The Summer Mathematics Program for High School Students at the University of Utah

By Eric Eng

By Eric Eng

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The Summer Mathematics Program for High School Students at the University of Utah

The Summer Mathematics Program for High School Students at the University of Utah is a unique opportunity to empower exceptional students to unlock and maximize their mathematical potential. 

Through a carefully crafted curriculum that includes intriguing puzzles, challenging problems, and powerful ideas, the program aims to cultivate an environment that sparks curiosity, nurtures intellectual growth, and establishes a robust foundation for future endeavors in mathematics, the sciences, or science-related careers. 

This immersive experience goes beyond conventional learning, offering participants a transformative journey where they can explore, engage, and excel in the captivating world of mathematics, setting the stage for success in their academic and professional pursuits.

Key Program Features

  • Earn University Credits: Acquire three university credits in mathematics (graded credit/no credit).
  • Full Attendance Required: Participants are expected to attend the entire program for maximum benefits.
  • Costs Covered: Program costs for US citizens, nationals, and permanent residents are covered by a National Science Foundation CAREER grant and the University of Utah Department of Mathematics.

Prepare for a transformative experience at the Summer Mathematics Program. Uncover the potential within you, paving the way for a future enriched by mathematical understanding and scientific exploration.

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Program Breakdown and Structure

To join the Summer Mathematics Program for High School Students, students must have progressed sufficiently in their mathematical studies to be ready for Calculus. However, it’s important to note that Calculus is not a mandatory prerequisite.

Preference in program admission is given to students in their junior and senior years. This ensures a cohort of participants at a stage in their academic journey where they can benefit the most from the program’s offerings.

The program is not residential; for students residing far from the university, making their living arrangements for the three-week program is necessary.

Mathematical Biology Intensive

This three-week program is a deep dive into mathematical biology, designed for motivated high school students. The unique synergy between mathematics and biology is explored, highlighting how mathematics provides profound insights into the biological realm, while biology stimulates the development of innovative mathematical theories.

Collaborative Learning Environment

Participants engage closely with each other and program staff (including the director and graduate or undergraduate students) throughout the day. Together, they tackle challenging problem sets, fostering a dynamic learning atmosphere.

Building Connections

Daily lunch breaks allow students and staff to get to know each other better. These informal moments extend the day’s mathematical discussions, creating a supportive and collaborative environment.

Exploring Mathematical Horizons

In addition to the mathematical biology course, participants get a weekly glimpse into various areas of mathematics. Led by a member of the Utah mathematics department, this afternoon program covers both theoretical and applied aspects, showcasing the vast contemporary mathematical landscape.

Application Details

Ready to dive into a three-week adventure of mathematical discovery? Here’s everything you need to know about applying to the Summer Mathematics Program for High School Students at the University of Utah.

Application Materials

To get your foot in the door, ensure you’ve gathered the following:

  1. Application Form: Complete and submit this to kickstart your journey.
  2. Personal Statement: Share your thoughts and aspirations to give us a glimpse into your passion for mathematics.
  3. Recommendation Form: Ask someone who knows you well academically to vouch for your capabilities.
  4. School Transcripts: Provide a copy to showcase your academic track record.

Remember, all these pieces are essential for your application to be considered complete and eligible for the program. The program is looking for merit, so put your best foot forward!

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Important Dates

The 2023 program has already concluded, but here are the important dates for the recent program to help you prepare for next year’s round.

  • Application Deadline: June 1 – mark it on your calendar.
  • Program Dates: June 20 – July 7, Monday to Friday.
  • Daily Schedule: 10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M., with a refreshing 1-hour lunch break.
  • Independence Holiday Break: The class won’t meet on Tuesday, July 4.

Financial Freedom

There was no cost for participants in the 2023 program. It’s an opportunity open to all, regardless of financial constraints.

In-Person or Remote?

As of now, the department aims to host the program in person. However, the program is flexible. If there’s enough demand, a remote option may be on the table.

