMich Acceptance Rate

February 10, 2021
By AdmissionSight

Umich Acceptance Rate: 18.2%

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 Successful Applicant Profile

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  • SAT/ACT scores

Entry Requirements

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  • Checklist of Application Requirements
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What Should You Expect?

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  • Notable Alumni

Located in the beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan, The University of Michigan is one of the most prestigious public universities in the United States.

Throughout the years, The University of Michigan has been known to receive upwards of 50,000 high school applications per year Thanks much in part to the fact that the school has both incredible academics and incredible athletic programs.

University of Michigan main building

The University of Michigan has educated some of the most impactful academics, businessmen and women, politicians, and more throughout the years. For that reason, and many other reasons, their school ranks amongst the most prestigious.

If it is your dream to attend this University, chances are good that you are going to need an expert admissions consultant to help you beat the odds and the Umich acceptance rate of 18.2%. While the Umich acceptance right is quite a bit higher than many of the most difficult schools to get into in the United States, it is still no cakewalk.

Luckily, here at AdmissionSight, we have the resources and tools necessary to help make those who hope to get into the University of Michigan achieve that goal.

When it comes to major public universities, Michigan ranks amongst the best. In fact, it is often compared to schools like UC Berkeley and the University of Texas. In fact, last year it was ranked as the third-best public school in the country, behind only UCLA and UC Berkeley.

In order to beat the odds and get into the University of Michigan, students typically have to score somewhere between a 32 and 35 on the ACT and somewhere between a 1380 and 1540 on SAT. on top of that, the average GPA of students that are admitted is a 3.9

Through these numbers alone, it should be abundantly clear that only the top high school students in the world are amongst those who beat the odds of the Umich acceptance rates.

However, before we go into all that further, let’s quickly break down what a successful applicant at the University of Michigan will look like.

Successful Applicant Profile

The University of Michigan has a tremendous academic profile and boasts a whopping 275+ degree programs across 19 different schools and colleges. On top of that, many of the undergraduate programs at the University rank amongst the best in the country.

As is the case with nearly all of the nation’s top universities and colleges, the admissions process at Michigan Is based on a student’s grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities. Beyond that, U of M college admissions officers will also take a look at the difficulty of every student’s high school curriculum as well as their written essays and letters of recommendation.

For that reason, every student who is interested in applying to the University has to make sure that they are able to highlight their achievements and get the right scores and grades to gain a spot.

University of Michigan demographics breakdown

When you do get accepted and start classes at Michigan, here is what you can expect your graduating class to look like in terms of diversity. Here is a table of the school’s ethnic diversity that is offered on the school’s official website:

Demographics breakdown for admissions

When it comes to gender diversity, the University of Michigan is actually completely equal with just slightly over 50 percent of the students identifying as male compared to those that identify as female.

If you are an international student who is looking to apply and attend the University of Michigan, you should know that it is widely considered to be one of the best schools in the country for international students. In fact, in a poll done by CollegeFactual that analyzed over 1,200 total schools in the United States, Michigan ranked as the 10th best school for international students.

The U of M has long been a stronghold for international students. Back in 2013, it was home to just under 6,000 students that come from other countries. Now, it is home to over 7,000.

In all, U of M ranks highly for students from counties such as China, India South Korea, Singapore, Greece, and Israel.

What are the most popular programs at Umich?

The University of Michigan has many great programs, but that does not change the fact that some programs are simply more popular amongst students than others.

Many of the most popular programs at the university are either in the STEM program umbrella or related to professional careers in business. The business interest should come as a surprise as the University of Michigan’s undergraduate business school is one of the best in the world.

With that being said, some of the most popular undergrad majors at Michigan include Business Administration and Management, General; Computer and Information Sciences, General; Economics, General; Experimental Psychology; and Physiological Psychology/Psychobiology.

In all, the freshman retention rate at the university is 97 percent. That means that 97 percent of the students who enroll in the school as freshmen stay past their first year, a fantastic indication that students who enroll in this school end up loving it!

What are the average SAT/ACT scores and GPAs of admitted students?

There is just no denying that the University of Michigan is one of the hardest public schools to get into in the entire United States. The vast majority of students who are accepted to the university are amongst the top in their high school classes.

For that reason, getting great grades and earning fantastic standardized test scores is paramount if you are looking to turn Ann Arbor into your home for the next four years.

Learning how to prepare for success in the ACT and SAT, and knowing what kinds of accelerated and honors courses that you should take during high school is an important part of gaining admission considering UMich acceptance rate.

Even if you consider yourself a fantastic test taker, you are going to want to take the time necessary to prepare for either the SAT, ACT, or both!

When it comes to GPA and standardized test scores, here is a detailed breakdown of what students who get into Michigan end up scoring.

GPA needed for Umich admissions

As these very impressive numbers indicate, getting into Michigan demands that students hold nearly an A-average throughout high school and score at the very top of both the ACT and SAT for admissions.

With that being said, students should not fall into the trap of thinking that only how they perform in classes and on tests will matter when it comes to their admissions to Michigan.

They will also have to show that they were able to invest their time out of the classroom wisely as well by taking part in numerous impressive extracurriculars.

On top of that, you will want to make sure that you are not only scoring high grades in any classes but also that you are making the right decision when it comes to the difficulty of courses that you take considering UMich acceptance rate. Putting an emphasis on taking AP courses and honors courses should be something that you absolutely keep in mind.

Entry Requirements

Michigan is an elite public school in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its massive campus sprawls over 3,207 acres of the bustling town of Ann Arbor and is home to more than 30,000 total undergraduate students. The course load and subject matter for many of the programs at Michigan are incredibly heavy and difficult.

With that being said, the pressure to succeed at the school as well as the relatively high price that students have to pay to attend is well worth it.

