Luxury Dorm Rooms 101

January 6, 2023
By AdmissionSight

Luxury Dorm Rooms 101

Luxury college dorm rooms

Are there luxury college dorm rooms on your campus? Going to university does not require you to spend years in filthy, moldy apartments surrounded by heaps of rotting undergarments and dirty laundry. There are student housing options with a variety of upscale amenities, including yoga studios, volleyball courts, rooftop pools, and sundecks, if you’re looking for a somewhat more upscale experience. Read on as we discuss Luxury Dorm Rooms 101.

Do you want to attempt to live the life of a famous person? AdmissionSight gathered some of America’s most beautiful luxury dorms. Check them out below:

Cambridge, Massachusetts’ Simmons Hall

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a nearby university (M.I.T.).

Features include a ball pit, award-winning smoothies, and food that looks like a giant sponge.

Single rooms begin at $5,325 each semester for rent.

Aerial view of MIT campus

Simmons Hall, sometimes known as “The Sponge” because of its distinctive appearance, is arguably the only university residence that publicly advertises on its website that it is inhabited by velociraptors. This might be the perfect spot for you to live if you’re not afraid of dinosaurs, especially if you’re vegan (they serve vegan food in the cafeteria). Did we also mention the enormous ball pit?

Cons: You’ll tire of mentioning the sponge to your domestic buddies.

Pointe on Rio, Austin, Texas

The University of Texas is close by.

Important attributes: rooftop pool, sundeck

Private rooms begin at $868 per month for rent.

For anyone who wishes to be completely surrounded by the Austin atmosphere, Pointe on Rio is the perfect place to live. The hipster hangouts on Guadalupe Street, foreign cuisine, historic structures, and the University of Texas are all nearby and only a 15-minute walk away. Alternatively, stay in and unwind by the rooftop pool or on your personal balcony.

Cons: You won’t be welcomed by everyone if you cannonball into the pool.

Hub, Madison, Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is close by.

Key attributes: recording studio, sauna, golf simulator, and yoga studio

Private rooms begin at $875 per month for rent.

University of Wisconsin Madison aerial view

If we talk about luxury dorm rooms, we have to include the Hub. Can you really justify paying a rent payment of over $900 per month? Well, it can be once you have everything you need at Hub Madison. Between classes, practice your swing with some simulated rounds of golf, or, during the winter, venture out to the ice rink to see how long you can survive before collapsing. You’ll probably forget to attend lectures again because you could be working out in the steam room instead.

Cons: To ever do any task, you’ll need to be extremely disciplined.

Ivy House, Gainesville, Florida

The University of Florida is close by.

Key attributes include a female-only house, jacuzzis, and a gourmet kitchen.

Private rooms begin at $725 per month for rent.

The lone female residence hall at the University of Florida is the place to live if you want to be as near to sorority row as you can get. Ivy House provides a secure, welcoming atmosphere with larger dorms than the typical student housing and a gourmet kitchen. Anytime the sun is out, be sure to take advantage of the sundeck at Ivy House.

Cons: Sorry, no boys are permitted.

Evo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Cira Center South

Universities nearby include Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Important characteristics: rooftop infinity pool, free 24-hour coffee bar

Private rooms begin at $1,119 per month for rent.

View of UPenn building at day time.

Evo is one of the luxury dorm rooms as it offers the ideal setting for aiding you with your studies, plus it’s only a five-minute walk from Drexel and Penn. Need a boost as you spend the entire night composing an assignment? A 24-hour coffee shop will be beneficial. Need a place to complete a group project? Try using the group study spaces. Want to unwind and take a bath? The utilities are included, which is good news.

Cons: When it’s raining, the pool isn’t nearly as entertaining.

Aspen Heights, Statesboro, Georgia

Georgia Southern University is nearby.

Important attributes: sunbed, volleyball court, hot tub

Private rooms begin at $490 per month.

The extensive selection of sporting venues at Aspen Heights should get your heart racing if you’re looking for a somewhat more active student experience than simply lazing in bed and binge-watching Netflix for the foreseeable future. Even if you’re not much of an exerciser, the BBQ area and pool should be enough to draw you outside.