University of Utah: An Overview

Founded in 1850, the University of Utah stands as a public institution with an urban setting and a sprawling 1,534-acre campus. With a fall 2022 undergraduate enrollment of 26,355, it operates on a semester-based academic calendar. The university ranks #115 in National Universities according to the 2024 edition of Best Colleges.


  • In-state Tuition and Fees: $10,287
  • Out-of-state Tuition and Fees: $33,045

Mission and Values

The core mission of the University of Utah is to educate individuals and advance the discovery, refinement, and dissemination of knowledge. As a flagship institution within the Utah State System of Higher Education, it strives to maintain the highest standards of scholarship and professional practice, fostering an academic environment where teaching and research are mutually relevant and interdependent.

Academic Excellence

The University embraces a commitment to academic excellence, welcoming students dedicated to learning and upholding high academic standards. Free inquiry is safeguarded, diversity is encouraged, critical examination and creativity are promoted, and intellectual integrity and social responsibility are nurtured. The institution is firmly dedicated to equal opportunity and affirmative action, ensuring each individual has the opportunity for full and responsible participation in every aspect of campus life.


Situated in an urban environment, the University of Utah benefits from a spectacular mountain setting, providing a unique backdrop for an extraordinary education.

Admissions Overview

  • Acceptance Rate: 89%
  • Application Deadline: April 1

Academic Factors

Admissions officials prioritize a student’s GPA as a crucial academic factor. Also, when available, high school class rank and letters of recommendation are considered. The university maintains a commitment to holistic admissions, recognizing each applicant’s diverse strengths and potential.

As you consider your educational journey, the University of Utah offers academic excellence and a unique environment that enhances the overall learning experience.

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University of Utah – Mathematics Department

Renowned for its excellence in mathematics programs, the University of Utah holds a prestigious position among the top 50 graduate schools for mathematics according to the national rankings by US News and World Report. If you’re eyeing admission, be prepared to submit a robust application.

The math program at the University of Utah is widely acknowledged for its stellar reputation. Boasting an experienced and knowledgeable faculty, the curriculum is both rigorous and challenging.

The university’s commitment to research further enhances the learning experience, offering students valuable opportunities for hands-on involvement and industry connections. Choosing the University of Utah for a math major is a solid decision for those aspiring to build a career in mathematics.

Highlighted by the most substantial math department in Utah, the University of Utah’s math program stands out. The faculty of highly knowledgeable math professors contributes to the department’s solid reputation. The close-knit math community fosters a supportive environment where students know each other well. Moreover, the extensive range of classes and subjects adds to the appeal, providing students with a diverse and comprehensive learning experience.

How Summer Mathematics Program Can Help You with College Admissions

Attending the Summer Mathematics Program for High School Students at the University of Utah holds significant benefits for upcoming college students, fostering academic, personal, and professional growth in a unique and impactful manner.

1. Academic Enrichment: The program offers a specialized curriculum featuring intriguing puzzles, challenging problems, and robust mathematical concepts. Participants delve into advanced topics, expanding their understanding and honing problem-solving skills. This experience goes beyond the standard high school curriculum, providing a taste of the depth and complexity of college-level mathematics.

2. Intellectual Stimulation: Students develop critical thinking abilities and analytical skills by engaging with intellectually stimulating content. The program encourages a mindset of curiosity and exploration, fostering an environment where students can push the boundaries of their intellectual capabilities.

3. Preparation for College-Level Work: Attending the Summer Mathematics Program equips students with a solid foundation for college-level studies. The exposure to advanced mathematical concepts serves as a precursor to the rigor they will encounter in higher education, giving them a head start and boosting their confidence in tackling complex academic challenges.

4. Hands-On Experience: The program’s emphasis on practical application through problem-solving sessions and research opportunities provides hands-on experience. This reinforces theoretical knowledge and cultivates a practical understanding of how mathematics is used in real-world scenarios, a crucial aspect for future success in college and beyond.

