What are the Best Schools for Journalism?

December 13, 2022
By AdmissionSight

What are the Best Schools for Journalism?

Students can access a variety of opportunities after earning a degree in journalism. The majority of students who major in journalism have aspirations of working in newsrooms and reporting breaking news for newspapers and television networks.

Moreover, graduates of journalism programs are also frequently employed in fields such as public relations, social media, speech writing, and advertising.

Journalism is a hands-on major, and the best schools for journalism expect their students to build real-world experience while earning their degrees. As a result, journalism is an attractive option for students who are just as interested in participating in an internship and contributing to student-run media as they are in sitting behind a desk.

What is journalism?

To start with, what is journalism? The pursuit of news and information, along with its evaluation, creation, and dissemination, is the activity known as journalism.

Journalism can be differentiated from other activities and products by utilizing specific procedures and identifying qualities that are unique to the field. These characteristics not only set journalism apart from other types of communication, but they are also what ensures that journalism will always have a place in democratic countries.

The study of history demonstrates that a society’s level of democracy is inversely proportional to the amount of information and news that is available in that community.

What is the purpose of journalism?

According to what Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel write in their book “The Elements of Journalism,” the aim of journalism is not determined by technology, journalists, or by the methodologies they utilize. Instead, the principles and purpose of journalism are determined by something more basic which is the function news performs in the lives of people. Thus, what purpose does journalism hold?

The news is the aspect of communication that keeps us abreast of the evolving situations, problems, and people in the outside world. Even while it might be interesting or even enjoyable, the primary value of news is its function as a utility that enables those who are informed to make better decisions.

As a result, the mission of journalism is to supply the general populace with the data they require so that they can make the most educated choices regarding their personal lives, their communities, their cultures, and their respective governments.

What does a journalist do?

So what does a journalist do? To obtain information and make judgments based on that information, the journalist prioritizes the general public’s welfare above all else and relies on specific methodologies, the most important of which is the practice of verification.

It is the wrong question to ask who is a journalist because anyone can generate journalism. Journalism can be produced by anyone.

What are the best schools for journalism?

Below is the list of the best schools for journalism that you can check if you’re interested in journalism:

Northwestern University

At Northwestern, one of the most sought-after academic disciplines is journalism. Students who are interested in pursuing careers in journalism can participate in one of the various programs that are currently available to them. The following are examples of some of these programs:

  • Students spend time working as reporters or public relations experts at various media outlets across the country (and sometimes even internationally) while participating in the Journalism Residency Program.
  • Students act as mobile journalists for the Medill on the Hill Program, which provides students with frequent information updates on happenings in Washington, DC.
  • Students investigate cases that may have resulted in an incorrect conviction and investigate issues related to the administration of criminal justice at the Medill Investigative Lab.

The school provides a variety of interesting electives, like “The Googlization of America” and “Journalism in a Networked World,” as part of its special course offerings.

View of Northwestern website.

In conclusion, Northwestern University has not just one of the best creative writing programs in the country but also one of the best schools for journalism in the country.

University of Missouri—Columbia (Mizzou)

The University of Missouri is a huge public institution that is widely recognized for the quality of both its undergraduate and graduate journalism programs.

Undergraduate students in journalism can choose to focus their studies on one of more than thirty distinct areas of interest, or concentrations. These fields of study include “Entrepreneurial Journalism” and “Magazine Publishing and Management,” among others.

View of University of Missouri campus at sunset.

You have the ability to create your own special interest area if none of the already existing ones satisfy your requirements in that regard.

Students can also participate in hands-on opportunities in real-world media labs, regardless of their areas of interest.

In addition, the student body is home to a sizeable number of organizations that cover topics of interest, such as the Student Society of News Design and the Association for Women in Sports Media.

Boston University

At Boston University, you’ll find that there are plenty of opportunities in the surrounding area which takes a huge bearing on why it is one of the best schools for journalism.

The curriculum at the institution, which has produced 24 winners of the Pulitzer Prize, is a blend of general education in the liberal arts and extensive pre-professional preparation in the relevant fields.

Undergraduate students have a wide variety of concentration options to choose from, some of which include magazine journalism and online journalism.

Boston University signage

Students frequently participate in internship programs at illustrious news companies in the Boston area, such as the Boston Globe.

Last but not least, Boston University has an excellent master’s program in journalism, which suggests that students have access to a large number of fantastic instructors and other resources.

Living in a major city like Boston provides residents with access to a wide variety of career options.