Cons: Despite Georgia Southern University’s beauty, it did not place in the 2016–2017 edition of the QS World University Rankings. Interpret that, however, you choose.

Luxury dorm room ideas

Our luxury dorm room ideas highlight the pleasure that can be had when designing and preparing a dorm room, from drawing inspiration from lovely bedroom ideas to decorating with plants.

Personalize it

Even though it may not seem apparent, decorating your dorm room with beautiful items, sentimental keepsakes, and designs that make you happy will help it feel more unique and personal while also serving as a reminder of home.

A carefully chosen collection of decorations can transform a dorm, whether it is by dressing up a shelf with ornaments or by adding items like instruments, paintings, or record players.

Selecting calming color schemes

A dorm room is a genuinely multi-purpose space, offering a place to unwind alone or with company, as well as a place to study and sleep, and a soothing color scheme, can assist in making the room feel more serene and peaceful.

A more laid-back color scheme may be both ageless and restorative, whether you decide to decorate with neutrals or choose a muted, pastel color plan will make the luxury dorm rooms lovely and cozy.

Establish a study space.

When setting up a desk, make sure the area is clutter-free and that there is enough room for your computer or laptop, books, and desk organizers. Add a plant and a table lamp to complete the ideal desk feng shui.

Create a comfortable and appealing bed.

Making your bed cozy and welcoming will not only result in a better night’s sleep but may also bring tactile texture, color, and pattern to your dorm room. The bed is frequently one of the largest pieces of furniture in a bedroom and a prominent design element in the space.

2 students moving in to their new dorm

Make the most of your sleeping space by filling it with things that show off your personality, like bright covers, soft throws, and scatter cushions.

Make everything useful and attractive.

Since you will be spending a lot of time in your dorm room, there is no reason why you cannot add a few luxuries to the area. It is important to make the place feel both functional and beautiful.

Simple, elegant additions, such as adding mirrors to the decor or adding a lovely lamp or rug to the bedroom, may make you happy as soon as you enter the room and give it a fashionable, design-driven focal point.

Add more space for storage.

Storage is the one item that a dorm room absolutely must have in abundance. It’s not easy to fit all of your possessions from home into a new, compact space, so it’s important to think creatively about storage solutions to make your dorm room feel orderly and roomy.

There are many ways to store things in a small bedroom, from storage under the bed to modular shelves.

Use plants to adorn the area.

Plants and flowers are often used to decorate a space, especially luxury dorm rooms because they add natural life, texture, color, and positive, uplifting energy.

There are a lot of bedroom plants that may bring the beauty of the natural world into your dorm room, from tiny succulents to lovely grasses.

Make the walls more attractive.

With pictures, wall hangings, artwork, and twinkle lights, you can use the walls of your dorm room as a blank canvas to make unique art displays that show off your personality and sense of style.

By adding color, texture, and creativity to your dorm room, you can transform a plain bedroom into one with distinct visual interest and personal expression.

Organize and zone a twin dorm.

Organization and communication are important twin-bedroom ideas if you are sharing a dorm room with someone. You want to make sure you have enough room and space for all of your belongings, as well as nice places for you both to relax, study, and socialize.

Designs like a folding screen, a canopy, or curtains to add to your bed can be a terrific way to add privacy, help zone a dorm room, and add a degree of separation.

Pick designs with several uses.

We’ve already talked about how to make the most of the space in a dorm room by using creative ways to store things and hacks that make the room bigger.

Reduce the number of items and furniture pieces in your dorm room by choosing multipurpose designs, which will keep the space feeling open, tidy, and efficient.

Good things to add to your dorm room

There are good things to add to your dorm room. As we’ve seen, the ideal combination of functional must-haves and aesthetic elements that give the room individuality and flair should be in luxury dorm rooms.

A spot to sit and work, locations where you may put your study materials, and storage areas for clothing, shoes, and toiletries are all examples of practical furnishings.

two college freshmen holding their stuff as they move in to their new dorm room

Bedding is a necessity, but it also lets you show your creativity through color and pattern, so choose warm sets that fit your style.

The exciting part will then begin! Get creative and start arranging your dorm room ideas for a warm and fashionable environment by adding your personal touch and selecting accessories like wall art, lamps, and decorations to make the room genuinely seem like home.

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