The University of Michigan has one of the largest and most engaged alumni communities in the world and students who graduate from Michigan will likely find that their loyalty to the Maize and Blue will open many social and professional doors for them.

How much does it cost to attend?

Because Michigan is a public school, students who are residents of the state of Michigan get an incredible discount. For students who are out of state, Michigan is on par with many of the most expensive public and private schools in the world. Here is a breakdown of tuition costs for both in and out-of-state students.

Tuition and fees

  • Resident: $15,558 – $17,522
  • Non-resident: $51,200 – $54,795

Housing and meals

  • Standard double rate: $11,996

The university stresses that prices can vary based on size and whether or not they are selected or assigned. At the U of M, the vast majority of students live in student housing for the first year and then move to off-campus housing that surrounds both central and north campuses in Ann Arbor.

Books and supplies


Of course, the cost of books and supplies varies based on your course load.

As you can see, Michigan can be a very expensive school, especially for students who are out of state. With that being said, Michigan offers a fairly generous list of options when it comes to financial aid.

What kind of financial aid is offered at the University of Michigan?

At the University of Michigan, the average financial aid package for incoming freshmen is $25,716 and over half of the students who attend the university received some form of financial aid.

Building in the middle of the school grounds.

If you are interested in learning about the financial aid requirements at Michigan as well as the related deadlines that you will have to meet, visit this page on the university’s official website.

What are the application requirements for the University of Michigan?

University of Michigan accepts both the Common Application and Coalition Application. Here is what you will need in order to begin and complete your application to Michigan:

  • Completed Common Application or Coalition Application with $75 application fee* payment (Please note that both application options include specific University of Michigan questions, and there is no advantage to submitting one over the other.)
  • High school transcript (additional requirements by country)
  • School Report (Common App) or Counselor Recommendation (Coalition App)
  • One Teacher Evaluation (academic teacher)
  • SAT or ACT score
  • TOEFL, MELAB, or IELTS scores (for non-native speakers of English)
  • Official college transcripts (for high school students dual-enrolled in a college or university; additional requirements by country)

On top of that, students will have to pay a $75 application fee. Remember, it is crucially important that you double-check everything once you have filled out your application before finally hitting the submit and send button.

What are the important dates for the Michigan application?

When it comes to applying to any college anywhere in the world, it is a high school student’s responsibility to make sure that they are sending their applications prior to the deadlines for admission.

If you are not able to get your application in before the deadline, you will not be considered by the admissions office that year, no matter how impressive your application is.

With that being said, here are the dates that you will have to keep in mind in order to make sure that your application to Michigan is sent in and received in time considering the UMich acceptance rate.

Fall term—February 1
Early Action—November 1
Winter term—October 1
Spring term—February 1
Summer term—February 1

What to Expect

When it comes to trying to figure out what school is right for you, one of the best ways to figure it out is to ask students currently going there. While you may not know students who currently attend the University of Michigan, the second-best option is to read what students are saying about what it is like to attend the school.

Students talking in the school grounds

Thanks to a great site that allows students to rate their school on a star system, you can take a look at hundreds of reviews made by current and former students of the University of Michigan. Here are some recent reviews:

“The University of Michigan is fantastic in the beautiful city of Ann Arbor,” one student said. “It’s academics are top but there is a lot of bureaucracy within the Financial Aid, SSD, LSA, LSA Advising, and many other departments. It depends on department-to-department but on average bureaucracy is very present at the university and can be frustrating.

“The academics and student life are the most amazing parts of the university. You will grow so much here as independent adults.”

“Coursework was challenging and engaging, without being entirely frustrating. There was so much to do on campus, so any free time you have is never boring.

Dorms are social, allowing you to easily make friends and form study groups. A somewhat disappointing year athletics-wise, but basketball and football games are still incredible to attend. Overall a great first year,” another said.

Academics offered

As you already know, the U of M has hundreds of unique majors and programs that students can invest their time and energy in. In fact, Michigan has many programs that rank within the top 10. Here are some of the highest-ranking programs for undergrads at Michigan:

  • 3 business program
  • 6 undergrad engineering program
  • 3 education program
  • 4 kinesiology and physical therapy program
  • 7 nursing program
  • 10 film program
  • 2 musical theater program

What about sports?

When it comes to college athletics, there are few schools that are storied as Michigan. Of course, its football stadium is the largest football stadium in America, and its men’s basketball program is no slouch either, as it has advanced to the NCAA title game two times in the last ten years.

In all, Michigan is home to 29 varsity sports teams that all compete in the NCAA’s Division I and are in the Big Ten Conference.

Michigan is considered to be an annual athletic powerhouse and has finished in the top five of the NACDA Directors’ Cup in 13 of the last 20 years.

Famous Michigan alumni

The University of Michigan has been home to some men and women who have gone on to do incredible things. As a result, some of their alumni are internationally renowned in their field. Here are some of the most famous and successful people to come out of Michigan:

  • Steve Blank, businessmen
  • Madonna, pop star
  • Ann Coulter, author, reporter
  • Tom Brady, football player
  • Derek Jeter, baseball player
  • C Robert Kidder, businessman
  • Larry Page, businessman
  • Lucy Liu, actress
  • James Earl Jones, actor
  • Frank O’Hara, poet
  • Gerald Ford, United States president

If you are hoping to one day see your name on that admissions list amongst those great men and women, you will first have to do what they all did: get accepted to the University of Michigan.

With the right grades, test scores, extracurriculars, essays, and letters of recommendation, there is no doubt that you will give yourself a great chance at getting in despite the UMich acceptance rate.

Still, given the low Umich acceptance rate, you will have to work hard to beat the odds. Here in AdmissionSight, we pride ourselves on our ability to help the best students do just that and get into the very best schools in the country!



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