University of Florida

At the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications, there is a substantial journalism department that has been around for a long time and has a strong reputation.

The curriculum places an emphasis on practical experience. Journalism students have the opportunity to cover breaking news at the 14,000-square-foot Innovation News Center (which produces over 6 hours of broadcast content every day), work with clients from across the country as part of class projects, and gain experience in a wider range of media by working at one of the school’s seven television and radio stations.

University of Florida metal signage attached to a huge brick wall

Students majoring in journalism at the University of Florida are strongly encouraged to gain as much practical experience as they can before graduating, and the university maintains a variety of partnerships with local newspapers and other media organizations in order to assist students in finding internships and full-time jobs.

University of Texas, Austin

Journalism is a very popular major at the University of Texas at Austin, and the school offers a wide variety of helpful supporting departments, such as Communication and Media Studies, and Digital Communication.

The Department of Journalism at UT Austin, which has produced 18 winners of the Pulitzer Prize, places a strong emphasis on providing its students with training in digital skills.

Front view of a building in the University of Texas with a male statue at the very front

Students interested in journalism can also get assistance finding internships and jobs from the school’s Specialty Communications Career Services Center.

Moreso, there are several student groups on campus that are relevant, such as the University of Texas Association of Hispanic Journalists and ORANGE Magazine, which is the student magazine for the University of Texas.

New York University (NYU)

In general, New York University is regarded as a very good university (with a highly-ranked creative writing program to boot).

Undergraduate students interested in journalism at NYU can select between two different tracks: Journalism or Media Criticism. Both of these programs place a strong emphasis on the importance of craft, professional ethics, the cultural politics of the media, and the social role that journalists play.

Students are obliged to major in their primary field of study in addition to another subject area. This is wonderful if you want your education to have a stronger emphasis on the liberal arts; however, it is not recommended if you are certain that you only want to concentrate on journalism.

View of a building in NYU.

Studying journalism in New York City is a great idea because there are so many prestigious media outlets with headquarters there.

However, if you want to make a name for yourself on a global scale, you should consider enrolling in the Study Away Program at New York University. Through this program, students study and work in countries such as Ghana, the Czech Republic, China, and England.

Arizona State University

A vast number of opportunities to gain practical experience are available to students attending Arizona State University, which is a public university located in a major metropolitan area.

The Journalism and Mass Communication, Mass Communication, Digital Audiences, Media Studies, and Sports Journalism programs are the four bachelor’s degree options available through the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Arizona State University front building and signage

Students receive instruction from working journalists in real-world journalistic environments. Students at the journalism department at Arizona State University make use of the university’s public television station, which has a viewing audience of around 1.9 million households.

American University

The District of Columbia, where American University is located, is an excellent location for aspiring journalists to obtain work experience, particularly if they have an interest in politics.

In addition to the conventional bachelor’s degree program, American University also provides an innovative combined BA and MA degree program.

two college students walking in a corridor

Students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree at the undergraduate level have the opportunity to personalize their education by selecting concentrations in areas such as investigative journalism, social justice, and new media.

The school also provides training in communication studies, cinema and media arts, and public communication which are all complementary to journalism.

Emerson College

Within walking distance of the Massachusetts State House in Boston is where Emerson College may be found. The program places a strong emphasis on being forward-thinking in its adoption of technological changes in the industry. In 2011, it implemented a whole new multimedia curriculum.

View of Emerson college sigil.

At Emerson University, some of the most popular majors are cinema, marketing, and digital communication, in addition to journalism.

The university has a number of on-campus media entities that have won awards in the past (including newspapers and radio stations).

There is also a diverse selection of intriguing student clubs, some of which include Wax on Felt, which focuses on the art of screenwriting, Captured Emotion which is committed to the production of documentaries and other forms of nonfiction writing, and many other student record company.

Ohio University

The students at Ohio University have the opportunity to get both a liberal arts degree and a professional degree.

According to the institution’s mission statement, the school is dedicated to offering an education that emphasizes responsible behavior, critical thinking, and professional ethics.

When studying journalism, there is a significant focus placed on the significance of receiving training in the media.

View of Ohio University signage placed on a pathway.

At this university, some of the student media organizations are Backdrop and The Post.

If you are considering a career as a journalist, you should also look into the best creative writing programs. This will help you develop your writing skills.

To get into any of the best programs at the best schools for journalism, you need to have excellent grades, good ACT/SAT scores, and outstanding extracurricular activities.

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