5. Networking Opportunities: Participants in the program can interact closely with experienced faculty, graduate students, and like-minded peers. This networking opportunity can be invaluable, offering insights into the academic and professional paths within the mathematical and scientific communities. Building these connections early on can prove beneficial when navigating college choices and future career decisions.

6. Diversification of Mathematical Interests: Including mathematical biology and exposure to various areas of mathematics allows students to explore diverse interests within the field.  This broadens their knowledge and may influence their academic and career choices, helping them make informed decisions about their future areas of specialization.

7. Boosting College Applications: Participation in a prestigious summer program demonstrates a student’s commitment to academic excellence and a proactive learning approach.  Colleges and universities often value such experiences, considering them strong indicators of a student’s readiness for higher education.

Overall, attending the Summer Mathematics Program at the University of Utah goes beyond a mere educational experience; it serves as a transformative stepping stone for upcoming college students, arming them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to thrive in the challenging academic landscape that lies ahead.

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Maximize Your Summer Experience

Maximizing the experience at the Summer Mathematics Program for High School Students at the University of Utah requires a proactive approach, combining academic engagement, personal growth, and networking opportunities. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how students can make the most out of this enriching program:

Active Participation in Classes: Actively engage in classes by asking questions, participating in discussions, and seeking clarification when needed. This enhances your understanding of the material and demonstrates your enthusiasm for learning.

Utilize Faculty Guidance: Take advantage of the experienced faculty members leading the program. Seek their guidance, discuss challenging concepts, and seek additional resources to deepen your understanding. Building a connection with faculty can provide valuable mentorship.

Collaborate with Peers: The program fosters a collaborative environment. Work closely with fellow students on problem sets, share insights, and discuss different approaches to problem-solving. Collaborative learning not only enhances your understanding but also broadens your perspective.

Explore Mathematical Interests: Take advantage of the program’s diverse offerings. Explore mathematical biology and participate in sessions covering various areas of mathematics. This exploration can help you discover specific interests within the field and potentially shape your academic and career path.

Participate in Research Opportunities: If the program offers research opportunities, actively participate. Engaging in hands-on research provides practical experience and allows you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world problems, enhancing your skills and understanding.

Network with Faculty and Peers: Attend social events, networking sessions, and informal gatherings where you can interact with faculty and peers. Building connections early on can lead to valuable insights, mentorship, and potential collaborations in the future.

Seek Feedback and Continuous Improvement: Embrace feedback as a tool for improvement. If there are opportunities for feedback on your work, actively seek it. Use constructive criticism to refine your problem-solving approaches and academic skills.

Balance Academic Rigor with Self-Care: While the program is academically rigorous, finding a balance is crucial. Take breaks, prioritize self-care, and manage your time effectively. Balancing intensity with moments of relaxation ensures a more sustainable and enjoyable experience.

Document Your Learning Journey: Keep a journal or portfolio documenting your learning journey. Record insights, challenges overcome, and notable achievements. This reflective practice helps you track your progress and is a valuable resource for future endeavors, such as college applications.

Stay Open-Minded and Embrace Challenges: Mathematics can be challenging, and that’s part of its beauty. Approach challenges with an open mind, view them as opportunities for growth, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Embracing challenges fosters resilience and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

By actively participating, collaborating, exploring diverse aspects of mathematics, and maintaining a balance between academic rigor and personal well-being, students can make their experience at the Summer Mathematics Program not only intellectually rewarding but also personally enriching.

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The Summer Mathematics Program at the University of Utah offers you an extraordinary platform to elevate your mathematical skills, collaborate with peers and experts, and delve into real-world applications and research. This program doesn’t just prepare you for academic excellence; it equips you with the tools you need for lifelong learning and success in any career that values analytical and problem-solving skills.

So, are you ready to take the plunge into a world of mathematical wonder? The opportunity awaits, and the benefits are immeasurable. Transform your passion for mathematics into a journey of discovery, innovation, and intellectual growth. Apply today.

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